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Posted in: China has reportedly detained 21 Japanese this month See in context

No freedom of religion in China then?

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Posted in: Japanese Twitter users share entertaining anecdotes of their experiences with foreigners See in context

I have been that guy from Norway. We had a great warm spring in Norway, and then I visited Sendai, but it was so cold. I had to buy a coat! In Norway I had used a t-shirt. In Sendai, I needed a coat.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

I have also stopped eating there. So has many others in my country. The problem in my eyes is that the food is just uninteresting. There has been no good changes in the menu for many many years. Just about everything tastes exactly the same. I think people jus got tired of it.

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Posted in: Conductor gives heartwarming message on train’s final run See in context

That used to be my stop. I miss Musashi Nakahara. Next time I go to Japan, I should stop by and see how much it has changed in the last 4 years.

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Posted in: Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead as it churns past Okinawa See in context

My inlaws are flying out of Fukuoka today. How is the situation there now?

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Posted in: Which do you think is best: iPhone or Android? See in context

Samsung fanboys will claim that Samsung and Android is the best in the world, but not for everyone. There is no high end Android phone that wighs 112 grams and slips into any pocket as easily as an iPhone 5s. In the Android world it's "the bigger the better." Soon they will be walking around with 22 inch flatscreens that can make phonecalls.

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Posted in: Japan walkout throws whaling talks into disarray See in context

Kudos to the nations who walked out. The whale is in no way endangered and does serve as an important food to many nations.

Is Spain against whaling? How about you own torture of bulls for entertainment? How many cows in the US becomes Big Macs? Isn't it funny how some nations only want to save the cute and "noble" animals?

I think a lot of nations should mind their own business and leave others alone. For the record, I am not pro whaling, but I just don't think it's right to outlaw everything that I personally don't agree with.

Why don't we let India who sees cows as holy decide over the US beef industry?

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Posted in: The serious crime rate for U.S. service members off their bases is approximately half that of the Japanese population. See in context

As I used to live in the US, I noticed that during the final year of high school, the colleges were at school to invite the good students to their college. For the idiots and the losers, there was the army with open arms. Come to us, losers. They obviously did.

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Posted in: The serious crime rate for U.S. service members off their bases is approximately half that of the Japanese population. See in context

Isn't it funny how whenever they are suspected of doing any serious crime, such as rape, they are just shipped on home to the US to avoid the charges? I suppose those crimes are not in these statistics?

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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book superhero and why? See in context

Spiderman in the cartoons of the 80s because he had a sense of humour. The spiderman of the movies or cartoons of today is just depressing. My favourite of all time is however Darth Vader, although he can hardly be called a super hero.

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Posted in: Roughed up by the cops in Shinjuku See in context

In my opinion the problem is the way the police presented themselves. I understand that not everyone is fluent in English, but police waking around checking passports ought to be able to communicate with foreigners. Maybe these officers were looking for someone special and were unable to speak English because they are trained for completely different tasks. Arguing and refusing to cooperate with police always brings out the worst in them. In their minds people should be respecting their job. Not everyone does. So police have a very difficult job, because they don't always know who they are dealing with, and it is therefor hard to know what approach to take. Whatever they do, it seems it is just wrong for someone.

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