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Posted in: KISS hails Gaga, says other musicians look like 'garbage collectors' See in context

And now some believe she is a transgender shemale? Gaga would have made a swell Toyota Ad?<>

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Posted in: Transsexual Thai air hostesses: gimmick or equality? See in context

This meaningful employment is so much more a healthier and a dependably financially stable lifestyle than performing in spotty Shemale Videos. Thank You

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Posted in: What do you think are the main reasons why U.S. car sales are so low in Japan? See in context

U.S. cars had to shrink since all of the major manufactures went broke in 2008.Congressmen told the Presidents of the auto companies that if they were being paid a $1.00 an hour they were being overpaid because they were so far behind "the curve" on mileage, size, safety and affordability? They just wanted to keep on building large autos that could keep on bringing in BIG PROFITS with no respect to the sky rocketing oil prices. And very little interest in autos powered by alternative clean energy. But President Obama is getting around to cutting oil subsidies finally! Thank You JT

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Posted in: Doctors 'should check blood pressure on both arms' See in context

I will have to mention this to the V.A. in the U.S.A.. for when they check my blood pressure they give me a choice of only one arm?

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Posted in: Scientists decode how the brain hears words See in context

The closest this comes to is what Steven Hawkins the British Scientist uses to communicate with. the device? [ Or is it Stephen ?]

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Posted in: Struggling in U.S., F-35 fighter pushes sales abroad See in context

I am glad that my "dog" is not in this dealing.! But it is of every ones' concern because it could become a greater economic melt-down than the 2008 world wide recession. And John Mcain is probably the most expert, experienced aircraft procurer that the U.S. Senate has available.He is the one they must convince that it is becoming viable!

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There is nothing like the cats' " MEOW " to attract attention!. In the U.S. eating is prohibited on most mass transit systems .They have enough clean-up work from the so-called sill-proof containers that are allowed ?

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Posted in: California woman wins suit over Honda hybrid mileage per gallon See in context

GM reclaimed the largest share of the auto market due to the Tsunami Disaster that slowed the parts supply last year. Only to blow it by not re-engineering the battery box of the E-car Chevy volt to prevent them from catching on fire. The last report I read on the Chevy Volt is that the Chevy Dealers are refusing to market them?

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Posted in: Search goes on for thousands of missing tsunami victims See in context

I apologize for not knowing that Japan still has so much more to concern itself with and now the rest of the world needs to be reminded of it ! This is much,much worse a disaster than the " Sendong " natural disaster of Mindanao Island of the Philippines that I am so aware of.My heart goes out to those missing a loved one. Thank You

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Posted in: Radiation fears slow clean-up in Tohoku See in context

There is a large mass of Tsunami rubble headed east across the Pacific Ocean that I lost track of that was to pass north of Hawaii and was to continue on the the Pacific Coast of the North American Continent. I hope to here where it washes ashore. Thank You

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Posted in: Scientists studying effects of radiation on flora, fauna in Fukushima See in context

The snow seals, the primary food of the Polar Bear have been washing ashore earlier before the freeze up with blood lesions on the North West Coast of Alaska.The last I had heard they were to be tested for radiation exposure.It was suspected that some of the radiation that escaped from the damaged nuclear plants made its way by the air currents to the North Western Coast of Alaska and contaminated them.I have not been following the Alaska news lately but if a positive research report shows up I will forward it along.Thank You

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. diplomat Maher pulls no punches on Japan See in context

Right at the moment it may be " More fun in the Philippines" with U.S. Ambassador Harry Thomas one of the few Black Afro-Americans in the Philippines. When he appears in the news he seems so out of place? At least he did a back tract on his statement that tourists come here for sex and apologized for it is mostly untrue.People go everywhere they can for sex and to find wives. Thank You for letting me comment on the Philippines on your Japanese Ambassador site.

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Posted in: Eurozone crisis biggest threat to world economy, Noda tells Davos forum See in context

I just want to make a note on how this "Housing Bubble " was created in the first place. It was greed also on the rich home buyer that could turn his home over as fast as inflation rose for a big profit. At my stay in San Diego last winter I was told that the average home price had doubled during these times of bad loans only to return to half the value price after the bust of 2008. Every one that had a little money jumped into this short lived scheme of a game.The mortgages were sold, as you well know, to company to company , some times on end until the "Big Bust " of 2008. Then many unlucky home buyers with their timing off had to walk away from their investment and most original home sellers did not lose their profits nor did the original mortgage company.The American tax payer had to bail every one out. This was explained in the documentary " Inside Job ". Thank You for your appreciation for the help received with your countries natural disaster and with your empathy for the " Sendong " disaster in Mindenao.Philippines,Mister Prime Minister Noda

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Posted in: Noda vows to tackle debt, calls for end to indecisive politics See in context

The U.S. is in a very similar situation with the so called "Baby Boomer" generation,those born between 1946 and 1964 having to retire early do to no employment prospects.I feel somehow that the very rich think that they are already paying a lot more in to the Social Security Fund than the middle class and lower class combined? So to get even and not have a surcharge added onto their greatest ability to consume they are forcing congress to use SS and Government retirement Funds for the day to day operation of the country.I wish Prime minister Noda luck in his compassion for taking care of the Elderly in Japan.This is something that is lacking in the U.S. Thank You

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