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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun arrested on domestic abuse charge See in context

As a well known Martial Artist, striking anyone is just wrong! Throwing sushi should work best in his household with three children in the house!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating couple in their 80s outside their home See in context

Did this human think that what he did would solve anything?

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

The thin arguments that this behavior is not to be brought out and ended is medieval!

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

I cannot believe that this type of behavior continues! Instead of giving support, caring, and listening to scientists! Does anyone believe people wish this on themselves! Learn from New York City as an example. They cheer the healthcare professionals and celebrate every patient who leaves COVID 19 free!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor asks residents to grocery shop only every 3 days See in context

I live both in Tokyo (Hiro-o) and Manhattan, New York. You must limit your movements, wear a face mask and wash your hands as often as possible! COVID-19 is a killer being lazy, not listening to the science and medical, experts makes you a perfect target! This is not a game, this is not a joke people are dying and if you feel it is boring or losing your are losing your freedoms. The alternative may be deadly! Some of the posts I have read or just wrong and may have dire consequences! Try to just get through it, the alternative may be a small box!

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Posted in: Trump scoffs at 'Parasite' Oscar win See in context

i have read those that are openly embarrassed by President Trump, and some who have even called Americans stupid, however Americans have that freedom! Stupid is something Americans are not! Embarrassed if you disagree with Trump but anyone who takes exception to what someone thinks...Now that is stupid!

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Posted in: New U.S. Ambassador Kennedy arrives in Japan See in context

In my view, there is nothing wrong with ceremony, nothing wrong in making it a special day for Japan, and for Ms. Kennedy. She is a brilliant, forceful, and dynamic individual, with the Kennedy DNA. She should be celebrated, not diminished, by sideline nonsense. I think some are a little to quick to judge! Been in Japan a day and already put down!

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Posted in: Watson accuses Japan of coercing other countries to demand his arrest See in context

This might at last bring into light not only in the courts, but in the court of public opinion. Some feel Sea Shepherd is just a little too overt and the way eco-activist Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society involve themselves at sea. I have seen countless hours of video on the way the Sea Shepherd's people get in the way of the whaling vessels, it is a wonder someone has not been seriously or fatally injured. Perhaps bringing this our off the oceans, may serve them better.

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Posted in: China's behavior jeopardizing peace, Onodera says See in context

!The PRC, are acting out a drama in the hopes Japan will concede just on the basis of how China is now posturing itself militarily, and now leaking news and propaganda such as, "China's PLA to Troops: Prepare for War" http://www.voanews.com/content/chinas-peoples-liberation-army-pla-prepare-for-war/1585348.html They are using their current policies to take advantage of their threat in the region, and thus far with the exception of Japan, who has now stepped up to resist their overt actions and provocations made it clear that they will not allow China to run over them. China also knows that there will be no winners in this dog fight! It is clear that the PRC wants Japan to capitulate, and as was mentioned quite some time ago too “share the disputed Islands”, as they have clearly skirted any approach to present their claims to the UN and too state its case before the world. This only shows that they in fact have no case. China winter is coming; you might wish to address that issue as well, soon food shortages will be an annual issue left on your doorstep to deal with…

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Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context

Japan has been painted into a corner for quite some time. I would expect nothing less from a Nation being provoked, and having the means to resist! Japan is not Tibet; China is attempting to force Japan to relent on its sovereignty by virtue of threats and consequences. Stand fast the Chinese has more to lose if they continue in this path of attempting to roll over Japan. China has in affect told Japan they will ignore Japan’s sovereignty, their air space, and their territorial waters, and their right to self defense. Any rational government would have to look really hard to see anything in the statements made by China as responsible, and or sane! They must be confusing Japan with the tactics used in the past that might makes right Japan has been victimized by the PRC for years!

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard keeps up pressure on Japan in island dispute See in context

China has in affect told Japan they will ignore Japan’s sovereignty, their air space, and their territorial waters, and their right to self defense. And next they will probably demand that all Japanese learn Mandarin! Any rational government would have to look really hard to see anything in the statements made by China as responsible, and or sane! They must be confusing Japan with Tibet!

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Posted in: U.S. denies drone strikes break international law See in context

All about drones killing innocent civilians anything about Car Bombs, Embassy Bombings The Twin Towers on 911? Too many lop sided responses, unless they are all for terrorism and the animals who have racked up so many innocent lives, where are the numbers of those who went out to work, or go shopping, and never returned home! You want real justice then get mad at terrorists!

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Posted in: 30 dogs perish in Ibaraki fire See in context

The loss of all those dogs is a tragedy, and there is a great deal of fault on the part of Mr. Kadoi, not being present while cooking. However to jump to the conclusions about dogs being mistreated, and having miserable lives is making insinuations that may not be true. Certain kennels are run like hotels, and the dogs in them are very well cared for, there was mention of "a large kennel in which breeding dogs were being housed", this man may be truly grieving for the loss of the dogs in his charge. Lighten up just a little!

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context

Tiger_In_The_HermitageOct. 07, 2013 - 04:42PM JST

David Elson@ You are right, Australia has never really benefited from the alliance with America, its just one of phycological and racial conditions.

You are not very well informed, and that is really no surprise, as your comments right or wrong are pro PRC. I understand your right to express yourself in any way you please, another benefit not held out to the Chinese people, as the threat of imprisonment always looms over them! Never the less, the US government acknowledging Australia's part in WW2, have freely given 10,000 green cards to Australians every year for those wishing to live and or work in the US! Granted that isn't very much, but what has China done? Those dogs want to eat up the world, one can only surmise from their reactions and by their statements, demonstrate that they are now getting worried! Good be afraid, be very afraid, and start acting like the PRC preaches! Respect the sovereignty other regional nations. Your incursions are so ridiculously overt, how could the US, Japan and Australia not push back just a little!

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Posted in: U.S. to upgrade Japan's early warning radar aircraft See in context

@toshiko! Wow!! Are you even remotely getting this? Perhaps your next suggestion would be to send JSDF’s into rowboats with binoculars!

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Posted in: U.S. Senate panel unanimously backs Kennedy for Japan post See in context

JeanValJeanOct. 02, 2013 - 05:31PM JST

" One might look at the comments that show a negative response and perhaps view them as the old adage: "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"."

One could also say that discussion boards are places for people to express their opinion whether pro or con.

And if you you wish any further edification, that is exactly what I did, not specific to you or specific other respondents just my opinon ! Too thin kinned? Or do you feel you are the only one who can spout nothing but negitives, Please allow readers to post ther opions with reagrd to that negitive leaning of yours! Pity you can't practice what you just wrote! Le malheureux qui convient à votre nom! Quelle tristesse!

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Posted in: Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist See in context

Mr. Barnes. I can understand your example that Cappadocia if one strays is dangerous! Let us then use the example of New York City, "The Big Apple" “The City That Never Sleeps" a populated sophisticated city that has the composition of 5 Boroughs, with 8+ million inhabitants...want to visit Harlem, the south Bronx, or Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, or perhaps Central Park after 23:00 hours? I believe you missed the point! "TWO" young women felt perhaps somewhat safer as the adage goes with there being safety in numbers! No one could prepare themselves for what happened to these two young women, nor could the Japanese tourists a few years ago who were killed in Egypt on a tour. Enough said, I do not wish to engage you in this matter, it was a horrible terrible waste of life, and her companion will bear those scars and be in pain for what happened for the rest of her life as well. I can only hope for swift justice, and that her parents can find some peace, if that is possible!

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Posted in: Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist See in context

I too have travelled extensively throughout my life, beginning with nap-sacking throughout Europe, Scandinavian countries, Africa, and Asia. While I certainly agree you must be very alert, and pay attention to warning signs, it is also fair to say, that in this case, “two young women”, who were together can expect to feel safer. Especially in a very populated tourist spot! Some of the respondents came up with all kinds of theories, whether real or imagined, I believe it is safe to say that this crime was horrific. Islamic law as I believe to read will punish this animal with death. Rape is a crime of opportunity, this low life, sub-human did not rape this poor young woman, he took her life first, and then raped her, and then turned to her companion. Animals do not even do that! I for one am speechless; however I volunteer to take his life! Slowly..very very slowly!

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

China never ceases to amaze! Do they really expect anyone with a mind to buy into the nonsense they spit out as it is very much their custom to do so! The Chinese are dogs; their logic like their overpopulation is so misplaced. They should look internally first, and then shut up! To use what is to be a wonderful event to come, only serves to show their lack of decorum, and bad taste. A typical attempt to try to show themselves as the guiding light, and failing miserably! They really have to learn to use better propaganda tools so as not to make themselves look so dam stupid!

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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed to death in Turkey See in context

When one travels to any country that is not considered a "third world nation", one expects some form of protection. In this case there was none, especially since this is such a well visited tourist spot. As far as whoever did this, he/she might not know that these two young people were Japanese unless they were on a Japanese tour, which was not indicated in the article. However whatever the reasons, this is a tragic event, and as an aside, Turkey has been the host for many religions in addition to Islam, and also hosts a very large American Military Strike Force on its soil. You cannot blame a country for a countryman.

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Posted in: 7 Chinese coast guard ships sail into disputed waters See in context

Those dogs are relentless. Just skirting the Islands to see how far they can go before Japan shoves them back! It is interesting that China who sits on the UN Security Council, and has something to say about everything that is only in their best interests is not looking for “World Opinion” to move towards their claims! I am sure Russia would take China's side, but then the "Free World" countries are there to make all that go away. Cat and mouse games only lead to angry responses. Not a happy thought! However Japan must stay strong, and sooner than later become more offensive! Japan in its sovereignty must be as relentless as those Chinese dogs!

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets for drone near disputed islands See in context

This tactic is actually quite aggressive, it is one that puts a strain on defense, and causes a higher state of antagonistic posturing on both sides. The Chinese are flexing their "I can do as I please attitude”, and the Japanese keep scrambling their F-15’s is a show of preparedness! The Chinese are looking for a provocations, those dogs just won’t stop! The Japanese Self Defense fore is well trained, and well disciplined, the Chinese just skirt the Islands most of the time, and therefore are free of a formal protest which Japan so desperately needs to push back the overt measures China has instituted to ultimately look for Japan to concede a partnership of the natural resources China has its eye on, as it is no secret they are gobbling up everything in sight both is Asia like Viet Nam, the Philippines, their intrusion into India and now it is looking towards Africa as their new target of opportunity! Can’t do much though as they sit on the UN Security Council.

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Posted in: Four China coast guard ships seen in disputed zone See in context

Yet another open attempt to bully Japan, what does China hope to achieve? In all this they are continuing to complain about Japan's plans to increase its defensive, and introduce offensive weapons into its arsenal and why might you ask? The Chinese and North Koreans that's why! China will have its hands full if they continue an open strategy of continuing to push a sovereign nation and to what end? Those dogs just will not stop their attempts to move things as they wish to them to be moved! Not Just in Japan, but in Viet Nam, and the Philippines, they are resource hungry, and have made no secret as to their needs; they will gobble up anything they set an eye towards. Keep Japan safe, only by showing resolve can Japan stand up to those thugs! Thank your lucky stars that there are brave men and women in Japan willing ready and able to wear the uniform, serve, and protect!

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Posted in: Japan's military seeks big boost in defense budget See in context

I have read some rather absurd comments like China is not a threat, Japan is completely out of money, the US is behind this, and war will come from China, Russia, and the end is near! Boys and girls, you can see the bias all over these comments! Japan is a sovereign nation, it is constantly being provoked by China, and North Korea, comments like refitting the new Warship to accommodate fixed wing aircraft is not the issue. Japan must continue to be state of the art as far as defense, and perhaps offense to keep China (who is no threat), North Korea (who is not escalating its ICBM/Nuclear program). You may not like it, you may not agree, however Japan is at last growing a pair, and standing up for itself. The continual back biting that goes on about the Japanese not in the minds of there neighbors apologizing to the standards they wish is just too old, and history has closed the books on that one! When China, both Koreas and all the other nations who can put a row boat into the fray stand down, then perhaps we can revisit Japan’s military posture. Until then..Keep Japan safe!

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Posted in: Japan scrambles fighter jets to head off Chinese plane See in context

China keeps pushing the envelope just to see just how far the rubber band will stretch before it breaks. Those dogs will not stop! They want an incident to cry foul, and then get what they have set out to get all this time. It is so apparent, it is almost funny. Those readers who keep making the same old repetitive Chinese crap about Japan pushing the Chinese, well I do not see Japan encroaching into Chinese airspace, or entering into their territorial waters! It is China who is the provocateur, and China who is bullying Japan as we’ll as several other Asian nations, and it is China who is the resource hungry state! Those who comment and condemn Japan are those who tuck their little red book under their pillows. In their minds it is China right or wrong, however, it is only in their minds! Anyone who writes the unleashing of atomic weaponry was what Japan deserved is like me saying I am glad that perhaps 90% of all Chinese live below the poverty level, and earn only 5 US dollars a month, that their cities are so polluted at time you cannot see your hand in front of your face, and upper respiratory disease are on the rise. That tainted food produced by the Chinese and for the Chinese are killing them, is I guess what I should be writing, let us hope it continues, pretty soon…No more Chinese! Japan is only showing what every sovereign nation must do, to ward off aggression, and the Chinese are clearly the aggressor!

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Posted in: Japan accuses Russia of air space breach; Moscow denies it See in context

First deny, then ask for credible proof, then deny, deny deny!

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Posted in: Woman found bound at home tied herself up to avoid going to work See in context

Well she may end up not having to worry about going to work! That is just so over the top crazy!

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Posted in: Lies, damn lies, and China's economic statistics See in context

China what can one say about China? Well they did pay for a rust bucket the Russians are laughing all the way to the bank for! An Aircraft Carrier really?

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Posted in: Japan puts troops on display; says SDF role to grow See in context

I have read with some interest about the doom and gloom comments about the foretelling of armed conflict with countries like China, and Russia if Japan stays vigilant, and prepared. What does that have to do with a military exercise? China has them, Russia has them, and South Korea has them. Every standing armed force has them. Perhaps you should revisit your thinking. There is no muscle flexing here, just sound military preparedness. I applaud the Japanese Self Defense Forces, I am humbled by anyone who puts on a uniform in order to stand and fight (if necessary) for their country. Those of you who take exception to this are the first ones to wet their pants, and cry for help, but never ever stand up for anyone else! They do, they have, and they will in the future! And any person who puts on a uniform loves his country, not its politics, you people should just relax wherever you live, that you have an armed forces, and thank them every day, you get a free ride because of them!

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Posted in: Man jumps onto car of wife's underwear thief; holds on for 2.5 kilometers See in context

While I applaud this man for putting an end to this really sick mans behavior especially at his age. Clinging to a car for 2.5 kilometers! And then flying off the cars roof, to get what he could have gotten all along. He got the make of the car, its description, and license plate number, which he later gave to the police. He could have done all of this before he leaped onto the cars roof. He had enough time to leap onto the cars roof, which means he could also have gotten all the information as the car took off, that he later got after being thrown off and hanging on for 2.5 kilometers! This might have turned out much differently had he been seriously injured, or even killed. Not much solace for his wife had that been the case! I know his adrenalin was up, but doing what he did can get you really hurt! Panties just are not worth dying for!

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