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Posted in: Japan aims to cut number of dementia patients in 70s by 10% over decade See in context

It is good this has started, but it is toooo late!!!! This Dementia problem has been going on for too long and the cost shoulder have showed this. Unfortunately, somehow the Dementia problem in Japan and in other countries don't get too much attention.

I will recommend the Jp government to put their national research institutes in to action to find a cure, as this can not be trusted to be solved by the private pharmaceutical companies.

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Posted in: Questions loom for Nissan in post-Ghosn era See in context

Yes, Nissan behind the steering-wheel of its CEO is heading for 1999 again!!

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

South Korea, in 1965 you and Japan singed the Treaty on Basic Relations, where Japan ended up to pay a lot of money to South Korea. Why don't you accept this agreement? It was accepted and signed by your leaders.

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Posted in: Honda slows Accord, Civic production in U.S. as buyers shift to SUVs See in context

Maybe because of SUV but for sure also Tesla and EV cars. Honda need to come up with some good EV cars. Many of Honda's customers in USA is switching to Tesla.

And hopefully we will have the new Model 3 coming soon to Japan, maybe then the Honda bosses will understand the future.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

I agree, the Japan justice system is a shame for Japan which otherwise is a great country with a lot of great people. If the prosecutors want, they can almost get anyone convicted the way this hostile system is today. The layers in Japan is very concern about this, but unfortunately they don’t raise their voice. I am a little surprised the Japanese don’t think this is bad or maybe they just don’t understand it…. 

However, many high-profile politicians or their aids has been through it, so some have the experience.

About the conviction rate of 99% which seem great from the prosecutor’s side.

It will be interested to know what the number would be if this was actually based on the conviction the “bad” guys are brought in for.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

How can this be a Fair Trial??

Now there seems some politicians close to prime minster Abe has been involved in this since May 2018 reported by a France journalist.

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Posted in: Toyota sees new opportunities in leveraging hybrid tech See in context

Toyota is doing this traying to slow down the change to fully electrical vehicles as they are so far behind other OEMs in developing fully electrical cars. They spend too much time developing the Fuel Cell car which unfortunately no one like to buy as it is too expensive and lack of Hydrogen filling stations.

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Posted in: Toyota to give royalty-free access to hybrid-vehicle patents See in context

Toyota is doing this traying to slow down the change to fully electrical cars, where they are so far behind other OEMs developing a fully electrical car.

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Posted in: Honda chief says decision to close UK plant not due to Brexit See in context

With the Free Trade Agreement between EU and Japan which will eliminate the EU car import tax form Japan should help Honda to keep cost down in EU after 2021 even the cars are made in and shipped from Japan. Unfortunately, i dont think this is the biggest problem for Honda in EU (and USA), that i will assume is the EV cars that will come very strongly from 2021 to the market. And so fare Honda is not in this game by far. In USA after Tesla Model 3 hit the market, Honda owners is one of the biggest group who are changing to Model 3 together with Prius owner.........

Hope to see some EV panic mod at Honda as well, as we saw from Toyota after the Model 3 booking was realest 2 years ago.

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Posted in: Ghosn's new lawyer takes aim at Nissan and prosecutors See in context

Ghosn is innocent until proven otherwise, but it don't look like this............

Unfortunately the prosecutors and Nissan CEO has dig themselves so deep into the mud it will be difficult for the judges and the legal system in Japan not to convict him guilty. It's a shame for the league system in Japan. I just hope this case will be the beginning of changes into the legal system as the world now see and learn how rotten, unfair and undemocratic this system is!

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