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Posted in: China warns 'NATO-like' alliances could lead to conflict in Asia-Pacific See in context

When given a choice countries do not want Communist China to infect their countries. Communist China's Winnie the Pooh leader is pure evil

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Posted in: Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine must be maintained, Japan says See in context

What about sanctions against Communist China for its current genocide

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2 wounded in early morning shooting at Kansas City bar See in context

Just curious why this story made Japan news Here in Kansas City there is 3 to 7 black on black murders every 24 hours. This incident wasn't even the only black on black murder these last 24 hours here. For that matter, every major city here in America has 3 to 10 black on black murders every 24 hours. It's almost like the Democrat mayors and Democrat president are intentionally ignore this daily violence...

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Posted in: China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties See in context

Yet Canadian govt., as the rest of the worlds governments do nothing to Communist China for committing the ongoing genocide...hmmmm

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Posted in: U.N. says it is being forced into 'appalling choice' by Taliban ban on women See in context

Biden did this

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. House speaker meets Taiwan president See in context

House speaker, senate delegations, house delegations, states governors, president and vice president should start scheduling monthly visits to Taiwan.

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Posted in: New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia See in context

And New Zealand stays silent on organ harvesting? New Zealand stays silent on millions imprisoned? New Zealand stays silent on forced labor, child labor, torture?

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Posted in: How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet See in context

If one country creates a better AI then the other country just copies and reverse engineers and has the same ai too. It's just a computer program that can be copied and read the code.

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns N Korea ready to act against U.S., S Korea See in context

Threaten U.S. and South Korea...again. Most of the world does not even hear any of this nevertheless believe any of the propaganda

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Posted in: Belarus says it has 1.5 million potential soldiers outside armed forces See in context

Ukraine soldiers should invade/attack Belarus and Russia. They invaded Ukraine, declaring war.

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Posted in: Japanese anime sees challenge from China at Berlin fest See in context

What a travesty it will be to have Communist China censorship in anime just like we have Communist China's censorship in Hollywood movies. Noone will hear about Communist China's current genocide, Noone will hear about Communist China's forced organ harvesting on a massive scale.

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Posted in: YouTuber-turned-lawmaker ordered to apologize for not attending Diet See in context

Typical politician, hiding from charges of fraud. If he is innocent then why hide???

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Posted in: North Korea threatens unprecedented action over allied military drills See in context

It does seem that the whole world does not listen to lil' rocket boy...so does that mean he even made any statements if Noone hears them???

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Posted in: In Pakistan, angry mob lynches man accused of blasphemy See in context

These crazy psychotic cults even in today's world runs some crazy countries

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Posted in: South Korea court convicts 'comfort women' activist of embezzling donations See in context

99.9% of nonprofits are scams to enrich the ceo/president/creator of nonprofit. I've witnessed this firsthand in multiple nonprofits.

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Posted in: Marvel superheroes return to Chinese cinemas after nearly four years See in context

Disney just had to bend over and be Communist China's lil b**** and boom movies allowed in...for now. Disney has gone downhill for so long now, the talented film makers are gone. All that is left are stupid young people with little talent

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Posted in: China coast guard drives away Japanese vessels from disputed waters in the East China Sea See in context

Fishermen and boaters need to organize and make this a daily occurrence within multiple times. Change the times throughout the day. Communist China's illegal occupation and stopping legal transport. Communist China military will not be able to continue to enforce by doing daily excursions. Start lawsuits against Communist China's corporations since they are partners and funded by Communist China's military. Worldwide lawsuits against Communist China's corporations in every country to start legally taking property from these Communist China military partner corporations There are a million ideas of collapsing Communist China, these are only a few.

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Posted in: NATO chief urges Seoul to send military support to Ukraine See in context

America seems to be playing the long game. Getting almost the entire world's country on defeating Russia's Putin is extremely well thought out. Putin can not compete and will collapse.

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