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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

What absurd is if we didn't cut ties with them. What kind of friend would build a statue in front you that proclaim loudly to the world what kind of crimes your people committed 7 decades ago. Yes,it was awful back then and we had been paying it forever since then,but doesn't mean our generation has to be reminded day by rubbing that statue into our faces.

How would it feel if we build statues of US dropping bomb on us in every nations and happily proclaim it was for friendship and peace? San Fransisco is just trying to get closer to Korea and China and flattering them. Guess our six-decade meant nothing to them.

Thank you for illustrating to America and the rest of the world the problem with East Asian pettiness. These memorials are about the victims, not the perps. Kind of like how the holocaust museum is about the victims of the holocaust and not an attack on Germans. But I guess I shouldn't expect too much from Asian society, since the Asian cultural line of thinking also lead to nazi worship.

BTW Japan does have several memorials commemorating victims of the atomic bomb. You don't see Americans bitching about it. And kudos to others who have already mentioned that Japanese interference here is an interference to American freedom of speech. Chinese, South Koreans, and Japanese maybe used to having restrictive free speech in their home countries, but Americans value their free speech.

After Trump demolishes China's interference into American Free Speech Infringement (, he should turn his attention to South Korean and Japanese interference with American liberties.

Japan and South Korea are lucky that Americans are overlooking those two countries temper tantrums, only because China is acting like an insecure bully who try to force American companies and academics to self-censor themselves.

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