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Must be costing 500k a whale now. Makes the last of the blue tuna look decidedly cheap.

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So,if the Eco-Terrorist-Whalers lose the case in the Netherlands - will they be as enthusiastic about submitting to a Dutch court ruling as they expect SS to be about the USA one?

I think not somehow.

The notion that SS are any more hypocritical than the Eco-Terrorist-Whalers is laughable. Big doses of dissimulation on both sides. But one side is dissembling trying to prevent needless torturous deaths of intelligent sea mammals - and the other is dissembling in order to do more of it.

So take my donation and milk as much publicity as you can out of it SS.

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Australia is illegally claiming Antarctic sea territories

Um? No they are not. They have the same level of rights and claims on the Antarctic as a dozen other countries. All unresolved - hardly illegal. They do support the IWC Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary - but so does practically everybody else (not Japan, St Kitts and Nevis, Ivory Coast nor the Marshall Islands sadly).

Show me any link that demonstrates the Australian Government is illegally claiming territory.

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When are both sides going to realize that one human life is not more important then a killing a whale, or litting one live?

How do you figure that? We could swap a human life for every whale left in the ocean and there would still be a few billion too much folk.

I don’t think it likely, nor would I support, whales developing the means to bring about a 97% reduction in the human population – but I do have to wonder if it would be better for the environment.

SS volunteers know the risks - they signed up for it. An SS death is far more likely than whaler death - but presumably whaler crew don't live in a vacuum. They’re surely aware there are people out there that object to whaling and are expressing that increasingly forthrightly. I’m just a traditional hard working fishertard doesn’t exempt one from the decision to be there in the first place.

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