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Japan's experience of terrorism is weak, many people here do not understand why we don't discuss with these terrorists. It simply is not in their mind since they never had djihadists bomb in their subway, nor the japanese ever been a target of predilection.I guess they won't get much more from Algeria and finally understand by themselves that you do not negotiate with a miasm of obscurantism, you crush it before the hostage death toll increases.

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RIP. This tragedy should remind us that terrorism must be fought with the strongest energy until its complete annihilation. 20 years of terrorism and failed diplomacy should taught us that there are no negotiations possible with terrorists. My thoughts go to the families of the victims.

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Worst is yet to come, according to an Algerian newspaper -Liberte- 60 heavily armed pick-up have been spotted rushing to the Algerian borderline from Ghadamis on Saturday night, a rescue operation for their terrorists fellow according to the source. It is also said that the terrorist intended to bring some hostages in...Lybia. Spreading out fast to other regions it seems.

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They won't indeed, it's been their policy during their 20 years long civil war, and until now: eradication, no negotiation with terrorist. The worst is that the members of this commando knows it, thus it is a suicide operation. Hope the remaining hostages will all make it back to their families safe.

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I perfectly understand. She failed to follow the process, she was wrong to prefer protecting the life of her children and hers rather than prioritize her colleagues and her job. Antagonize those who disagree with this strange logic - obviously for some it seems that calling others logic strange is not insulting - by pointing out the "cowardice facts" of this woman - and for some it seems that her being French is not a plus - makes me really wonder on their true intentions. Gather facts on that case, but only the "sensed" one not "sensitive" one? What kind of evidence screening is this? Justice only focus on "sensed" evidence not " sensitive" a great specialist appears to be saying here? Do these people have children? Well, this fruitless discussion has been quite instructing but I say now let us wait for the verdict shall we?

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Michikokada: getting more aggressive aren't you did I hit a sensitive point here? Only truth hurts. "We" ? who is We? We means you are the one working on the case or are you simulating your own trial where you'd be the judge?. "We" do not need French to lecture us. Waking up an anti French feeling, so there you are. I haven't insulted you in any of my post but you are. Leaving you with your wondrous ego here and wishing him to find the utter satisfaction it desperately seeks!

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Some people see in this forum a tribune to justify how good employees they were, despite lacking valid reasons to take refuge from the radiation leak compared to those who had more to care than their post. Hiding behind procedure or how to get normally a day off is simple trolling. How many died in Tokyo on 3/11, it has come down to this level...thought about radiation? still believe that all is good in the best world? if youblive in Tokyo checj out the radioactivity of your urine and nails - laboratories are aviailable - and come back to share the results and think again, you will be surprised of the covktail. My last comment here will be this: staying in their company while other people fled - foreigners and Japanese- gave an extraordinary occasion to people in lack of recognition or suffering of the syndrome " becoming more Japanese than Japanese" to exult and show how better they are compared to these "traitors". There is no doubt about the fact that some tried to take advantage in the hope to get a promotion in their career. I would say that if ever a company says job matters more than safety of children then leave the company, who would want to work for such company anyway?

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Michikokada: you may ignite the polemic as long as you wish logic is family comes first. People post that for Japanese company it is not the case, that is a lie, my personal experience is a good counter example, even my managers tells me so: family comes first, you have only one family, and there are millions of companies, nough is absurd to try to make the Japanese look like cold hearted people whereas they are not. Here is for my French logic, that is the logic for any sensed human being who has a family. And for that part Bodin has a legitimate point. Any sensed human being can understand this.

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TheXyco hit the nails right on the head LOL, television shows about Mali now on air on most channels

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Reasons for her being fired might be somewhere else and her sheltering in France gave them an excuse

Here's a story for you guys: I work in a Nikkei company (close to 6000 employees), the day after the earthquake, employees who could come back at work did so. Few days later, we receive regular message from the embassy suggesting us if we wished to get out of Tokyo region (before 17/03). On 17/03 here's the message we get from the embassy:

NE PAS REPONDRE A CE MAIL == == Répondez à : ==

1- Compte-tenu de l’évolution possible de la situation, il est recommandé aux Français de Tokyo de quitter la région pour le sud du pays ou pour la France.

Translation: according to the possible evloution of the situation, it is recommended to the french citizens living in Tokyo to leave the region and head South or return to France.

Clear enough ? There's no more "if you wish so". I showed this message to my boss and asked for his advice, he told me to leave until situation cools down. I do so. Meanwhile in the company only 30% of the effective were present, 70% fled already to the south, long before the french embassy gave express recommendations to leave. Took my little kids of 2 years and 3 years to Kyoto with my wife where we stayed in her family I stayed 4 days there and came back to work, my family remained in Kyoto 2 more weeks. Back to the company, here are the reactions: most employees were nice and comprehensive, the only single criticism came from a chinese girl who proudly screamed that she remained in the company with everyone and that she was so proud (and 50 years old, single, no children by the way) and that I, and the other foreign employees who took refuge, were traitors. Not a single japanese staff told me such thing. Few weeks later I bump into the chairman in the elevator who tells me " You took refuge in Kyoto during the crisis? - Yes - You are not to be blamed for this, in other countries when there are such troubles, japanese are always the first to be repatriated so don't worry if some people ever tells you negative comments". And I mean wow, this is truly japanese: caring hearts.

The Fukushima crisis was an extraordinary situation, worst crisis since Chernobyl, and there are still some people who believe that company goes first no matter what. When I was in Kyoto all hotels were full and we came across Tokyo people (yes japanese!) who were rushing to the town hall to get their passport and go overseas. Any comments on those "traitors"? Do not judge those who cared more about their family rather than their company because family primes before anything else. Of course if the company is your only family, that's another story..

To make it short, NHK invoking the fact that she "abandoned her post" is ridiculous.

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