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Posted in: Video game to detect early stages of glaucoma developed by Tohoku University See in context

Nice idea ! Will it be translated in other languages ? French, English…

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

If there is any survivor from the last world championship in Doha...

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Posted in: Pfizer Japan recalls high blood pressure drug Amvalo due to carcinogen See in context

Valsartan has been recalled in France already last November. But this was imposed by health authorities . But they said the risk his much higher for your health if you stop taking it brutally than actually getting cancer if you continue your treatment waiting for a new prescription from your doctor.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 3-1 to win Women's Under-20 World Cup See in context

Congratulation !

It was a very logical win. Japan women played the most beautiful game since quarter final. I was sure they would win. I was very impressed by the energy, technics and team spirit of these young ladies.

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Posted in: Microsoft testing underwater data centers See in context

Did Microsoft assess the possible impact on sea warming and the changes induced on local ecosystems ?

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Posted in: Google unveils Android's latest technological tricks See in context

@JeffLee Just buy an iPhone. That is exactly what I like with Apple, set maker is the same as OS maker. You don't need to rely on the skills or willingness of a different manufactured to properly implement the OS. It not an open world, but it is a world that simply works.

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Posted in: Cadbury combines Vegemite with chocolate See in context

Let's keep it inside Australia. And please do not call it chocolate.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmaker says Japan and Canada must cut farm tariffs See in context

What if US lawmakers would rule their country instead of wanting to rule the world ?

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan hit by more nugget woes See in context

Alternatives : eat sushis or try to home cook your chicken with dairy cream and mushrooms (Normandy style scallop) :-)

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Posted in: U.S. study: All-electric car may not be so green See in context

Again this old debate narrowly focused on CO2 emissions. That is what our French politicians did last 15 years and with strong fiscal measure (high taxes on strong CO2 emissive cars) 80% of sold cars today are diesel. And some big cities like Paris now speak of banning diesel cars from City center because now people have respiratory diseases and die from lung cancer...

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Posted in: Sexist views dent Japan push for women's rights See in context

As far as I understand the situation in Japan, pushing women at work without any change in the organization of services for childcare and without any change in the mentality of Japanese men for taking their part in child growing at home, will be a disaster for Japan on medium term as birth rate will be falling sharply.

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Posted in: Farm tariffs to stay, Japan tells Pacific trading partners See in context

Well done. A country needs to protect its farmers.

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Posted in: Air France geisha poster prompts satirical home-made fixes See in context

Just for fun. Should French people get upset each time Frenchman is represented with a "beret" and a "baguette" ? I don't think so. The only problem is that when you actually travel there, you are disappointed when you cannot see these icons.

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Posted in: Street modeled on Champs-Elysees opens in Tokyo See in context

I wonder whether Toranomon Hills is supposed to be the obelisk or the Arc de Triomphe... I definitely can't see any link with Champs Élysées. But this does not mean that it would not be a nice place for shopping.

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Posted in: Japan's embrace of Russia under threat with Ukraine crisis See in context

When your own house in on fire, why should you intervene in a marital dispute in your neighbour's house ? Especially when one of them could lend you a fire hose... Cynical but realistic.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context

What part of the constructions work to build the new base will actually go to japanese firms ?

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Posted in: Business leaders propose health policies to promote economic growth in Japan See in context

These guys are not known for being philanthropic. There might be good money to make there...

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Posted in: JAL may buy 20 Airbus A350 jets See in context

Great ! As we say here, don't put all your eggs in same basket...

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Same or opposite sex wedding, I have always found it childish to get married in Disney or any place like this.

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Posted in: Japan plans to merge lithium-ion battery businesses See in context

When all countries are not playing the game with same rules, it is a must for a government to consider any action that can safeguard its industry and jobs. The limits of liberalism is reached when social stability is at risk. I am conscious this thinking might be considered a kind of iconoclast...

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Posted in: Transport ministry to investigate Boeing 787 battery maker See in context

Japan should reduce its dependency from US and buy Airbus planes.!

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Posted in: Rice grown in Miyagi contains more than double legal limit of radioactive cesium See in context

@Basroll : And considering Japan consumes around 60kg of rice per person per year, and the international radiation limits are based on 550kg per person per year, even this "above legal" amount is about 40 times lower than the lowest level of possible concern for infants or adults

.I am not sur this indicator is sufficient to conclude there is no danger for populations. The activity in Bq is one thing, but what is more relevant in the absorbed dose in mSv which take into consideration the actual effect on living tissues. And if the Cs is cumulated in the body which is probable, the absorbed dose in increasing day after day significantly (exponentially ?) when the quantity of Cs in adding up each time you will eat rice. Conclusion : more in depth analysis is necessary before concluding it is safe.

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Posted in: Nissan forms partnership with China's Tsinghua University See in context

Multifaceted and comprehensive partnership

That means : give all to Chinese industry.

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Posted in: Pink Christmas See in context

@Yubaru, It is not Japan, it is Disney...

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Posted in: Nissan shows safety features, electronic steering See in context

Responsibility must be left to the driver. Each time you assist people with technology you take back a piece of responsibility. Ther is no freedom without responsibility.

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Posted in: Japan celebrates historic soccer victory over France See in context

Elbuda mexicano, every desperate French supporter is supposed to have already hung is head afrer World Cup in South Africa..

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Posted in: Japan celebrates historic soccer victory over France See in context

Excellent match from Japanese team. They have been quicker, technically sharper than the Blues. Logical victory.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

All the war crimes of WWII are supposed to have been judged in after war court of justice. I cannot imagine US military forces did that wrongly... Former leaders of imperial Japan have been judged and condemned. Should present Japanese leaders apologize ? Why should they ? The only representative of old time Japan is the Emperor. He only could be asked People of Japan has suffered from war with allied bombings and final A-bombs. I pretty well understand that people do not want to apologize for what Imperial regime did. Finally, I agree that a balanced history teaching has to be made to people allowing them to make their own mind about it and understanding why Chinese and Koreans are complaining. By the way, are they some kind of historians in Japanese Universities ?

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Posted in: Fujitsu robot to sit for top-ranked university exam See in context

Reasoning and knowledge is not sufficient. Design them to work connected to networks, teach them arrogance. And they'll get closer to humans.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan giving away free hamburgers this weekend See in context

Bad news for Japan. You'will be getting fat ...

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