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Posted in: How to buy a home in Japan as a foreigner: Webinar See in context

If you plan to buy a house in Japan anytime from now,then prepare yourself to be surrounded by tens of millions of pensioners and no one to support that pension fund.You won't enjoy house parties and have to slave till the day you drop dead.

Totally agree.

Buying a house in Japan in this era of aging population problem is equivalent to buying a house next to a hospice.

And, considering the typical depreciation of Japanese homes, the home's value will be zero when you are old.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

This is the stupidest and ugliest idea I've ever seen.

There were hundreds other and better ways to boost tourism. Above all, there were hundreds of other ways to use that money in this pandemic time

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

If it is really so safe for humans, then discharge it in the Tokyo bay!

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Posted in: 300 hotel rooms planned for Olympic athletes with minor or no COVID symptoms See in context

The condo complex in the Athletes Village are depressing.

Yes, it is inside Tokyo and very convenient in many aspects, but can't believe someone want to buy an apartment in these buildings after the olympics!

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Posted in: Battling ingrained sexism in the Japanese workplace See in context

Japan: no country for women

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

An unshakeable anarchist!

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

This people's attitude is not encouraging. This virus will last longer than expected.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context

The real point is: Who wants to retire in Japan? Seriously, in few decades this island will become a big nursing home full of elderly, it is constantly lashed by earthquakes and typhoons, extremely expensive for everything........way better to retire in a more affordable country.

Generally speaking, you can endure the inconveniences related to earthquakes and typhoons while you are strong and young. You can live in this materialist and highly expensive country when you have a salary, surely higher than the pension. What about when you are old, weak, and with a low pension?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 355 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,472 See in context

The fourth wave has begun.

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Posted in: 59-year-old 'eternal idol' Seiko Matsuda amazes fans with hasn’t-aged-a-day self-cover See in context

Skin full of plastic surgery, fake European setting, voice arranged by autotune…….the only genuine thing in the video is the bicycle.

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