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Don't believe all the propaganda that you read from newspapers

There are many sources reporting damage, not just New York Times. Just search "Vietnam South Korea Factories." I'm inclined to believe the news if it's for multiple sources.

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Dear mr Jimizo. It is a wrong information because there is no Korean companies or properties effected. You will read the real news over the next few weeks. Some confusions with the Taiwanese companies because the mad no educate people don't know the differences between China and Taiwan. I think you would do the same if get angry like us and won't say sorry. It started as a peaceful demonstration and some people went mad. Things have now calmed down, and all those mad people got arrested by the authority.

New York Times is reporting at least 50 South Korean Factories and 2 Singaporean Factories.

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Taiwan and Japan are the only friends in the East Asia hemisphere. No need to hype up the hate.

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And if you go back further, no one can argue that Taiwan was not a part of China during the Sino-Japanese war and was not a colony until after. So in that sense, Japan was a wartime enemy to Taiwan in anyone's eyes.

Taiwan is usually dated as having been ceded to Japan in 1895 at the end of the First Sino-Japanese War, but in reality it had ceased to be governed by Imperial officials following the 1874 invasion of Taiwan, which was mainly a pretext that Japan used to claim the Ryukyu Islands. From 1874-1895 Taiwan is not only a self-governing body, but actually contains two separate political entities--an aboriginal organization in the south and a semi-autonomous Chinese faction in the north, heavily influenced by increasing Japanese pressure from the new bases in the Ryukyus. Not to mention the fact that Japan claimed military protectorship over Taiwan, despite the fact that the Qing Empire was still claiming the territory. During that period the total lack of Qing presence in the island is apparent when we look at the French invasion during the Sino-French War, which seized Keelung and occupied much of the island in 1884. The Qing Empire was no longer a serious governing presence after 1874.

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A jade cabbage?? This sounds so STRANGE IN ENGLISH, but I am sure in Chinese it must be really cool??

It's a jade in the shape of a cabbage, whats so weird about it?

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The KMT were completely corrupt and ineffectual and spent more energy trying to fight the communists than the Japanese, despite a huge amount of aid from the US. When they were finally driven from China to Taiwan they massacred more 20,000 Taiwanese citizens ( ) something CNN doesn't commemorate annually.

Mind telling me how many the Communists killed during the Cultural Revolution / Great Leap Forward??

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Japan has nothing to apologize about. Sex slavery is in every industrialized country. Every body wants attention... and support for Taiwan is waning. After all, the native Taiwanese were massacred by the Chinese who had "ran" from the mainland. Where is the apology to the dead Taiwanese natives? Good guys and bad guys... until secrets are made public. Then we are all just bad guys for allowing such things to continuously happen!

KMT has apologized for the events, but it's still not enough. They need to dismantle as a party, because they are still infringing on Taiwanese democracy and freedom. However, I think it's safe to say that the Taiwanese are waking up and finally doing something about it. Just a few weeks back, a non-political organization attracted more than 250,000 people to protest in front of the Presidential Palace. This is only the beginning.

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@Freshie: Don't try to mix everything when Japan extremists don't want to apologize for crimes their fathers did toward these pitiful ladies. It's so strange that most Japanese are so nice but some ugly politician are so bad and trying to brainwatch their people. Everyone with IQ higher than 50 could see JP right wingers politician are trying to drag the US and China to fight each other so JP could possibily get rid of military control of the US. However all your neighbors like Taiwan or Korea or even China... etc. don't want to get unwillingly involved to this kind of chaos....

Then what do you think of people that view Taiwan as the "troublemakers?" There are many in the US that view Taiwan as the nuisance that is preventing a US-China partnership to grow. News flash, support for Taiwan is waning, and a strong Japan is only a good thing for Taiwan. Without Japan, I have no doubt in my mind that the US would not mind having Taiwan fall under China's control.

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@ Peter Payne,

Did you do the survey and investigation in Taiwan?

There are countless polls that you can research yourself that show the majority of Taiwanese view Japan favorably. Compare this to the Koreas and China...

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@tmtmsnb: Taiwan is democratic and any party get more than 50% people's support will be a legal ruling party, it doesn't matter it's KMT or DPP.... and no matter anyone or any country like it or not. Although we cherish friendship with JP but we don't like some JP selfish politician trying to " teach" us what we should, we definitely hate anyone trying to take use of taiwan to play some chess game ! It's very simple that good is good and bad is bad, anyone did bad should apologize to suffering ones. Just say SORRY and these pitiful ladies as well as yourselves will feel free and everything'll be settled.

No, what he says is true. KMT has long dominated Taiwanese politics, even after 1996 when Taiwan became a democracy. It is an unfair that the KMT are so much wealthier than other political parties in Taiwan, and they are the party that are dictating the cross strait relations, not anyone else. Do you honestly feel that the KMT majority is the voice of the Taiwanese people?? Think about it, in the past 64 years, KMT has been ruling over Taiwan for 58 years...and DPP only 8 years, why are the Taiwanese still voting in KMT? Taiwan needs to overthrow the KMT thugs before they can become a true democracy.

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Independent protest groups from China and Korea have always caused a furor whenever it is reported. Because it is a Taiwanese group this time, it is being avoided.

Because this is a vocal minority in Taiwan. I can say with confidence that most Taiwanese would support Japan militarism to counterbalance China. This is in contrast to China and Korea in that most would rather not see Japan militarize to repeat history.

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So why then nobody attacked Taiwan China KMT, as Taiwan China KMT never apologized nor paid compensation to these women? Is it because Taiwan is protected by China but Japan is China's target? So when you have a political agenda and you think you are balanced, you could spend a little time review yourself a bit.

Taiwan protected by China....? Whaa...?? Do you not know China has 1,000's of missiles pointed at Taiwan and Taiwan only? The KMT issue is a domestic issue, which Taiwan is still trying to resolve as we speak. Yes...perhaps if the international community put more pressure on the KMT they might be eager to make more concessions. However, the sad truth is that Taiwan is hardly on anyone's radar due to China & the cross straight issue.

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I feel it's important to point out that most Taiwanese citizens feel no animosity towards Japan & would rather have a powerful Japan vs a powerful China. Japan should not feel discouraged by the vocal minority.

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It's all pretty simple. China is going down in less than four years in order to "re-balance Asia" with seven new countries where once there was the PRC. Hang on, Taiwan. You'll never have to be part of that lumbering monster Mao created.


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Those claiming Senkaku are Chinese KMT (party) men in Taiwan--immigrants from China Mainland and currently ruler of Taiwan, but not native Taiwanese, as represented by their ex president Li tieng-hui, a native Taiwanese.

Taiwan is only interested in fishing in the area (it is a historical fishing ground for fishers in Yilan county, hence the name Diaoyutai which literally means fishing island). China on the other hand...I think they have other intentions, in which Japan should by all means oppose if they do not agree with it.

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Yet travel to Taiwan is at an all time high according to this article:

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