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Posted in: UK unveils plans for biggest nuclear power expansion in 70 years See in context

Sellafield nuclear plant

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

Since when the G7 became so weak?

You could start by importing these Japanese seafood. Declare tax incentives for Japanese seafood, certainly the G7 could afford all these seafood?

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Posted in: Land minister sues Okinawa governor over U.S. base landfill plan See in context

Guam is too far away.

Guam is definitely nearer to USA than Okinawa

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Posted in: Japan to begin releasing second batch of Fukushima water on Oct 5 See in context

Taiwan blocks 18,000 kg of Japanese fish due to excessive chemicals

Taipei, Sept. 26 (CNA) A shipment of more than 18,000 kg of frozen fish from Japan has been rejected at Taiwan's border due to the presence of excessive levels of cadmium, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday.

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

China has rejected Japan's proposal that it join an international verification framework for assessing the results of radiation level monitoring in treated water being released into the sea from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, sources familiar with the bilateral relationship said Tuesday

which source?

If Japan really wanted China to join in monitoring the radiation, Japanese spokesperson or Kishida could have announce it via press release? so far, nobody mention about Japan asking China to join.

this misleading news reporting quoting from unnamed sources needed to stop.

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Posted in: China's Fukushima-linked seafood ban unacceptable, Japan tells WTO See in context

Why not Japan invite all stakeholders including South Korea, China, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Greenpeace to send their team to inspect the water. It should shut everyone up and save Japanese taxpayers monies spent on propaganda.

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Posted in: Japan announces ¥20.7 bil relief fund for seafood exporters hit by China's ban See in context

No, it simply won't. Please read the IAEA report:

If you actually read the report, at the foreword, the director general says this is the sole decision of the Government of Japan, the IAEA does not recommend nor endorse this policy

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Posted in: Fukushima water release poses early test for Japan-South Korea unity See in context

if the water is safe, why is there a need to dump it one kilometer away from the coast into the sea?

are they assuming people are dumb?

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant water release plan raises worries about setbacks to businesses See in context

If it's safe, there's no need to release it into the sea

If it's unsafe, It should not be release into the sea

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Posted in: Kishida attack suspect failed to qualify as candidate for upper house election See in context

He definitely have the qualities of a politician

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Posted in: Ex-Nomura exec opens school to help shift Japan's savings to stocks See in context

He began to see stocks not just as a means to make money but as a way to help grow companies that provide necessary goods and services and maintain employment. 

people that believe this shouldn’t play stocks.

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Posted in: Japan has stopped printing its current yen bills; Mt Fuji only element to be retained in new set See in context

The new one looks like monopoly money

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Posted in: World faces tension with China under Xi Jinping's third term See in context

If USA is the world, yeah

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Posted in: U.S. Vice President Harris seeking computer chip partners in Tokyo See in context

oh, it's not so free market now?

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

The ones that should suffer is those self serving politicians, not the ordinary citizens

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Posted in: Condolences See in context

did emperor naruhito ride the bus?

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Posted in: How the strong U.S. dollar can affect everyone See in context

The dollar is strong because, money are flowing from all over the world into USA because the Feds is raising interest rates. More are coming from Europe because of the war, inept leaders and energy cost instability.

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Posted in: Kyiv claims battlefield gains as Russian gas shutdown hits Europe markets See in context

wallaceToday  09:05 am JST

In the long run, Russia will be the loser when the EU countries secure alternative energy supplies.

No going back.

Russia is burning off excess natural gas near the Artic creating huge clouds of soot.

Burning natural gas creates soot.. wow.. just wow. haha

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Posted in: Japan seeks to organize Sri Lanka creditors' meeting on debt crisis See in context

Tokyo is open to hosting talks among all the creditor nations aimed at lifting Colombo from its worst debt crisis since independence, but it is not clear whether top creditor China would join and a lack of clarity remains about Sri Lanka's finances, one source told Reuters.

based on Asian Development Bank’s wiki,

Traditionally, and because Japan is one of the largest shareholders of the bank (Asian Development Bank), the president has always been Japanese.

a simple google search shows that the largest creditor is Asian Development Bank, followed by Japan, then China. And Reuters quote an anonymous source saying China is the top creditor?

First rate storytelling indeed

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Posted in: Putin going to G20 in Bali summit 'a step too far': Australian PM See in context

"I think we need to have people in the room that aren't invading other countries," he said.

Yeah, US, UK, Australia's leaders shouldn't be in the room too, yes, that's including you ScoMo.

Remember Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria

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Posted in: S Korea's next leader to abandon Blue House for new office See in context

Relocating the presidential office was one of President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol's main campaign promises.

what a nice job to have

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Posted in: Australia slams China 'lifeline' to Russia See in context

India -- a major purchaser of Russian weapons -- has also so far refrained from condemning Moscow's actions, but Morrison did not mention New Delhi.

Scotty with his forked tongue

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Posted in: 'Not a blockbuster' but Olympics give China plenty to tout See in context

China got more gold than the US. Yeah, that's because the US is boycotting the winter Olympics

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Posted in: IOC chief rebukes Beijing Olympics organizers for political statements See in context

"These issues are irrelevant to the Winter Games but I still feel obliged to make a quick comment again," said BOCOG spokeswoman Yan Jiarong on Thursday, after foreign reporters twice asked about Xinjiang.

These foreign reporters are the ones who mix sports and politics

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Posted in: China detains Japanese man in Shanghai; details unclear See in context

Why would anyone go to The PRC? 

if you don't go there, how are you going to spy?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan figure skating teams to get torches, not medals, for now See in context

It's figure skating, not sports like sprinting. How will it affect the scores?

Olympics allowed a male to compete with females in weightlifting.

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Posted in: China's imports of Japanese cosmetics keep rising See in context

This reminds me of a time I was in Akihabara buying a region-free DVD player when a bus of Chinese tourists pulled up. They came in and started buying everything and I mean EVERYTHING. The very first and only thing they did in making a purchasing decision was to look and see where it was made. If it said "Made in Japan" they bought it. "Made in China" stayed on the shelf.

Well, they're tourists, what did you expect they buy in Japan? Why waste precious luggage space for things you can buy back home?

China is consistently the country with highest travel and tourism expenditure in the recent years, if they are willing to spend their money in Japan, isn't this good enough for Japan's local economy?

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

China's effort on environmental issues.

BBC: Climate change: China's forest carbon uptake 'underestimated'

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Posted in: Japan aims to expand regional free trade pact as UK, China eye membership See in context


I did a quick google and found Vietnam is in CPTPP and they're communist too? double standards?

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Posted in: Japanese businesses expect RCEP deal to boost Asia trade, investment See in context

Trades benefits both parties, supply and demand.

China opening up their large market, in fact is benefiting other smaller countries. China's market is on a different scale than the other members.

Saying this benefits China only is same as saying Trump's tariffs is MAGA.

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