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Posted in: Music producer latest to accuse Sean 'Diddy' Combs of sexual misconduct See in context

What puzzles me is that these accusations from many of the people refer to the article I've only serviced after many years if not decades after the crime is alleged to have happened therefore from a legal point of view what kind of evidence can be presented to the jury to support the cases?

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Posted in: Zuckerberg discusses AI risks with Kishida See in context

This is delightful news hopefully we still have positive recall of when MW met with President Obama

As far as his power as a CEO can be rated he's outstanding and has all of the most valuable contact portfolios in the game.

It would be naive to think that after only a 30 minute meeting with the head of the state that any disclosure confirming or denying possibility of mw's company profiting from using its AI tools in conjunction with the huge data sets available now to the government of this country after the introduction and expansion of the my number system.

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Posted in: Mets pitcher Kodai Senga dealing with some arm fatigue after throwing at spring training See in context

Tough luck to suffer any strain just before the season starts. Hoping it's only a minor issue and he'll be playing his heart out ( but not his pitching arm) after some R&R.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics ticket prices mar image of Games for all See in context

I feel that these sporting events are great fun for everyone, but I wish the tickets were free.

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Posted in: Japanese company: 'High probability' lander crashed on moon See in context

Too many French engineers from Ariane program - not enough boys from the quad delivering the best solutions. Watching the post event promotional video, I noticed certain amateurish behaviours which may have led to the project failure. The use of a cheap pen to complete an inventory task as well as the use of translators are merely 2. there are 106 more perhaps.

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Posted in: Luxury giant LVMH sales, profit hit new highs See in context

indigo - that is very correct ! We need to really think more carefully about why we buy such expensive items...

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Posted in: Number of voice actresses in Japan hits record high, but is that a good thing? See in context

I think the best voice actor now in Japan is Vocaloid Hatsune Miku !

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Like many of the readers of this article, I don't think having a BIG population is necessarily the right choice going forward for such a developed country as Japan. Moreover, Immigration will never catch on as a means to make up the so called short fall - outside of the twenty or so major cities, the cultural vibe of each prefecture takes years to even partially understand and often causes disappointment on both sides. Whatever billionaires such as Musk have to say about "the end of Japan", the country will thrive in its own way

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Posted in: First U.S. 'Super Mario' theme park to open in California See in context

This is great news ! I am a big fan of Japanese culture and The USA - I will visit someday !

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