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Fried Potato comments

Posted in: Ready to go beyond Google? Here's how to use new generative AI search sites See in context

If people are ready, they will use it. No need to market it. AI search sites are still in their baby shoes. Google is still king. Never heard anyone say, Google search results are getting worse.

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Posted in: Chinese ships warn Japan SDF planes to leave airspace near Senkakus See in context

Stephen ChinToday  10:17 am JST

China is NOT the Israel of Asia.China's Land Is Chinese. Not Stolen From Neighboiring Countries as Israel has Stolen Land from Palestine.

Of course not. China only claims the whole China Sea for them and even builds artificial islands for their military.

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Posted in: Apple will open iPhone to alternative app stores, lower fees in Europe to comply with regulations See in context

This goes in the wrong direction. Why would an iPhone user ever want to download other apps outside of the app store? EU government again at its best, creating unnecessary laws. For whom? The user? No, them!

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Posted in: Google CEO warns of more layoffs See in context

Google Q3 2023 Profit $19.7 billion

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Posted in: Djokovic bids for Grand Slam history as Australian Open gets underway See in context

Not to say that he can't play well. But the new generation is just not good enough.

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Posted in: Climate deal won't have immediate impact on Gulf oil See in context

Oil is a good that's used in so many products. From transport fuel to consumer goods. How do you want to replace it in the near future? All participants know that. But it's good to see each other, reside in nice hotels, eat well, get handsomely paid, all for spending nothing. Who wouldn't want to participate and act as if their visit holds any significance.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son says AI will surpass human intelligence in a decade See in context

This is just about business. Every new innovation means new possibilities to make business.

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Posted in: Meta's Twitter rival Threads launches web version See in context

Who uses Threads?

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Posted in: Fujitsu deploys AI customer service solution for field trials at supermarket chain in Japan See in context

"...to realize a more customer-centric shopping experience..." not sure that this will lead to a more customer-centric experience than if an actual human being. I personally don't like this AI boards in stores, it just doesn't fit in.

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Posted in: Microsoft and Activision extend deadline to close $69 billion deal under close regulatory scrutiny See in context

They shouldn't allow this acquisition if they were truly honest with regulating the market. But the money under the table will probably overlook it.

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Posted in: Isuzu Motors pulls out of Russia as war in Ukraine halts production See in context

1 percent is not "only", it is 1 out of 100. For a global truck manufacturing business this is a tough loss. That 1 percent won't come back so quickly in this special market. If it was a profitable business then it will even hurt more.

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Posted in: Amazon pushes back against Europe's pioneering new digital rules See in context

This is very important for the means of market competition. Amazon has an unfair advantage over other smaller platforms and it's important that things like that are being regulated.

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Posted in: Meta's new Twitter rival app Threads gets tens of millions of sign-ups in its first day See in context

What a surprise if you have billions of user on your two main platforms.

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Posted in: Twitter users run into service issues after Musk imposes daily limits on reading tweets See in context

I think if you read more than 600 tweets per day, you need some help.

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