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Posted in: Flying with a cat to Tokyo See in context

I would just like to point out that with animals it is not always a simple case of "like or don't like." Some people have terrible allergies. I think a lot of people are either unaware of it or don't care. In my opinion all animals should be put in the "hold." Make it as luxurious as you want down there for them. Also, comparing screaming babies and pets makes no sense to me at all.

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Posted in: What safety standards do you think nuclear power plants must meet beyond a shadow of a doubt before a restart of their reactors should be considered? See in context

Well to start how about concrete plans for how they are going to take care of the spent fuel that will continue to be lethal well beyond the end of our civilization. I also recommend that the people in charge of safety standards be forced to watch "Into Eternity." As I first stated: just for a start. There are many many many other things too.

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Posted in: Honor and loyalty See in context

Before I moved to the U.S., I did not expect loyalty to exist here. It is not an insult, but I simply thought it was a Japanese thing. You never heard of American kamikaze pilots, did you?

Those three lines did it for me. So, she thought there was no loyalty in America because there were no kamikaze pilots. Astounding logic. She then goes on to say..

I have met a few people who place a significant value on loyalty and they take pride in it. There are not many, though.

Wow. Talk about painting everyone with a single brush. People may not overly show or even share the same things you value, but it does not mean that what they feel strongly about is wrong or inadequate. People are people. No two people are the same whether we are talking about two Japanese, two Americans or whomever. Obviously JT is using this stuff to generate more site hits. Well done on that. As for the sweeping generalisations made in every piece by this author, no so impressed.

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Posted in: Mayor of village near Fukushima plant urges residents to return to homes See in context

I understand their desire to move back to their homes and try to "restart" the town. That being said, I cannot understand how anyone can believe that decontamination has had a major effect on improving safety. Fallout continues to this moment in huge amounts.

It is like saying in the middle of a snowstorm that the roads have been plowed so drivers can resume driving at posted speed limits.

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Posted in: What is important in your life? See in context

For a start, the piece does not address anything more than a stab at the concept of pride. I think the author needs to realize that humans all share common feelings.

She mentions that the the Japanese just living is not living and something about pride. Did she mean dignity?

If those things are so important, why has the help from the government been so dismal?

Apparently those things are not more important than profit and saving face/ protecting one's position.

For someone who has read a lot of articles as the author states, the end question of the piece oversimplifies the scope of the issues facing those people.

What about other things? To name a few: grief, anger, depression..

I think the author needs to stop over-generalizing things as "Japanese are like this and that."

She still does this despite being removed from Japan for who knows how many years. Shows how strong the concept is a part of her whether she realizes or not.

My comments are not intended to slander the author. Just my thoughts over reading her pieces since they appeared on JT. Thought I would finally comment. Carry on.

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Posted in: Typhoon strands several thousand commuters in Tokyo See in context

@Foxie: I live in Hokkaido too. It's a big place. Interesting how you know how many people are surfing all over the island. :) As for the topic at hand, Japan sure has had a tough year. What always strikes me with the evacuation notices on TV is that the number of households and the number of people evacuated seem to show that a lot of people live alone. In rural areas, I think a lot of those are senior citizens. I hope they can ride out this storm. Also, why do people feel the need to go check the river/ocean when there is a typhoon coming and why do their loved ones allow them to do this?

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