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by the way, your minister "Tomiichi_Murayama" tried to pay some money to comfort woman just to shut them up in Jul, 1995, the terms stipulated that "if accepted, the women can never ask for any apology or file a lawsuit against the Japanese government."

I wonder if someone's mother is raped 10~20 times a day for 3 years, would settle for little repayment and ignore the fact that they were swindled, forced to be sex slaves, THEY ARE NOT YOUR AV ACTRESSES! the comfort women rejected this offer, and should, cause no money can buy back their youth and their painful memories,


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Posted in: Taiwan activists demand Japan apologize over sex slaves See in context

at least the Germans not only apologized for their sins and massacres, but also created museums out of every concentration camps and even incinerators, they even built a Jewish museum in the center of Berlin, telling the story of the Jewish victim and survivors,with Anne Frank's diary sold in it. how about you Japanese think about what you've done?

no apology for the massacre in Nanging(300000~400000 civilian killed, countless woman raped and killed), swindle innocent young girls to cook and house-clean in the barrack but turned out to be sex slave, have you ever heard of this? have you ever see it as a sin, or are you all like Tōru Hashimoto? "Comfort woman is necessary for military use." but Japanese women can't suffer this, so we scam girls from Taiwan, China, Philipine and Korea, that should do!!!

or, are you like Takeo Hiranuma, "Comfort women didn't exist! they weren't real!" maybe next time, you can discuss about which lie is more beneficial and spread it for your own cause? seriously, give me one official apology on "the massacre of Nanging" or " civilian compel to be comfort women as sex slaves, raped and killed" , can you give me any proof that Japanese government had , or will have, the spine to make this statement?

or are you too coward to make this statement, fearing that your little children will find the ugly truth that their grandfather raped many foreign women then killed them, but that's alright, our government doesn't admit their existence! so they actually do not exist!!! | those who can't face their history, has no courage to face the future, this is not only your past that you want to cover, it's also the bloody history of China, Korea, Phillipine and Taiwan, your lies printed in black ink will never cover the truth written in blood.

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