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Posted in: FBI probing Trump-Russia links, wiretap claims bogus See in context

When Trump has no qualms about telling obvious lies to the American people who elected him, how can anyone else be expected to ever take him at his word?

He has zero credibility and should be dismissed from office, even if his massive conflicts of interest were not sufficient reason. Time's up for this particular circus.

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Posted in: Malaysian PM rebukes N Korea, as ambassador expelled See in context

Hypocrisy - Kang don't give a Dang...

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Posted in: Trump signs new travel ban, excluding Iraq See in context

US citizens are already protected against "entry of foreign terrorists" into the United States by a very strict process of vetting for visa applicants and refugees. This seems to have worked pretty well - the risk is, of course, from domestic bred, radicalised individuals, who have access to lethal weapons thanks to the ridiculously lax gun laws in the US, which most other countries would never allow.

This totally shortsighted, populist, frankly stupid executive order goes to prove what you get when you elect a moron backed by extremist right wing provocateurs - something completely contrary to the spirit of the US constitution, which plays perfectly into the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda, giving them "proof" that the US is in a war against Islam in general, not just jihadi terrorists.

I almost cry at the stupidity of the thinking behind this measure.

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Posted in: Trump asks Congress to help find evidence Obama tapped his phones during campaign See in context

Blatant, evidence-be-damned lying once again from Trump who is absolutely unfit for office in a plainly impeachable way.

Trump attempting to undermine the authority of the CIA and the FBI in his first couple of months as president prove one thing to me. That he's profoundly stupid, not to mention entirely out of touch with reality.

Once again, stuff made up by paranoid people on the extreme right of US politics ends up as a public debate. Or then, again, perhaps Trump knows that he already has no credibility whatsoever, so he might as well try and distract from the probable fact that he's a Russian stooge for corporatist interests to further foul the swamp that they claim that they wanted to drain.

Well done rust belt - you voted for a traitor who wants to sell US interest to Russian oligarchs and in the process do the exact opposite of what you elected him to do. BAD!

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context

I don't know if they are all those things you say or not, but the common sense policy of vetting tens of thousands of people entering the country from terrorist states is simple common sense - something that Obama lacked.

Wolfpack - there was always a firm vetting procedure in place under Obama. "Common sense" is not acting in an arbitrary way and alienating the vast majority of the world's muslims who, let's not forget, are suffering far more as a result of islamist terrorism than the citizens of Western countries are.

US citizens are more likely to face terrorist threats as a consequence of this unjust ban than they would have been if the existing safeguards had continued to be applied. The threat is far greater from US citizens who have been brainwashed, not from legitimate refugees who have been very carefully vetting before entry.

"Common sense" is that the right to bear arms under the constitution (obviously only meant to apply in the revolutionary era, not the modern day) is FAR less important than maintaining the principles of liberty, democracy and equality before the law that the constitution upholds. You are freaking out about a tiny threat when every month hundreds of Americans are muderered with guns in non-terrorist crimes.

God help America


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Posted in: Cracks emerge in Trump's campaign promise on immigration See in context

Trump's responsible for so many firsts - the latest being first President completely discredited before he even takes the oath.

This is what happens when you vote for someone who will literally say anything to get elected - reality comes back to bite.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

For all of those who think that Trump will dismantle the Washington system, I think bitter disappointment lies ahead. It won't take long to see that you have elected an entirely unqualified and unsuitable person to be president - if you haven't worked that out already. Trump gives less of a toss about the poor working and middle class in the Midwest than any previous President. He's in this game for the benefit of one person and one person only...Donald J Trump.

Trump voters are useful idiots who've been royally duped. You'll get what you deserve.

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Posted in: Trump meets Obama for first time at White House See in context

I wonder if Trump would have been as magnanimous if he'd won the popular vote but lost the electoral college to Hillary?

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

The stupidest protest vote EVER. Absolutely ridiculous. Brexit doesn't even begin to compare in terms of the damage that this could do. The best we can hope for is that, if elected, Trump does nothing for 4 years but sit in the White House bragging about how he's the most powerful man in the world. Perhaps there'll be a military coup.

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Posted in: In unprecedented act, China bars 2 HK lawmakers from office See in context

The CCP are, we should never forget, unelected. They have NO legitimacy and NO popular mandate to tell anyone in the PRC what to do, let alone democratically elected respresentatives in Hong Kong.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

I suppose Trump thinks the media is also "rigged" when it's calmly pointed out that he did in fact say, on TV, something that he subsequently completely denies having said ? This has happened so many times (and even Pence has had to lie in support of Trump on this) that the fact checkers are losing count. Whatever you think about Hillary she simply hasn't done that. It's hypocrisy of the most transparent sort for Trump supporters to call Hillary a liar, and the GOP should be ashamed of itself.

Trump has proven himself to be a man whose concept of objective truth is completely misaligned with reality - how could someone like that ever be President, seriously? He shouldn't even be allowed to employ people in his business, he should be in a straightjacket in a secure facility until he is deemed safe for release.

I don't even like or support Hillary - if I was voting I would be very upset at being presented with only one choice of a candidate who could reasonably be considered as fit for office. This is way beyond politics now. It's about public safety.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

One word: evidence ?

Answer came there "none".

Trump has finally lost it completely, mentally speaking. Meltdown. This is what happens when you confront a fragile, narcissistic ego with the prospect of world headlines reading "TRUMP: LOSER".

I am genuinely worried that the only thing left is for him is to try and wring Hillary's neck on live TV on Wednesday.

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

It amazes me that anyone's shocked - what he said privately is exactly in keeping with his boorish, nasty, sexist public persona.

I always thought Trump was a candidate planted by others to destroy the Republicans. Now I'm sure.

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Posted in: Kaine attacks, Pence fights back in U.S. vice presidential debate See in context

bass4funk, if the CNN poll was conducted scientifically as was their poll after the first presidential debate - which Hillary plainly won - then it's not a matter of CNN being "partisan" is it? More a matter of them being accurate within a published margin of error. "Partisan" is voting hundreds of times for Trump in an unrepresentative "poll" online and then convincing yourself that the result has any meaning at all.

Trump made himself look even more stupid claiming he won the debate when any unbiased observer clearly says that he didn't, and the polls he cited were open to anyone. The real polls, those conducted on a balanced and representative sample of the electorate and which reflect the truth, are of no interest to a man who has built his entire campaign on misquotes, exaggeration and plain outright lies.

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

Duterte, who seems to disregard the principles of justice and rule of law which are essential to the democracy which elected him, gives the world some idea of what Trump will look like if elected. Deranged.

...except that Trump's standing for the leadership of the World's biggest economy and biggest military power.

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Posted in: Trump calls tax avoidance smart; most Americans call it selfish and unpatriotic, poll shows See in context

Let's make a distinction here: As a businessman, he is expected to minimise the corporate tax exposure of his companies, but as a very wealthy individual, most would agree that Trump's duty bound to pay income tax.

He is insulting the intelligence of the electorate by his response. He should of course release his tax returns, but he knows he'd be truly sunk if he did, because everyone would be rightfully infuriated that a man who claims to be a Billionaire (but probably isn't) pays less tax than almost anyone.

This has gone way beyond a joke. Whatever you think of her, only one candidate qualifies to be President.

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Posted in: Poll shows most disabled people in Japan dislike 'inspirational' documentaries about disability See in context

The reaction bubbles are, I suppose, included in most variety shows because they keep the collected "talento" awake and paying attention to what's going on.

Hamsters on a wheel, in a gilded cage...

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Posted in: Obama: Americans will reject Trump's 'wacky' ideas See in context

Every time Trump speaks, he lies shamelessly and continuously - his supposed opposition to the Iraq War being just the most obvious recent example. He is plainly on record as having initially supported it, undeniably, you might think. But no - lie, lie, lie.

There's NO WAY that someone with no objective grasp of the truth, no personal integity and zero credibility such as Trump should be allowed anywhere near the White House.

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Posted in: Turkey: IS has lost all territory along Syria-Turkey border See in context

These drug-fuelled IS losers are pretty good at pushing kids and unarmed civilians around, but they run away when faced by real, disciplined soldiers. The cowards deserve their forthcoming elimination, along with their joke caliphate.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

She's beautiful, and her heritage has nothing to do with her ability to represent Japan. She's 100 percent Japanese.

I have had a number of conversations with Japanese people who very well recognise the range of different features from different parts of Asia Pacific that you can see in supposedly "pure" Japanese faces - Polynesian, Korean, Chinese, even South American etc. - all of the external influences are visible if you look for them. There's no such thing as a generic Japanese face, nor ultimately a thoroughbred Japanese person, apart from the Ainu, I suppose.

I wonder if the people who would grumble about this result were refusing to cheer Mashu Baker and Aska Cambridge in the Olympics. Probably not, I'd guess...

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Posted in: Man on scooter killed in hit-and-run See in context

I am not blaming the victim in this case, but as a general observation so many scooter riders here don't bother fastening their helmets, or wear earphones while riding and ignore red lights etc., it's surprising we don't hear about more deaths. But then, this is the "safety country" isn't it?

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Posted in: Clinton Foundation donors got face time with her at State See in context

Sounds like every other famous US politician in the recent past. Anyone shocked by this must be terribly naive.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to battle on after Japan whaling court deal in U.S. See in context

Yoshitsune, I agree with you, but as examples of Japanese government wastefulness go, the ICR budget is merely scratching the surface.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to battle on after Japan whaling court deal in U.S. See in context

Cleo, I know you object to whaling, but whatever you think of their politics the actions of Sea Shepherd have been recklessly dangerous and they must be stopped.

If they want to hang around the whaling fleet and protest, shout and scream like the entitled little children they resemble, Sea Shepherd are more than welcome to do so, but to ignore the rules of safe navigation and to deliberately endanger other ships is TOTALLY unacceptable.

There are many, many much more serious environmental issues to address in the world than the Japanese sustainably killing a few minke whales from a burgeoning population, but these Sea Shepherd idiots don't really care about the potential environmental benefits of their behaviour - they are egotistical "glory-seekers" who believe that by focusing on whales they will get the greatest acclaim for their self-righteous actions.

Save the tuna, leave the whalers alone, I say. Or save the Amazon rainforest, perhaps. Sea Shepherd's fleet should be confiscated and scuttled to make an artificial reef for sea life to flourish.

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Posted in: London open all hours as night tube service launches See in context

I sincerely hope Tokyo WILL NOT follow this example. Think about it. The main reason the subway works so efficiently here is that Tokyo Metro have time do maintenance overnight.

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Posted in: Agony See in context

Japan's done really well in the wrestling - and silver's hardly an embarassment in her case...

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Posted in: In a first, Trump says he regrets painful comments See in context

Trump has told so many lies in the past, that's the problem, not so much that he's "hurt" people. The fact that he has offended people is simply a reflection of who he is - an ignorant, egotistical, racist bigot who cannot help but demonstrate it.

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Posted in: Rank me among sport's greats, says Bolt See in context

No need for false modesty, but surely there's no need for him to boast, either.

He must be pretty insecure if he thinks that journalists might not call him the greatest sprinter ever, given his record...

At least the 100m and 200m should be a bit more interesting in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Trump rips into media, not Clinton See in context

He is behind in the polls not even for what he says, but because the fact that he says these things proves that he is suffering from a personality disorder - narcissistic paranoia - which should disqualify him from any form of public office.

Commentators have lost count of the lies and distortions that he has come up with over the past few weeks - which he has then tried to pass off as "jokes" or claimed that his words have been misinterpreted. It is ridiculous that anyone, whatever their politics, can begin to take Trump's presidential bid seriously.

There are plenty of angles an opponent could use to legitimately criticise Hillary Clinton, but instead, ever the attention seeker, Trump's making himself look like a total idiot.

All Hillary has to do is shut up and let Trump keep talking himself out of the job. There cannot be enough voters in America prepared to ignore the warning signs which are so obviously evident here.

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Posted in: War cry: Trump opening acts raise eyebrows, pump up crowds See in context

Elizabeth Warren could wipe the floor with Trump in a debate on any topic, and he perfectly well knows this. She has a formidable intellect & command of serious issues which puts his childish name calling into even starker perspective.

Please do not make this charmless moron your president, my American friends.

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