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like some people have said is not a big shocker...I mean unless you live under a rock you will notice that looks do matter, disregarding that people have different taste..people tend to prefer people that in their perspective are good looking, especially in customer service jobs. That is why usually fast food places will have mostly teenagers to tweens working, and if you go into retail stores the same. The very first job I got, no previous experience was in a fast food place, and when they interviewed me they asked if I wanted to work in the front or the back and I told them I prefered to be in the back because well at the time I though it would be hard to speak to people since I am shy..well they first put me to help make burgers but the person that was supposed to teach me told the manager that she should put me in the register instead..and well I became a cashier and it wasn't so hard, and well a lot of guys would hit on me and some would even tell me that the reason they liked going there was because of all the pretty girls and we had guys too but as you could guess they were what people would consider good looking and the girls would usually want to be served by them and well although being good looking is a perk is also a bad thing because people tend to think that you don't work hard for what you get..I cannot tell you how many times I would get tips and every time i would get tips people always had bad things to say like how come she gets tips she doesn't even do anything, or oh I wonder what "extra" services she provided and stuff like that but the people that gave me the tips would tell me your working too hard you should take it easy..since most people didn't like taking out the trash, and surprisingly when I would get the majority of my tips was when I wasn't even attending the people I would just be working and some would be like come over here, here you and don't ever stop smiling, and they would tell me how they liked me because I didn't have a grumpy face like other people working there but to my co-workers it looked like I was never doing anything and I was just getting extra money and they weren't so I would get bullied by the majority of my co-workers...and same thing happened in my second job people started being mean to me once they would notice I would get tips :( even though personally I don't consider myself attactive I would take being less "attractive" so people will talk to me :/ but everyone thinks I'm stuck up

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sons, and they have many songs that are really meaningful and beautiful. So before you go bashing on them, about how they are not talented and such, don't talk unless you know them, and I mean know them, not just know about them, there is a huge difference. Another thing Akimoto writes a big majority of all 48 and 46 songs, I mean the guy is a genius, a normal person would not be able to do that, majority of people take at least a year to come back with a single or an album, and if they do they usually get it from different writers. Akimoto has done a lot for Japan, and wether people like it or not he impacted Japanese culture in general. Also Japan is known for it's uniqueness..that is one of the reasons why people find it so fascinating, just look at all the videos about Japanese pranks, even about Japanese comercials. Think about it, most countries usually do similar opening ceremonies for Olympics, you know they will pass about how their country was formed, and how it is now, but Japan has a lot of history and also a lot of innovation, and they have contributed to the whole world. I mean c'mon if it wasn't for Japan we wouldn't have anime, no Mario Bros. no Final Fantasy, no Street Fighter...I mean my parents lived in Mexico majority of their lives, and somehow my dad knows about Power Rangers and he would talk about how he would play Street Fighter in the arcades. I mea we woud not have Godzilla if it weren't for Japan, and I could go on. That is the true issue right there, Japan has too much to offer. The whole point of an opening ceremony in the olympics is for the host nation to show what the essense of their nation is about. AKB (idols in general) is a big part of Japanese society. I would think there probably would be a vocaloid(most likely hatsune miku), AKB, and maybe a rock act since Jrock is pretty succesful in and outside Japan, probably ONE OK Rock..right now they are pretty much on top, and a johnny's group, SMAP has disbanded so most likely it could be Arashi, they could also put Mizuki Nana since she is at the top of her game right now and she is not only a succesful singer but a seiyuu and is popuar worldwide, or it could be a solo artist with global recognition such as Utada Hikaru (since she is making a comeback) , or Namie Amuro. I would not count out the chance that Exile could be in the mix, like I said Japan just has too much to offer. I can assure you though, if AKB does perform I am sure that Aki-P would put a lot of thought into their performance, the have a vast selection of songs, and I can tell you, there are many songs that would appeal to non-idol lovers. One of the reasons I'm such a huge AKB fan (and other akb fans are as well) is because they don't just have bubbly songs, and even some of their bubbly songs are meaningful. Whatever they decide to do, I am sure that it be anything but dull, and something only Japan can do, at least I know it would be memorable. I mean in Rio they were talking about global warming and if you see the musical acts,they are not all acts, that whole world would like, but still they represented their country to show the world what Brazil is about. Japan would do their own thing, just as always, and some will find it amazing, other would be weirded out, and then some would be in between asking wtf Japan but mesmerized at the same time.

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