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Yup, perfect example. He came in but the rest of us still can’t.

Did he get his Residency somehow?

If you go for business as he did to promote his movie anyone can go. There is no double standard here.

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Those sweats probably cost way more than any salaryman's business suit.

People still believe money equals style...

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It's not a crime to be successful and rich, but it is morally and lawfully wrong to find your way to the top and keep the wealth that you amassed through cheating.

It oftentimes is lawful.

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A man with principles. Full BDS of the illegal Israeli apartheid state

You can disagree with the politics of the israelean government but refusing to engage with someone from a certain country is just blatant rasiscm. Like actual rasiscm. The term is used so inflationary nowadays that it almost lost its meaning but this a textbook example. Just because someone was born in a certain country doesnt mean that that person supports the actions of its government.

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Climate change evaluation is quite reliable at predicting trends

lol no it's not. Doomsters have been predicting the end of the the world and the human species due to climate change for decades. Remember: New york should be under water and the poles should be gone by now... according to the so reliable predictions.

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I love that this is considered a newsworthy story

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People go for value in a downturn"

Consolidated revenue is acutally slidely down (-0.6% yoy), which is still good considering the overall economic situation. Sales in Japan have increased but international sales are down by 7.2% (yoy). It appears that increase in profit comes largely from cutting advertisement cost.

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Japan can print its own money. Virtually every other country has its printing presses running full steam right now so inflation isn't a problem.

Review economics 101

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Too big to fail?

Not a government bailout, dummy

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Everyone is complaining about 60+'s for being responsible for the majority of incidents. But they acutally make up more than 30% of the population, so with 25% of the incidents they are underrepresented.

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stimulus measures to buoy the economy after an upcoming consumption tax hike

Cripple the economy first by raising taxes and then pump taxpayers' money back into it to absorb the negative effects of the tax increases. Create a problem and offer the solution.

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