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FruitsBasketFan comments

Posted in: Japan drafts anti-money laundering bills under pressure from global watchdog See in context

I just came back to visit Japan and now they require foreign visitors to sign a declaration form stating how much money we have and even write down passport numbers if the money is up a certain amount.

i just hope it does not become like the US where they get on my case because I withdraw 2 or 3 grand whenever I travel overseas: much below the $10,000 reporting limit.

Banks are changing g the rules without officially telling us.

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Posted in: Clinton calls on Scotland to stay in UK See in context

Tha is because the UK and US are buddies when it comes to surveillance (spying) so obviously the US wants a United Kingdom compared to a divided kingdo to work with even if some if that surveillance is illegal.

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Posted in: 9/11 museum opens in New York See in context

I wonder if it is required to sign up online in advance like the 911 memorial site.

It was jokingly said that it was required to sign up in order to look into your personal details. Never mind that they already have security over there to prevent another terrorist attack.

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Posted in: British preacher Abu Hamza guilty on U.S. terror charges See in context

I only say this because had this guy been American, he would most likely been tried on American courts and the government would take a keen interest on this.

Britain however, does not seem to do so. It has taken a lazy approach by getting them out of the hands and not using their own tax dollars to try their own citizens and expects a foreign government (US) to spend its tax dollars for a foreigner.

That to me, bothers me as a tax payer.

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Posted in: British preacher Abu Hamza guilty on U.S. terror charges See in context

This does not make sense.

I think he deserves the sentence he got, do not get me wrong...but why did the British hand him over to the US when he was arrested by the British?

He should have been tried by the British courts!

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Posted in: Hospitals: UK vs Japan - Length of stay, language, birth, kids and pain relief See in context

The UK system is better than the US, but at least Japan gives you more rest.

And what it with Brits moaning about EU citizens receiving care on the hospitals when Brits are as to do so in other EU countries?

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Posted in: Cameron criticized for saying Britain is Christian country See in context

I find it ironic how the US does not have an official religion, yet our politicians mention God in work way too many times and are much more religious while the Brits are neutral with religion despite having a state religion: Church of England.

Nevertheless, Cameron is a moron.

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Posted in: Israel stops Palestinian prisoner release, frustrating Kerry See in context

I think the US should stop associating itself with Israel.

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Posted in: New Zealand tops social progress index See in context

Good for Bew Zealand.

How is France behind the US? With the exception of Paris, French take privacy and social assistance more seriously than either the UK and US.

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Posted in: Hague Treaty on child abductions goes into effect in Japan See in context

Sounds good in paper...but in practice: "gaijin parent is dangerous"

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Posted in: Gay marriage becomes legal in England and Wales See in context

What about Scotland and Northern Ireland?

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Posted in: Price hike See in context

That extra 3% is hardly notorious in my eyes.....

South Korea's sales tax is 10%.

Most of Europe has a 17-20% tax rate.

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Posted in: Turkey moves to block YouTube but attempt fails See in context

Turkey banned msn when I visited over there in March 2012.

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Posted in: Shoppers splurge ahead of sales tax increase See in context

That is a tax hike????


Do not make me laugh!!!!

Try paying 20% tax on goods (except grocery and children clothes).

My God, Japanese have it so lovely.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama in China for week-long tour See in context

Get you facts straight!

She cannot use tax paying money to shop!

She is doing her role as First Lady meeting with the Chinese president wife on softer relations!

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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

I believe the Japanese in the country side can be genuinely happy and laid back.....it is just those who live in the major cities or highly populated areas where they can be very cold.

Of course, this is just based when I visited over there and they mistook me as a "hafu".

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Posted in: 6 things Japanese expats miss most about Japan See in context

I miss being allowed to carry cash and not being hold suspicion of doing anything illegal with it like most Western countries.

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Posted in: U.S., European sanctions target Putin's inner circle See in context

Welfare programs are hardly generous in the states.

But I only slightly agree with amending the solely born on soil citizenship law which requires at least one parent to be a legal resident before the child can be considered an American.

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Posted in: Plight of minority youths in U.S. an 'outrage': Obama See in context

Lack of discipline?

Asians are a much smaller minority than Latinos and Bkacks so you are not going to see more bad seeds.

Anyonr is capable of becoming one, blacks and latinos are more likely to be pior due to backward ass drug laws (mere possesion of marijuana leads to years of unnecessary orison time) and people having a negative view of minorities.

Racism has not left the states, otherwise, you would not have fox news questioning Obama's birth place and portraying Latinos as job stealers despite taking the jobs which non-Hispanic whites will not do.

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Posted in: Mexico hunts for No. 2 after netting cartel boss See in context

I felt safer in Mexico outside the big cities.

My family and I visit the smaller towns and central Mexico more often.

It is a shame that my other American friends only visit Cancun and resorts, only.

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Posted in: U.S. drug policy fuels push for legal pot worldwide See in context

I really do not get where people get the idea that only Mexicans and South Americans are addicted to the drug.

For one thing, there are Mexicans and South Americans who are white (hell, there are even a few South American countries which are dominately white).

And another thing, it is not just them who are addicted to the stuff (see European countries). They just happen to be the suppliers due to harder economic mobility over there and thus want to make a quick buck, but not everyone is overly thrill over the drug.

My family is from Mexico and a small village where the majority of the people either not very interested or hardly touch the stuff.

And third of all, I am all full decriminalization just so the black market takes a hit and possibly weaken the organized crime with weed.

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Posted in: Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol See in context

I want marijuana to be decriminalized so that stoners can come out of hiding and give Fox News and conservative whites a huge shock that whites are just as likely to be stoners, as well.

They are just never racially profiled when it comes to this type of thing.

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Posted in: Russia's ban on adoptions by Americans holds firm See in context

Reading the comments here seems to be endorsing racial selection for adoption.....

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court doubtful on abortion buffer zone law See in context

Oh, please!

Buffer zones do not prevent free speech. It prevents hostile protesters from verbally abusing patients and protecting their right of privacy!

Even my parents who are anti-abortion find those protestors scum because they make the women feel even shittier despite going through an unwanted pregnancy which they cannot afford and the stingy welfare programs will not give much financial aid to help them.

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Posted in: Beat the heat See in context

I see that the woman is afraid to receive a tan and prefer to look like a ghost.

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Posted in: Obamacare signs up 2.2 million; 24% young adults See in context

Why is it that we are listening to Boehner again?

I signed up and the offer is much generous than our previoius nsurance and with subsidies I pay only about $40 dollars a month and I even recrive help paying for my deductible.

It is clearly not what Boehner is describing.

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Posted in: Mexico urges anti-drug gang vigilantes to disarm See in context

Most of Mexico is safe away from the borders and Cancun.

I visit Mexico every year in the middle and I feel much safer walking at night then in the US.

Of course if you are female, make sure not to hitchhike or ignore cat calls.

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Posted in: Colorado to launch 'don't drive stoned' ads See in context

Yeah, just like drunk driving but no one is trying to claim to make it illegal again!

Ends "sarcasm"

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Posted in: French magazine reveals Hollande having affair with actress See in context

What does it matter what a leader does in his private life, so long as it is not illegal?

I think he sucks for a leader of France, but I am not going to hold his affair against him.....

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Posted in: Obama back from Hawaii holiday to face sea of troubles See in context

I swear!

Why whenever the Obama's go on vacation while Congress is on holiday break people make it seem like a bad thing?

They are well off who just happen to have a holiday home in Hawaii (Obama was even born there)!

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