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Yes, realdoll. You are correct that this money is earmarked for specific programs. We pay all of our lives into the Social Security fund, which is supposed to be a retirement fund for those who have paid into it. Supposedly, the government keeps the money safe for us as a retirement program so that we will have it later in life. The problem is that the government has spent our Social Security money on entitlements that were not supposed to come from that pot. There is a large percentage of the population who have never worked and never paid into Social Security who are receiving the money as "Social Security Disability". Our society is now over-diagnosed, over-prescribed, and over-medicated, largely driven by insurance companies that pay high reimbursements for specific diagnoses & pharmaceutical companies that pay high rewards to physicians for prescribing medications... it is now very easy to get a disability diagnosis and government approval to live off the government instead of going to work. Unfortunately, this is more economically appealing to a lot of families because it keeps them at home with their children, and if they go to work, their minimum wage jobs won't be enough to cover the cost of child-care. Additionally, living on the government guarantees free health-care, which is very expensive for people with jobs. So a lot of families (especially single parents) feel that they have no choice but to take SSI instead of the minimum wage job. We have a system that is crippling our lower class and keeping them down & dependent, many times against their wishes. The lawmakers who are handing them this assistance are well-meaning and trying to help, but they're up in Washington and haven't worked in the trenches as a social worker in the Deep South like I have. They have no idea the real magnitude of the problem. They don't look it in the eye everyday like I do. They haven't learned the meaning of: "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life." By the time I retire, the U.S. does not expect to have any money left for me in Social Security.

To Jeffydiver: I am very sorry for the reckless actions of my country and for how these actions affect others. Most Americans don't even realize that we have so much influence on the other economies throughout the world.

To all of you: Congratulations on the soccer game. We are sending prayers for healing in Japan <3

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