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Posted in: U.S. congressman Weiner resigns in wake of sex photos scandal See in context

Weiner shrinks from telling whole story

Weiner pulls out and a nation sighs in relief

Weiner stranglehold on nation's news reaches climax

Weiner calls it quits says publicity is hurting performance

Weiner’s Constituents Polled: Stay In, They Say

Limbaugh: Weiner controversy hard to swallow

and finally.. Nation now turns its attention to Boehner

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Posted in: Jenny Periman sparkles in NHK's 'Eigo de Asobo' See in context

My kids love the show, and my daughter always dances with Jenny. I don't let them watch too much TV but they do like this one. Thanks Jenny!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for growing hemp in Tokyo park See in context

Zenny, don't forget the influence of the paper and logging industry in outlawinging Hemp (He who printed the newspaper also sold the trees), MJ was just a scapegoat reason.

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Posted in: Beautiful flower See in context

cool photo, I want this to go to everyone who complains about any of the hardsips they have, how can you complain about the hope in this picture!

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Posted in: What is the best way for civilians in areas not affected by the quake and tsunami to help with the relief effort? See in context

The "Sendai Refuge Center", it is the converted city hall, 2 floors of medical care and 2 floors of housing (over 1,000 people). According to the city council they need. Bottled Water Food (Please make sure all items are non-perishable) All Types of Clothing from Infants to Older Generation (New or Used) (Sendai is also in an area that the weather is very cold) Coats/ Jackets (New or Used) Shoes (New or Used) Blankets and/or Linens

Check with your local city hall ( as others have said) to get your donations up there.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force awards $35 bil airborne refueling tanker contract to Boeing See in context

I am really sure both sides were shady in trying to get the contract as were the goverment reps for their respective states. Lots of bribes and lobbyists around for that stuff. If in the end the cost from Boeing is cheaper, I think that might just be the right call, in almost every catagory you can point a finger and have an opinion, but cost is solid.

Now... let's see how much they go over budget due to an under-bid.

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