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FtGuy2017 comments

Posted in: Inflation pain to continue for Japan consumers in new fiscal year See in context

Of course, prices are up when you duplicate your money out of thin air.

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Posted in: Japan had weak basis for ordering 882 mil COVID vaccine doses: audit See in context

Millions of vaccines were being disposed, Japan can print money so it's no problem.

Where do you think this inflation is coming from?

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Posted in: Authoritarian regimes are challenging regional stability in various parts of the world. What's your view on this? See in context

New authoritarian regimes from the WEST are emerging or, rather would say, are not hiding anymore their agenda since their technology can control the narrative and are now oppressing their populations that is the new paradigm.

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Posted in: G7 to push for tighter cryptocurrency regulations See in context

Again G7 making their territories less and less appealing at every meeting and the pathetic attempts to blame crypto for their incompetent Ponzi-broken bank system, like blaming the war for their print-them-all banknotes inflation.

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Posted in: How AI 'revolution' is shaking up journalism See in context

Using chatGPT is nothing different than asking Google/blogs/comments to write your news, where do you think chatGPT is grabbing its neural network database? Post enough garbage on the net like "red is not different than blue" and chatGPT will simply believe it and repeat it, it has no means to know what is right or wrong, even the thumb down/up feedback can be manipulated by trolls.


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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

Yes, using cash will keep your freedom and privacy..."yours".

Not your bank= not your money, same as crypto : not your keys = not your crypto.

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Posted in: Anthony Fauci documentary on PBS covers a career of crises See in context

Of course, he lied, he should be behind bars :


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Posted in: Japan set to release treated water off Fukushima this spring or summer See in context

Roy SophveasonToday  11:08 am JST

Fun fact: That's about 2.4 grams of tritium.

It is fun only for you.

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Posted in: Fox News grapples with revelations in defamation case See in context

 This past week, Tucker Carlson devoted his show to seeking to downplay the violence of Trump's supporters during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, with footage presented as exclusive.

The security video cameras revealed on the show are showing everything that happened on Jan 6th and it is different from the narrative, not downplaying but...exposing lies.

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Posted in: Japan set to release treated water off Fukushima this spring or summer See in context

Everything about the ALPS is here


The total volume of the ALPS treated water* and the strontium removed water that is waiting for the purification treatment by ALPS is, as of October 31, 2019, about 1.17 million m3 , and the amount and concentration of tritium are, on average, about 856 TBq (TBq = Terabecquerel) and about 0.73 MBq/L (MBq = Megabecquerel) respectively

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Posted in: China condemns Japanese plan to release Fukushima water See in context

Who cares if it is CHINA or whatever country complaining about it, the point is about dumping radioactive water which is bad period. Can't blame people for focusing on CHINA because the article is written in such of way, to divert from the main topic. I find the demand "demanding that Tokyo first receive the approval of neighboring countries." to be fair and respectful, I will also include also the local resident and fishermen.

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Posted in: Machine magic or art menace? Japan's first AI manga See in context

The image drawn by the AI is 1 chosen from the wide space of all possible images, for example, if you think about it, an image 256x256 pixels has a huge but "LIMITED" number of pixels combinations, we think we can take an unlimited number of pictures with a camera at 256x256, there is everything possible we can imaging in that 256x256, a picture of the new car never imagined yet, the numbers of the tomorrow LOTO, the face of everybody, etc... but still, it is not infinite because of the quantization 256x256, pretty mind-blowing stuff. If one day we could learn how to move from 1 picture to another so it does follow the time flow, we will be able to see the future. Anyway, right now the way they do, they trained a neural network from moving from a 5% degraded image to the original perfect image, then they fill up the entire image with random pixels and apply that neural network in series until something is converging, controlled by the input context.

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Posted in: 86% fear Japan could be involved in war as tensions mount See in context

Can't blame people to fear Japan will be the next Ukraine in a future China proxy war, the current US administration has been doing everything in that direction.

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Posted in: Japan's population is heading straight down. A nosedive means children being born now will be thrown into a society that becomes distorted, shrinks and loses its ability to function. See in context

Apparently, saying one thing and doing the opposite, if the population is declining, why is the govt pushing the narrative of overpopulation in Japan and financing with tax money companies for making/selling products/bread and cookies including insect/crickets powder instead of regular flour because apparently "we don't have enough for everybody"? Exactly like the EU council at the same moment, same people, the same consulting companies, same global politics.


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Posted in: Ex-PMs of UK, Australia, Belgium urge tough action on China See in context

Truss also called for the use of economic power “for the good of freedom and democracy” and urged the Group of Seven nations and their allies to act as an economic version of NATO.

That kind of NATO that destroy each others' pipelines in order to serve the interests of their corporates while putting their citizen in despair? No thank you!

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

Politicians don't care about kids however they realized they will need new taxpayers and workers so they are now "farming", like many said, the quality of life is making the birthrate, govt should print money as needed for giving good jobs to everybody and good salaries then destroy money when receiving taxes to avoid inflation.

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Posted in: Britcoin? UK gets closer to launching a digital currency See in context

Decentralized blockchain yes by all means of course but this is not what is introduced here, it will be central banks centralized so Imagine a world where your govt will track all your spending and have a track record from the genesis block and so data mine what everybody, a world where your money could have an expiration date, a world where if you are not a good citizen and do not abide your account will be frozen by a push of a button, here comes the central bank's digital currency.

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Posted in: SoftBank Group reports surprise third-quarter ¥783 bil loss See in context

"We could make a lot of money if we knew when (share prices) will recover, but honestly, we don't know," Goto said.

Of course, I guess everybody would do the same, it is called the crystal ball strategy LOL

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan changing ingredients in Chicken McNuggets See in context

Are they not preparing for such of ingredient replacement actually...pushed by guess who?


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Posted in: Vaccine misinformation spawns 'pure blood' movement See in context

As long as we have an unvaccinated group, we will be able to study and compare.

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Posted in: Ukraine urges Australian Open to ban Djokovic's father from attending See in context

Fascist regimes must be in an extreme panic that they now have to ban visitors for showing up with their own flag during a sporting event thinking this will cancel their presence, besides, does not Ukraine govt have a major corruption problem to resolve before acting as the ultimate morality god of the world?

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Posted in: UK gov't seeks stronger powers to stop disruptive protests See in context

Someone said that you have to fight for your rights, western democracies are obviously full speed on repression and suppression of rights.

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Posted in: China officially reports first COVID deaths in weeks as virus wave swells See in context

And If not enough, this one will finish the job once it will "escape" labs one more time...


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Posted in: Pandemic treaty plans thrashed out at WHO See in context

WHO should be renamed Bill & Melinda Health Corp or be independent by cutting finance from any Medical Lobbying Group.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation currently funds just over 12% of the World Health Organization’s operations, making it the second biggest donor to the WHO after the U.S. If the United States permanently withdraws funding, the foundation would become the largest single donor. The Gavi Alliance, a public-private partnership that supports vaccine development, is the WHO's next-largest donor, just ahead of the U.K. The Gates Foundation has given Gavi $4 billion since launching it in 1999.

In 2014 the WHO's then-director general, Dr. Margaret Chan, acknowledged that “my budget is highly earmarked, so it is driven by what I call donor interests.” However, the WHO is formally controlled under a UN charter by the World Health Assembly, composed of delegates from sovereign nations, who pay assessments and elect the director general.

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Posted in: Japan lifts ban on automated drone flights over residential areas See in context


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Posted in: Japan lifts ban on automated drone flights over residential areas See in context

As an added bonus, that same drone can alert the authorities if you're on your balcony in violation of lockdown orders.

Like they do in China.

Not only China, France too used drones to chase people violating the lockdown.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs ¥21 trillion supplementary budget See in context

The printer goes Brrrrr = money loses value = inflation takes off to the moon = the same pattern as the BCE.

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Posted in: How climate change affects health See in context

Grow more trees and greens plants all over the planet and let nature do the job, Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen and energy in the form of sugar, guess we need oxygen right? So we need co2!

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

I am questioning the ethic here to post news without verifying the fact, then totally replace it with something else without any mention.

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