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Until now, we use to know the segregation by the color of your skin (sorry that bus/plane/restaurant is for white people only) and humanity fought against this because you cannot change the color of your skin but some are now proposing to install an official similar segregation by the vaccine, based on if you have or not injected in your blood stream a company branded product with no studies on long term effect and on which the company behind the product refused to take any responsibility in case of trouble?This time we have choice so I can't understand how people can applaud such of proposition, it seems good only to the one who is having a financial/monetary benefit of it.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

Let's open the Pandora Box of the State knowing everything about you and your vaccine and build that database, today for traveling, tomorrow for having a bank account, a job, going to a restaurant, taking public transports, health Insurance and so on and that decision is motivated by what exactly? Oh wai, pressure Lobby (guess we do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to have an idea who's money is behind this and who will benefit of it) and EU agencies which are probably the most corrupted when it came to health and the most ready to take out your freedom.

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@viruxrex "ridiculous conspiracy theories" ? I strongly believe researchers are doing a amazing work but there is also real fact about attempts to eliminate some treatment and since you seem familiar with that matter, can you please explain to the audience The Lancet Gate in details ? Btw, are you working indirectly on a payroll of one of those big pharma companies? Would be nice to to know about your conflict of interest regarding your post in here.

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Since there is no yet a certitude that being vaccinated makes you safe to the others, you may still be carrying the virus for the authorities ruled by their "0 infection Health State" paradigm...if vaccinated people were expected to be treated differently and having a free pass to fly everywhere they will be quite disappointed.

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