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It didn't come from Trump, it came from congress with strong support

"A bipartisan group of United States Senators and Congress"

Obama would never have signed it, there's only one president in 4 decades to stand up to China.

I like how all these democrats are screaming bloody murder that Trump is the most corrupt president ever...

Really....? I remember a few years ago when George Dubya (who couldn't have did it without support of -- You guessed it Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi) Started an ILLEGAL war by attacking & invading a country for oil... 500k people killed... People are still still dying today.... What a mess!!!

You're crazy....!

Trump's talking about pulling troops out -- all over the world! -- Peace!!

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Why are the police investigating...? Bullying Seriously..?

There's something else here right...? Like he was forced at gunpoint to take his own life..? Poisoned..? Pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming train right...?

Someone takes their own life, they have serious problems, they need psychological help...

It's terrible for anyone to take their own life, but unless there was a crime committed, the police have no standing... After the coroner rules the death a suicide, the police need to start working REAL crimes, like organized crime, and bribery, corruption within its own department... ect, ect, ect.... plenty of other real crimes to work..

Unless they're following up on a lead that this death was a homicide, time to close this case... Move on...

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Every time I hear someone (Usually a JT regular) say how racist the U.S. is.....

At least WE have LAWS that make it ILLEGAL to discriminate....

The one item SCAP unintentionally left out of the draft JP constitution... Equal rights regardless of race.

Shame on us...

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Really its not a bad idea, but who is going to pay for separation of the trash, that many times is mixed? it used to be all done by Volunteers but many of them were retired and elderly which have dwindled away? hmm. What about the costs associated for extra pickups, where is that funding coming from to pay for additional employees on an already labor shortage country, maintenance costs, fuel, scheduling etc? Now with the increase in tax, who can afford it?

It's called "Residence Tax," unlike most countries, cities municipalities where you actually need to own property before being taxed, in Japan all you need to do is live there...

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