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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving body of dead mother in house for 6 months See in context

@Norcalmike <---- i dont know about that, im not trying to bash you or anything

ive kinda noticed these stories tend to be written to sound more bizarre than they really are

is it that different from the kid in middle america who stabbed and smashed his friends head in then left her body under his bead for a week. while he slept in it?

or that guy from texas who raped and murdered numerous boys and just buried the bodies under his house for years?

innocent until proven guilty i say. this guy could have been a total mommas boy. had some mental problems. saw his mom dead and tried to pretend it didnt happen by ignoring the situation.

i dont know the area, but 6 months does seem way too long. me and my neighbors live practically on top of each other, so if you dont take out your garbage you notice

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Posted in: Man arrested after applying for driver's license renewal while drunk See in context

200 meters? its pretty obvious he pissed off the cops, and they let him drive off just so they could roll him a couple blocks away.

one thing any cop hates the most is being lied to.

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Posted in: Glamorous mama-to-be Anna Tsuchiya hopes for 'carnivore,' not 'herbivore' See in context


"dude hard gay was definitely carnivorous."


anyway Anna looks totally different here

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Posted in: Kodak sues Apple, RIM over digital camera patents See in context



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Posted in: Okayama boy dead after shooting himself with police pistol See in context

you cant be sure it was bullying (even though it probably did have a part)

this kids situation sounded odd to begin with. he's just a kid living in a dorm, his "real" home was a sub station. dad was a cop who didn't seem to be involved. who was he going to turn to?

i don't even think the gun was an issue. if he wanted to kill himself he would've found a way.

poor kid

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Posted in: Singer Maki Goto's mother dies after falling from 3rd floor window See in context

wow how bizarre....

not a accident in my opinion.... but a tragedy none the less

i hope the Goto family stays strong. Japanese society can be rough, foreigner or not.

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Posted in: Fourth 'Pirates' to be filmed in Hawaii See in context

pirates has turned into the whole matrix thing for me. i cant even tell them apart at this point.

they're not gonna please everyone and theres always gonna be the nit pickers, but ultimately they are good movies.

i wont be first in line

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