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Posted in: How would you rate Narita airport when compared to other major airports around the world? See in context

The location of it is ridiculously inconvenient.

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Posted in: What behavior by train passengers bugs you the most? See in context

I know that its been said before, but what bugs me the most are the people who don't even have the common decent courtesy to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.

There was one particular incident where I was standing on the train just minding my own when a guy next to me just let out a gigantic sneeze of course without covering his mouth and nose. His spit and mucus actually landed directly on my face and arms. I looked directly at him and gave him a disgusted look but he just went about his business as if nothing really happened. Honestly, can people really be that stupid/ignorant to not cover their mouth/nose when they cough or sneeze?

It also bothers me when I see a somebody wipe their runny nose with their hand and then grab the ring. Totally disgusting!

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