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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

Such a lucky country Japan that this breaking news catch the headlines...

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Posted in: Israel orders evacuations as it widens offensive but Palestinians are running out of places to go See in context

HamasISISIS and is the only to blame for this situation.

have you seen or heard about what Hamas did on October 7th? The murders. The rapes. Beheading babies. Shooting women, children, elderly and every person who stood in their way.

do you know there are still more than 130 civilians kept hostage in Gaza by HamasISISIS? Among these hostages, kids, elders, women and people who were just celebrating peace at the Nova festival on October 7th

did you hear the horrific stories from the hostages that came back home? How HamasISISIS made children to watch the videos from their body cams from October 7th? Showing them how they murdered, burnt and raped their families and neighbors? If the children had the courage to cry while watching these videos, HamasISISIS pointed a gun at them to be quiet.

did you know all that??!

educate yourself before blaming Israel for taking upon itself a world wide mission to eliminate these Nazis!

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resume after weeklong truce with Hamas ends See in context

HamasisISIS and is responsible for every single Palestinian that dies.

Israel must eliminate Hamas and return all hostages now!

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes level apartments in Gaza refugee camp, as ground troops battle Hamas militants See in context

this is the cost Hamas has to pay until give up or eliminated. No other way.

IDF is not only giving Gaza’s civilians warnings of at least 24 hours in advance, they also set up hospitals and places for them to stay safe. Show me one more army in the world that is treating its enemy with respect and compassion like that.

hamas should be eliminated

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Posted in: Japan announces sanctions on Hamas-related individuals, company See in context

Well done Japan. This is how you treat terror group supporters!!

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes surge in Gaza, killing dozens at a time in destroyed homes, witnesses say See in context

It’s war time. Israel is fighting ISIS.

Israel is being bombarded by missiles from everywhere and they don’t care if they fall on civilians.

israel protects itself!

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes surge in Gaza, killing dozens at a time in destroyed homes, witnesses say See in context

One organization to blame for all this. It’s called Hamas!

Hamas is ISIS

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Posted in: Protest near Israeli embassy See in context

Small mistake guys...the attack is not on Gaza. It's on Hamas.

Poor Palestinians who are kept hostage by Hamas are waiting for Israel to finally save them from the worst leadership they ever had. Leadership (Hamas) who is a Terror group who cares only about themselves and not about the 2 million people who live in Gaza in poverty and fear.

Hamas has slaughtered more than 1300 people in Israel on October 7th. 80% are civilians - Children, Women, Elderly! To all commentators here, think twice before you run and protect Palestinians. They are actually looking forward to Israel saving them from Hamas.

Good luck Israel with releasing the hostages. Next step is to remove Hamas and then have peace with Palestine.

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Posted in: Palestinians scramble for safety as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza Strip to punish Hamas See in context

Poor Palestinians that their government Hamas is using them as human shields after they raped and murdered civilians in Israel

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Posted in: Hot walk See in context

Looks like the fire is sideways and he’s safe

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Posted in: Combating antisemitism today: Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok See in context

A very important topic and should be brought up and fought constantly. There’s no place for racism from any type or kind and antisemitism has shown us the darkest side of it. 6 million Jews were sent by trains to their death! How can anyone here even question the validity of this topic?? By doing that, you open a very dangerous door and make it legitimate to happen to any race, nationality or group of people. Including yours.

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Posted in: Luxury giant LVMH sales, profit hit new highs See in context

Probably selling more online. Cross border became so easy these days with tools like Global-e. Well done

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Posted in: Watch where you're going See in context

He’s only taking a picture of her, no?

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Posted in: Cybersecurity startup founder reveals secrets of success See in context

Great security tool. I use it every time I log in my bank account. Better than these numbers I can’t read

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Posted in: Champions League matchups: Liverpool, Man City defend leads See in context

Madrid - Liverpool finals with Madrid winning Man City 3-1 on Wednesday night

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Posted in: Brand names See in context

What did they talk about?

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Posted in: World's oldest person dies in Japan at 119 See in context

Apparently solving math problems extending life. I know what to answer my son when he next asks me why the hell he needs to study math!

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Posted in: Iniesta in relegation mire as Spanish legend's Japan move turns sour See in context

Great player and human being. As a Real Madrid fan I miss him at the La Liga

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Posted in: Tokyo police post tweet to put people’s minds at ease, but creep them out with weird illustration See in context

Easier and would be better to just cover their faces with masks which would be closer to reality anyway..

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Posted in: Japan to cut quarantine days for COVID close contacts to 7 from 10 See in context

Now cut it to 5 days like everywhere else

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Posted in: Kusama exhibit in Israel See in context

Amazing! Glad to see the warm relationship between Japan and Israel at all levels

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Posted in: Fujitsu, Israel's Autofleet embark on global strategic cooperation See in context

Sugoi Israel such a small country with great talent and innovation!

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Posted in: Hello Haneda See in context

They look fresh after 5 hours flight and 4 hours going through procedures at the airport

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Good to see that things are getting back to normal.

Japan 1 - Corona 0!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 153 See in context

Japan 1 - Corona 0

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

She’s a real saint! Or bored..or both

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Posted in: Don Quijote asks couples to refrain from breaking up in its Osaka store See in context

What if the couple is arguing and then making up..? Is that legit? I guess employees need to stand by for results before they act! LOL

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

Didn’t feel it till my wife woke me up with a strong elbow to my ribs

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Posted in: Judo champs See in context

Way to go girls! Well done Gefen Primo from Israel!! We are proud of you

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Posted in: S Korean designer creates 'Third Eye' for 'smartphone zombies' See in context

There should be a rule that prohibits walking and holding a phone. Just like driving rules.

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