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Posted in: Gov't announces ban on parking bicycles around Tokyo Station See in context


No, there is not a link. I work in Marunochi, tt's same bikes everyday. In defense of the office workers that commute via bicycle, there isn't much parking in the offices here. It is first come, for serve basis.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

Because Japan revolves around eikaiwa teachers...

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Posted in: Japanese version of 'Saturday Night Live' to debut in June See in context

Japanese "To Catch A Predator" would be awesome!

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Posted in: What would you say are the main differences between the way the Japanese and foreign media are covering the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and the ongoing nuclear crisis? See in context

All I have to say is one thing: Fox News (American) said there was a nuclear power plant in SHIBUYA (Shibuya Eggman). How in the heck did I miss that for all of these years.

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Posted in: Noose tightens around WikiLeaks' Assange See in context

...Serious and Organized Crime Agency...

Really, is that the best name they could come up with?

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Posted in: Why are girl bands and glamour groups like AKB48, SKE48, Morning Musume and Miniskirt Police so popular in Japan? See in context

Most of the band names sound like cleaning compunds or chemical weapons.

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Posted in: Hamasaki achieves dream of appearing alongside canine father in Softbank ads See in context

I saw that CM last night, did she get more surgery?

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

-Closer -Ecks vs. Sever -Any thing on MST3k -Tsukiyaki Western Django

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Posted in: Do you believe that Al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11 See in context

Governments (of any country) can barely coordinate simple day-to-day tasks. What makes you think they could pull this off?

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Posted in: What can be done to lower the number of deaths from heatstroke? See in context

Drink water and stay inside, next question.

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Posted in: China overtakes Japan in 2nd quarter as world's No. 2 economy See in context

It's very easy to build a huge economy when you only pay workers for 50% of the hours they work.

LOL you imply as if Japanese workers are actually doing work during overtime. Unlike western office workers who put in their utmost effort during the first 8 hours of the working day, their Japanese counterparts are lazier.

Yes, standing around the water cooler talking about celebrities and watching a cat play piano on Youtube is utmost effort. It depends on the individual worker, not which hemisphere they are in.

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Posted in: Japanese version of 'Ghost' to be made See in context

Saw this on TV. Looked like cheap dorama crap.

It hasn't come out yet, how did you see it?

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Posted in: US braces for blowback over Afghan war disclosures See in context

"Congress that one of the nation’s longest conflicts"

It is the longest war in American history.

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Posted in: ANA to launch 5 international routes from Haneda See in context

Finally... Now how long until they can get rid of Narita.

Um, Narita was built to relieve Haneda, not the other way around.

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Posted in: Should vuvuzelas be banned for the rest of the World Cup soccer games? See in context


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Posted in: What do you think of the iPad? See in context

Some guy brought one into a club to...I guess impress everyone. I wasn't impressed, I'll stick to a netbook.

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

Hiroshi Matsukawa is my hero.

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Posted in: What do you think Yukio Hatoyama's legacy as prime minister will be? See in context

two words "EPIC FAIL" or "Ugly shirt"

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Posted in: Police recapture escaped peacock See in context

...the articles are just writing the jokes for themselves at this point.

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Posted in: How safe do you think Japanese society is, compared to other countries? See in context

Second to none, I don't have to worry about someone trying to kill me over my material possessions.

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