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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Pretty much anything can 'spark outrage' amongst Twitter users. Not say this campaign doesn't deserve it tho.

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Posted in: Wild boar runs rampant inside Kyoto hotel See in context

A show on NHK recently talked about how the govt is trying to attract more women to hunting. This is why. Also, another documentary was about this old Japanese guy who's been living off wild board, deer, and bear meet up in Hokkaido, for something like the last 60 years.

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Posted in: Into the Wilds of Central Japan See in context

Ha, troll a book by the cover, much? I'm half way done, and its pretty much the opposite of what jcapan and TorafusuTorasan comment's suggest. It's free I think, so...maybe try reading it?

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Posted in: One man stabbed to death, another wounded at BBQ See in context

Safe place for sure, but when someone goes off the rails, they really go off the rails.

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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

Looks ok, but reads like the name of an 80's pop band.

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Posted in: 'Alien' director Ridley Scott 'heads for wider universe' in latest edition See in context

Looking forward to seeing this. Won't be quite the same as the first few originals, but still...it's gonna kill.

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