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@Hiro: "Japan move(sic) slowly. Actually Asia is pretty much like this. Look at our neighbors."

Let's start with what BBC WAS asking on "2016/05/20 — With a record percentage of women legislators at 38%, could Taiwan be leading the way or female politicians in Asia?"

Don't you read other English media that have been throwing praises for that island nation? It is the most democratic nation in Asia as BBC News for one reported "Taiwan, the place to be a woman in politics." Or anywhere else as Dr. Lisa SU demonstratively  performs in California, Advanced Micro Devices.

In May, 2020, another Asian nation elected 57 women in the 300-seat National Assembly. Not Myanmar, but BTS-army nation. Hiro seems to be oblivious to what Japanese-language media are disputing women's underpresentation in society. That's why a statement like "Rushing it doesn't help but instead create more chaos," flourishes here. Yes indeed, "the major root problem is also because of the education system."

France and the UK universities produces more women medical doctors every year than men. ECB, IMF, and the World Bank have many women leaders. No wonder Japan is annually in an intimate proximity with a dictatorial nation of the peninsula, in women's social ranking by the UN, International Parliamentary Union, or the World Economic Forum. And remember how much worse Japan treats women who have raised their voices for maltreatment. One of them had to relocate to Dusseldorf, another to London. China now looks less brutal as far as Peng Shuai is concerned. Please read what Japan is talked about and keep up with the rest of the world to save her national standing from disgrace.

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RE: Blue

Many thanks for having pointed to the 90 trillion-yen estimate of the foregone revenues. This underscores how overworked GTFO writers are due to overpaid administrators whose concerns are Kasumigaseki. Just trace their history. This reader, all the more, admire Mark Twain who was proud of the Associated Press. Unlike indo-European languages, based on 3 digits, Asian languages are based on 4-digit rounding: Man_Yen, Hyakuman_yen, Cho_yen; one of many inefficient factors, including keigo minefields, that coninue to afflict the local economy for the 3 decades. People care little about productivity, but crazy about keigo or period-names like Heisei or Reiwa. Koreans ditched Chinese numericals long ago.

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ZvonkoJonathan: I feel sorry for what you have felt.

I am more mortified for the "so-called bail" jumper who had turned down a job offer from an American company. Ford had felt little appetite, unlike GM, for tax money in 2009 but had to issue junk bond of $8 billion last April. Carlos could have played a much bigger role in turning their EV technology into a money-making machine. Nissan executives, merciless back-stabbers, owe him a lot to the booming market in China and EV technology that he had laboriously engineered. Without his leadership, their grapes will eventually have to turn sour. Nobody will shed tears any more than for executives of Olympus, Toshiba and numerous other kin-minded corporations. Recalling the sprits of Jigoro Kano, Judo founder, I truly am sorry.

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P. Smith,

Thanks for shedding light on an unequivacally evident truth in Japan now as epitomized by and seen in PM Suga and his former bosses.

Korean, Hongkongnese and Taiwanese counterparts, on the other hand, spend hours practicing composition skills for their test-taking not limited to language subjects. No wonder Japanese youth are no match against young neighbors who are trained in developing logics that ought be stimulated while hot. They will lator be unable to utter a second or third sentence any more than Donald Trump has been. Only oratorical single phrases are repeated for the comfort of themselves.

Youngsters deserve a better chance of grading in thinking and developing their flow of thought to build their character. Sensible educators should have alarmed a long time ago. Instead they make no bones about attending lucrative meetings prepared and organized by the government officials: another tax money in the drain. Unlaborious tests nonetheless result in Japan's death in global economy. Multiple-choice tests lead to the spoiling of next generaions, no matter how nonchalantly the educators spare their rods.

My friend Smith, I have taken the first TOEFL when I was in my 30s, 2nd in 40s, and 3rd in 50s. The score intervals among them were 35 points or more. The more you take, the better: The same story with composition. It is only a test that should not be taken any more than that: Japan is too lazy to survive in digital age.

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What does mundane Ramen got to do with a "bitternes with the world.?" Didn't you read another article about non-Japanese suffering discrimination amid COVID-19?

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Abe exhibits a nation of split identity despite the Chinese bombardment of fishing boats as well as government and/or military ships in the recent weeks. This reminds me of Neville Chamberlain's appeasemnet of the Germany Nazi in the 30s. Lee Teng-Hui knew enough about CCP, which has blatantly broken its legalobligation to abide by two-system-and-one country with high degree of anutonomy. Covenants or contracts count little. Requiescat in pace.請安息

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Englisc aspyrgend,

Yah, you are right! The picture of the 4th largest hydraulic dam in Japan is quite not in the pink. Thank you for pointing it out, because a native inhabitant like me are mostly nostalgic about it. As stated elsewhere, the strurcture built during the heydays of the economic progress got a string of wins, nowadays hard to come by, to look back on here. I was one of movie lovers and then-popular actors roughly drove the hillybilly highway for the dam construction. Perhaps oldtimers like me were taken aback in such awe of the power station yet producing an electricity of 1 billion kWh, a scant one tenth of a percent of the annual power generarion in Japan. Don't be, however, so hard on a crabby old bag of concrete which is numbered after all because of the incremental accumulation of mud.

The real reason why the dam was not kept in shape was simple. All the money needed to prevent its normal wear and tear was appropriated for exchanging astronomically expensive gifts and money-gifts. The culprit local city hall officials and Kansai Electric Power executives are still at large. My tears for Carlos Ghosn. Shame on the real wrongdoers, and shame on us, the people and consumers, who have not taken good care of the past glory. Thank you for calling a spade a spade, or telling it like it is. I've never realized untill you did.

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Not out of duty but out of fear: the younger people now know social safety net like pension or unemployment benefit will not be there by the time they need it.

The finance ministry's outstanding debt stood at over 1,200 trillion yen while BoJ's forced hoarding, or Abenomics, at 538 trillion as of Dec 31, 2019. Needless to say, the recent equity market turbulence will uptick workers' saving for their rainy days which might arrive earlier than expected.

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Yes on that super ambassador. Am I the only mistake-prone writer who nonetheless tell natives from non-native in English? Long gone are the days of a civil ambiance which men and women alike freely posting pictures could enjoy and tell their minds off without fear of reprisal. I've suffered enough and shut my mouth. Let non-Js have their say. For they have few outlets. Perhaps this way civility returns here to flourish once again.

Much kudos to the J-Today for keeping expats or anybody else and their history alive.

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Well done, Chuckmo! A good pix, too, because the verbal lynching, mysteriously unrefereed here, reminded me of the culture Wobot here referred to, "Japan is not good on cultural change." This year's Oscar recipient for Makeup & Hair-styling Kazu Hiro underscored a similar sentiment: I left Japan because I got so tired of this culture so submissive and so hard to make dream come true. This bombshell in reply to Asahi reporter Toshio Ogata attracted on YouTube 130k views and 762 comments as of today since Feb 10.

That is more the reason I laud and extol Shiori san, who had briefly emigrated to UK, and other Joans of Arc who refuse to be silenced by the UN TAC meeting tirade-like pressure targeting a woman alone. Shame on Ueda and his company. Let's hope and help others in need. Otherwise all left will be misogynists, gropers or rapists without any care of civil-law concept, deserted by the sensible like Style-Hero Kazu.

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@Buming Bush

Your are right- I better locate and read the 2018 law. I am equally aware of the danger you raised - because the court records say police here can eavesdrop non-LDP politicians with impunity. More Julian Assanges will be jailed. So will the cronies and Harvey Weinsteins in power keep their rampage as cited here and elsewhere. 

Emotional (consent | connection) (among | "among two ") lovers, however, is where angels fear to tread. More so because you are concerned with liberty and individual dignity. Here "public" prosecutors, preferentially treated/promoted to heaven-like positions on account of political orientation, are free from election and face nearly-zero public rebuke or reprimand- Remember how tempting power and its remuneration are. The current Prime Minister has nonchalantly raised their retirement age to 65: a good reason for them turning a deaf ear to those violated. Court judges have been worse: honest brokers of those in power. I've rarely seen them practice conscience as admonished.  

Just read Art 37 Para 3 in which "at all times" reads as Ikanaru baai - "whatever case," a worst compromise between Imperial magistrates and Potsdam-Declaration executioners. That is more insane due to local lack of freedom fighters if left unattended by the conscientious men like you: children/women should not be kept in a sub-Third world climate. Where did the super ambassador Ueda get irascible? At the UN 50th Committee Against Torture meeting where Japan was a long-standing suspect for crime abolished in England around 1640.

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Sex without consent is a rape -- The 2018 Swedish law is more simple than the conventional one where "the perpetrator must have used force or threatened the" victim to establish an assault as rape. The litigant must yet argue with consent or its absence.

The accused, not required as general principle, of rape must show that there has been consent. This requirement which is is normally dormant, Burming Bush, will be evoked once either partner exhibits symptoms of marital discomfort. Principle always has exception - so does marriage. This way partners even under legal relationship will be able to be prosecuted by the violated who have been too long neglected. Trust me, a lot have been in that hell. 

Watching Korean and other Asian dramas never fails to wonder me how far advanced the neighbors are in sex and other offence: speedy trial (Constitution Art. 37), Miranda-law declaration required on police enforcement officers, rigorous annulment of improperly obtained proof (Art 38 Para2), attorney-at-law presence during interrogation, video recording of interrogation, pertinacious questioning to those into power especially in orphan/handicapped facilities and et al. 

You don't have to argue with the Swedish model, but watch the dramas. They are mind-boggling and can be entertaining or too fast to follow sometimes. You haven't, what a pity! You miss watching the excitement of what 2020 Best Oscar Movie has to offer. The world moves fast - the curmudgeon ambassador Hideaki Ueda illustrated this nation back in 2013- Lose time, lose life.

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Look at an insightful application to stem resale in Taiwan where a non-hereditary stateswoman rules. Mask-rationing system has resumed since Feb 6, revamped with lower unit prices and convenient-stores dropped from retailer lists. Buyers must show health insurance cards at over 6,000 insurance-registered pharmacies and drugstores to buy 2 masks per week, a sharp drop from the previous 3 per day. Week-days of purchase are equally divided between odd- and even-number insurance holders with Sundays open to both. The fair strategy also put an end to long queues in panic buying.

Take another measure from South Korea that initially had difficulty extracting the list of attendees of their faith assembly held in a local town because of religious freedom/privacy. The unbeknownst leader, apologizing in total repentance, exhibited his willingness to work with the leftist government in no time for the country to fall behind Italy. The national broadcaster, not its robust SNS, makes balanced news available 24/7. Aghast was I left watching how serenely plaintiffs and defendants in far-away locations responded over big screens to calls from a judge in a Seoul Higher Court to proceed with the case. So would be Carlos Ghosn! Social distancing would be well kept making a physical distance of 9,000km obsolete.

The IT-goner Japan, gorged with Abe, Aso, Kono, Koizumi and other multi-generation tribes, remains distinct for its procrastination, say in debt repayment. The more time their vassals waste in timely disclosure of Yokohama clinical cases to protect lords, however, the more frail lives will be lost: Lose time, lose life. Time is a luxury we can no longer let public servants entertain. Japan must do far better than the creed repentant in virus containment to occupy an honored place in an international society---The italics indicate the quote from the Constitution.

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@katy - As per "why USCDC did not advice US Government evacuating their citizens from the beginning ?" - The foreign ministry initially asked the US state dept what Japan should do about 400-strong US citizens between Feb 3-5. The US nonchalantly replied: let them be quarantined within Japan, with which the ministry complied.  

Some local vernaculars went as far as this: upto Feb 15, Japan's handling of the passengers and crew was reportedly PRAISED by THE UNITED STATES - this Zen talk must be allowed for. The local lingo is proud of its non distinction minus clear-tense conjugations, plurals, articles - definite or indefinite, where speakers' attention is more attuned to their social relations. Hence THE US referred to is not the CDC.

Speculation, abound and flourishing everywhere faster than the virus, should be avoided as much as possible but the initial readiness to the 500-million-dollar vessel was safely said to be founded on the mutual consultations of the competent authorities of both securities allies until Kentaro IWATA whistled a blow. Around Feb 18 depending where you live, ABC, BBC et al featured his video footage, despite the cabalistic removal off doc's site. A history was made in public health on this otherwise docile nation. 

Now it is the turn of the US taxpayers: Remove your tyrant's yoke by dumping tea off the bay of SF or riverbank of Upper Nile. Don't let Thomas Jefferson shed his tears. My humble respect to CDCs. WHO and other professional and sovereign people.

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(The)"Diamond Princess was quarantined for over two weeks resulting in more coronavirus infected passengers than if they would have disembarked immediately. Rather the opposite to what was intended" -- This quote is from Sweden's Umeå University ‎Professor (epidemiology) Joacim Rocklöv: https://www.umu.se/en/news/karantan-pa-lyxkryssaren-gav-fler-coronasmittade_8936181/

The date was Feb 28, about ten days later when the US CDC made a similar announcement, which was not lately denied by Norio Ohmagari, director of the Disease Control and Prevention Center at Japan's National Center for Global Health and Medicine. The CNN added its Mar 5's statement by top Japanese gov adviser's comment: the "infected crew members may have passed on infections to other crew members or guests." The Swedish doctor had also published at J Travel Med on the same day.

The professional verdict is nearly out. Why are citizens complacent with the knee-jerk statement by lazy officials? We should demand further medical particulars so that people aboard the Grand Princess, 50 miles off S.F. coast, and other luxury ships elsewhere will be saved. Over 26 US citizens were being quarantined in the Asara, near upper Nile's Egypt. Unless critical knowledge is quickly shared among professional organizations across the planet, the vulnerable will vanquish one after another due to magistrate arrogance. The WHO's situation report was numbered 48 as of Mar 8 since it started the first global tabulation dated Jan 21.

A Taiwanese American, once aboard the Asara, was found positive on her return via Maryland to Taiwan on Feb 28. Taiwan immediately informed the WHO which in turn told Egyptian and Maryland authorities the following day. Don't be lazy, save people.

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@paradox: There are not many famous female CEO's in Japan, but there are tens of thousands of successful businesswomen who run their own small and medium sized businesses.

True, they are replete with Otsuka Furniture, Sake brewery, Kyoto traditional shop operator, or Yuriko Koike or other hereditary politicians who benefited from a leg up from relatives. Regular women are inculcated to be cute, not to question early in childhood. Some exceptional heroes may take place, but the verdict is out women here are heavily discriminated against another half of their population.

Excoriating women for not getting ahead in life because they have no in-demand skills is an apocryphal tautology or Columbus egg. Given a heavy expenditure of education, the chance of in-demand skills is not equally shared across society. Concentration of hereditary wealth and power is an issue. Playing puzzle dragons on your phone has little to do with the dire and bleak prospects women here face, but well documented in Kuchikomi Jitsuwa- true stories. Please take a little bit more realistic attitude after comparing them with other women in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Why do you keep Nadeshiko women low in esteem?

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All the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in social relations (including entrance exam) because of sex - Japan's Constitution Art 14 in its 1st sentence.

Art 41 continues to further restricts judges' arbitrary power to indemnify with punitive penalty. Why? For the 50-judges-sitting highest court of the pre-war imperialism had frequently handed down harsh judgement without any regard of equal protection of law. It is the people's job to specify punishment so that every person accused shall be treated equal. Otherwise foreigners, deprived of life or liberty, are be imposed heavier penalty, without any regard to procedure established by law. Treatment of any suspects, Japanese or not, are not equally protected despite ten articles from Art 31 to 40.

Take a look at Carlos Ghosn rightly claiming there is no protection of law or constitution, Japanese or not, men or women. He subsequently had to give up on his battle against injustice. Condemn law-makers, not him. Otherwise the nation here continues to be criticized for her lazy law by NY Times or Le Mondo. To be blamed are the law-making organ, or Parliament. Do not order lazy judges around who routinely hand down lenient penalty. Never turn a deaf ear to #MeToo First. Shiori's claims was pared down last December. The party to decide for heavier penalty belongs to voters of politicians to parliament seats. In other word, the sovereign yourself.

Congratulation on women applicants, however, whose previous-generation women have also earned court judgement that universities should reimburse them who elected not to enter after payment. I see a silver line of hope among many women winning similarly in South Korea and Taiwan. Men here are the worst or laziest kind of accomplice or bystanders respectively: Only talking, no action. No wonder Japan is like a rabbit sleeping in the hay many circles behind the back o two neighbors in the global race. Japanese women - you are the only hope left in this lazy nation.

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Thank you for letting me know why the family of Mori, not Forest but Hair-Benefit in ideograph, divided their ancestors by odd- and even-numbered lords, even though it little sounds convincing at least to me as a means of hiding their power from the Tokugawa.

Local lords had their gardens or family temples spread throughout their fiefdoms to intimidate or impress their taxpayers. I remember visiting as a grader for history lesson, but I continue to remain fond of the Rurikoji temple with its five-storied pagoda, a national treasure, in Yamaguchi city for peaceful repose of the soul of Ouchi family - one of the 14-15th century Civil-War-Era lords usurped by their vassals. The oldsters must have been wary of getting rid of former-master remains largely for fear of retaliation by the so-called vengeful ghosts. Popular mind was powerless to superstition. This way people know what happened here in Japan.

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 Hokusai and other Ukiyoe artists, especially KITAGAWA Utamaro, would be galled at the imagery of the octopuses, flared open in a packed train. Take a look.

During 1787-93, the Edo government reversed its policy of the Genroku bubble economy. Just like his mentor/teacher, Kitagawa was arrested In 1804 and was handcuffed for 50 days and soon passed away a far cry from *nonagenarian *Hokusai. Beautiful women also disappeared from Ukiyoe and were replaced by vegetables, ghosts and frog or other animals: Male characters not to mention Kabuki actors got forcibly displaced from art because of government censorship, little to do with deviants now want to depict or fancy about.

Opening an obscene material in a packed train is tantamount to opening your fly no matter what interpretation or distortion you may have about octopus even when seen in isolation. It is barbarous and uncivilized. Seen in this historical context, every citizen has right to object and hopefully ban such act in a public place.‎ A nation without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

It is no miracle or wonder Stirling Griff's country is rated triple A, while the zipper opener's nation is single A behind Taiwan and South Korea, both double A, in terms of borrowing money. "This is Japan" can be no excuse and its temerity vexes me. Think of art in perspectives of history and economics.

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 "adoption has been practiced as far back as the Kamakura period and later became widespread during the Tokugawa period and has continued until today. It was particularly prevalent (and remains so) as a way of securing male heirs to childless Samurai (historically) or business owners (today)."

The said practice has little to do with fostering or adopting a child because securing the male heir to childless family was more or less a matter of life or death for family and its vassals in any of periods. Kamakura, Ashikaga, Toyotomi, or Tokugawa each had a different family code as Hideyoshi miraculously managed to be adopted by a Fujiwara noble family. Most of the adoptee were well beyond maturity age. My grandfather, for instance, was adopted at 21 according to the investigative work my brother did. He kept asking me later about what I thought of the sudden change of the adopter's mind to severe him- Beat me. Most of family registers have records going back over 200 years for citation if you care to dig out. Accordingly, it is so difficult to glean a general understanding of "Japanese" practice that to say otherwise is an equivocation, typical of any magistrate mindful only of his post-retirement career. What ancient got to do with it!

To the point was the article: "increase provisions for foster care and stop putting children in institutions." Any rebuttal should stick to it. Do not clutter here with other bogus sources. Pay respect to what Michael Rivera-King has to say.

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Please never let trump back into Japan.

Why? -- Because never any more than let him back into UK or any other nation. Would you want to have your President play a golf pal for a Prime Minister on the link? Just Imagine this golfer also has his 50,000 troops stationed across your land for the past 75 years and never stops jacking up their billeting reimbursement amount.

I have little imagined how explanatory I have to be.

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"It's pep rally, it's a joke, the Prez even uses self-deprecating humor but the left will never get it"

Heck no, the Right: The so-called "Prez humor was" deprecating S Korea and anything but tRump. If this blogger had failed in deciphering any other self-deprecation, I 'd better open up an over-a-thousand-paged novel and try to get the drift of American humor as sagaciously extolled to "the left."

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Foremost my heart goes for the crew, medical team, and those remaining in the ship.

There is a attention robber amid the house afire: Please refrain from spreading the false information: tamanegiToday 05:30 pm JST This ramen shop says it is now a pandemic!

No, it is a signg, "Japanese Only," that has been outlawed since Dr. Dabito Arudou's court battle of 22 years. The ramen shop's tri-lingual posting degrades the national standing much lower in international society. Other ramen shops should stand up and voice their opposition if they love their nation enough and protect their trade prestige, if any. Otherwise rumor mongering further worsens in a disease-stricken nation.

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Don't blame numbers. Much less those who laboriously quote them. Money amounts vary nearly everyday from Tokyo to Amsterdam: 3.5 bil to 8.0 bil to 13.5 billion yen not allegedly but purportedly under-reported by CG - why? They are not yet in court albeit a lot of water runnng under the bridge since Nov 2018.

Now the suitor naturally adjusts depending on court type: the penal or civil court compounded by availability of evidence they got from tax-funded prosecutors. Those numbers from "N" company - I recently got misty and mortified for its employees in the US getting kicked out of their factories when I read a US auto report on N's demise- might better be kept aside. Stupidity aside, who cares about dozens of billion yen damage when a trillion-yen business is afire? The focal point is distinction: the article hit the nail on the head in her 3rd paragraph -  adding the costs from what Nissan called Ghosn's "corrupt practices," such as etc.

The local media never stop disgusting me by colored adjectives, adverbs or sometimes verbs in their reports on CG's conduct of business. CORRUPT PRACTICES, for one thing, is uttered not by the reporter. Her job is to quote leaving judgement to her readers. No reports about CG in local vernacular are free from judgmental phrases. Who are saying those subjective words there? Suitors or reporters-cum-editors - sadly, the latter. Impatient to sell more, the local press makes no distinction between what litigators "claim" -not assert in J court as modified by justice minister Masako Morio on Jan 9- and what they have to say. This kind of distinction - a Journalism 101 principle- renders readers rest assured before they come to tell which side is the pot or the kettle. No humans are free from soot.

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RE: Constitution Art. 37 Para 3 - A translation of Motoyuki SHIBATA goes like this according to his book, "Japan's Constitution in Contemporary English," published in 2015 by ALC Press, Tokyo. His legalese is reviewed by Sota KIMURA.

"At all times the accused shall have the assistance of competent counsel who shall, if the accused is unable to secure the same by his own efforts, be assigned to his use by the State."

Remember the original is made up of two sentences, whereas Shibata's and both Houses' employ one-sentence style (respect ? to the style in US 6th Amendment). Still perplexing is the first sentence verb, "(bengonin wo) irai suru koto ga dekiru," which has little trace in Sibata's and in Parliament's. This J verb is, furthermore, repeated in the second J sentence: (kore wo) irai suru kotoga dekinai. Anybody can dig this wordy constitution Art 37 Para 3?

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Playing with your life- I missed a preposition.

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Has anybody taken a look at a blog kindly posted by Kazuaki ShimazakiTo? The blog contained an explanation of Hostage Justice in English by a defense council of Ghosn's lawyers: Mr Takashi Takano uploaded his paper presented at the Asian Law and Society Association's Annual Meeting (Osaka, Dec 14, '19). Now I understand what kind of torture CG went through with prosecutors blatantly infringing the constitution, penal code and code on criminal procedures. I run into a question of Const Art 37 Para 3. Please put up with Google's translation:"(sic)A criminal defendant may in any case request (sic) a qualified attorney. If the defendant cannot request (sic) this on his own, the State will (sic) attach it."

The English Art 37 Para 3, effective during 1945-51 and foreign ministry posted its text in Official Gazette in the 50s, posted by both Houses says: "At all times the accused shall have the assistance of competent counsel who shall, if the accused is unable to secure the same by his own efforts, be assigned to his use by the State." Google's 2 sentences have little to do with the bicameral translation. No wonder:CG kept saying that he was no terrorist up against the sterile Sixth Amendment born here.

The reason I persist in drawing JT readers' attention to the single paragraph was I have long questioned efficacy of Article 38' three paragraphs: No compelling confession; voiding any confession extracted after prolonged confession, and no convicting based solely on confession. Confession, as far as I surmise J prosecutors' take on the vernacular constitution, is strictly limited to those evinced IN court. PRIOR TO the court, namely, they have no compunction about compelling ANYONE to testify against oneself, detaining ANYONE for a long time to extract confession as well as including it into evidence; and making 3 JUDGES convict anyone based on confession alone. That is the take I labored from Google's machine translation of Art. 37 Para 3, cited by CG's former council. Hence CG's recommendation: Get out of there. You are playing your life.

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The so-called fact reported by Henny Penny: "Ghosn paid a one million dollar fine in the US and was banned from corporate positions for 10 years. Nissan was fined 15 million dollars. The US Securities and"Exchange Commission charges were only part of those brought against him in Japan."

I am not sure about the 15 million dollars the kettle paid in the US, but one million buck the pot paid was not "fine," as described, but the non-admittance settlement between US authorities and ex-chief. The super-legal settlement cannot be called FINE. Correct me if I am wrong about non-admittance resolution or arbitrary settlement. It sounds like alimony payment: You go your way, I go my way. No good riddance.

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Hey, this isn't the leaks that J prosecutors, Renault, or Nissan have long poured over. It is is the first time I ever see the court reporting. No rumor mongering, but legal exchange between Defendant and Litigators in a Dutch court. I am not certain whether this is a civil or penal dispute. sounds more like a civil one, where judgement standards are lower for the litigators. At long last, we see the iceberg of evidences that each side say that they have abundantly.

It sure took them a long time to finally face each other in court since the Pearl-harbor arrest in November, 2018. I will keep in mind that the applicable law reported here is not J but Dutch law which comes under jurisdiction of the European Union, Brussels. No more belly inflating of dad frogs or the pot calling kettle black. I agree it is messy as any divorce is. But that's a worm of cans J taxpayers-bearing authorities opened. Why don't Japanese taxpayers complain of tax-money being roamed into corporate divorce? I bet a 100 million yen goes down the drain as a month goes by. Translators and interpreters have a field day. Stay away, a couple-of-liners.

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As far as WHO's nomenclature since the outbreak of ""2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease" is concerned, the way the people in Taiwan has been treated was incomprehensible. Taiwan authorities rightly complained as many as three times as of this writing. I am very saddened to hear of the repeated offenses against the island people.

Why does the WHO throw them off when It should concentrate its limited resources in combating the spread of virus. To defray our attention? What a waste of public money, too.

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