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Posted in: K-pop singer sentenced to 6 years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos See in context

Is that actually a crime now? It has been a few years, but was business as usual when I used to go there.

Better late than never

This is truly a reflecting year for people in SK entertainment industry.

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Posted in: Feuding Korean firms risk disrupting electric car battery supplies See in context

When Korean EV battery dominance is absolute, then they fight amongst themselves.


In 2017, the market share (by country & by GWh) in order; China (53%), Japan (16%), S. Korea (11%) & others (20%) -

While last year, 2018, China (49%), Japan (22%), S. Korea (15%) & others (14%) -

the above is all you need to know about how much impact any squabbling between these two South Korean companies will have.

S. Korean companies have never the reach the height, manufacturing or supply choke-hold in advanced & hi tech components like Japan has attained for the past few decades

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

Some Japanese companies that still adhered to the extreme, old school thinking in job culture, overworked some of their workers to death

While some in the South Korea entertainment industry did the same (albeit in a different field) to their talent. Dark year indeed for the SK entertainment.

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Posted in: Sniff... sniff... does Japan have a problem with odors? See in context

They didn't use deodorant?

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Posted in: 109 Fukui officials received money in Kansai Electric gift scandal See in context

A very minimal amount of gratification, however keep digging for the evidence, & then prosecute them!

No to bribery!

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Both China and Korea wouldn't hesitate to settle their past grievances through war if they could.


What year do you think this is?

In the era of Yuan Dynasty in his mind, maybe. He really do have an intense dislike of Nihon

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display says exec embezzled ¥578 mil See in context

I hope this is the bright side & wave that is coming out from the Ghosn case.

That others in Japan (Government or private) will start from now on seriously question everything in terms of mismanagement, corruption, transparency, injustice that is happening in their own "backyard".

Buckle up Nippon!

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Posted in: 2 dead, 3 wounded in California school attack; gunman shoots himself See in context

A disease, a cancer to be precise

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Posted in: NEC face recognition tech ranks first in U.S. test See in context

I’d rather wait.

You are rather late to the news (i.e. Biometric, Facial recognition tech development & market)

NEC Australia has announced signing a contract with the Western Australian Police Force (October 2019)

Technology giant NEC has signed an agreement with the Star Alliance airline network to “develop a biometric data-based identification platform (July 2019)

NEC Corporation revealed today that its NeoFace facial recognition engine was deployed for access control at last month’s EU Summit in Sibiu, Romania. (July 2019)

NEC Corporation, through its unit NEC Europe, has supplied facial recognition system to South Wales Police in the UK. (July 2017)

Brazil selected NEC to provide facial recognition systems to 14 international airports. (July 2015)

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Posted in: Australia's Woolworths admits underpaying staff up to $300 mil See in context

The good thing, at the very least is finally they've admitted to it.

To make it up for it, they have to pay every penny that they owed to their staff

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Posted in: Johnson says tempers need to calm after Brexit furor See in context

Britain is falling down, falling down, falling down~

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

Japan's profitable trade surplus with the USA will remain as it is for foreseeable future

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Posted in: Britain's Johnson vows to fight on despite Brexit blows See in context

Drama, drama, drama! a lot of real life political dramas these days from the USA, to UK, to HK, Venezuela, S. Korea-Japan spat etc.

Amusing for world citizen definitely! (but not so for those who are from the said countries!)

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Posted in: Peach Aviation 1st Japanese carrier to drop S Korea flights See in context

South Korea has not handled this well

There, i fixed it for you

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Posted in: Police unsure why man went on shooting spree in West Texas See in context

They can be used to kill a person but so can a car, a hammer, a piece of rope, a kitchen knife, illegal and prescription drugs, and many other things.

Hammer, knife, pencil etc. CAN NOT kill a number of people in a minute or a very short period of time, but a gun CAN

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Posted in: Police unsure why man went on shooting spree in West Texas See in context

Thoughts & prayers!

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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

I see more negative impacts on SK than on Japan already

"South Korea’s exports for the first 20 days of August fell 13 per cent from a year earlier, pointing to a ninth successive monthly decline"

"Korean won plunges to 3-year low amid diplomatic row with Japan "

"Debt by Korean salaried workers rise 7.4 on yr in 2018 amid stagnant income and economy"

"S. Korean stocks open lower on tech losses"

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Posted in: Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen singer has a new song: 'Everyone must die' See in context

This comparison is ridiculous.

Enlighten us, onegai shimasu. Where did in the article mention any comparison between Pikotaro & PSY?

or rather look into the comment section, & you'll see who started the ridiculous, imaginary comparison first

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Posted in: Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen singer has a new song: 'Everyone must die' See in context

He's probably not trying to compare himself to PSY. So why does it matter?

If you look carefully, that fella almost had nothing nice to say about Japan in all of his previous comments, from politics, economy, business to entertainment industry. Too much negativities

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Posted in: Trump offers to mediate 'explosive' Kashmir standoff See in context

Tump’s haters keep trying to say that he isn’t respected internationally. If so, then why was he asked to mediate this, one of the globe’s most intractable conflicts?

Poor Rating for Trump globally (2018)

Comparing different presidencies

Wanna hear what one foreign leader said about Trump?

“He changes his views even in a manner of hours,” Mahathir said of Trump on Wednesday during an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “Dealing with people who are not consistent is a big problem.”

Trump's idea of buying Greenland ridiculed by Danish MPs

He was asked just because he is the POTUS, not because he is a respectable & great leader

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Posted in: Apple loses more ground in smartphone market See in context

0 Apple gadget in my life, keep my wallet healthy!

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Posted in: Do video games, mental illness drive U.S. massacres? See in context

As I said in my previous comment, Americans have an obsession with guns, violent and wars. Over the past 200-300 years the US population has been indoctrinated that: "we are the best, we are the most powerful, we were put on Earth to control the world". this has lead to constant wars and aggression in the US trying to dictate to the globe, and to its own domestic violence. This has very little to do with Trump but everything to with the US psyche of violence and arms.

For the record, I'm asian. An asian that is against the type of gun ownership in the USA. I'm very glad that here in Asia, pretty much every country had a very strict gun control.

But you're right, there is something very wrong with some segment of the American population. The feeling or rather illusion of - "entitlement" - that they have.

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Posted in: Do video games, mental illness drive U.S. massacres? See in context

I think people need to start differentiate between;

A) Real root cause / factor.

and B) Immediate Contributing factor / cause(s).

In my opinion, mental health is definitely the real root cause for violence, but the availability (& ease of getting one!) of guns in the USA compare to other countries is the real immediate cause & multiplying factor for the mass killing (in the USA).

So, there should be a two-pronged approach;

1) Deal with the mental health issue, trace all the red flags, educate & provide care the vulnerable ones (for the real root cause)

2) Tighter gun control, reduce the number of, & type of arms that a citizen can own (for the immediate cause)

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Posted in: Exiled Thai critic attacked with chemicals in Japan See in context

Yes, people love to talk up these developing countries so much and overlook the bad. But there's a reason they'll always remain developing.

Pretty much every developing countries (in Asia e.g. Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan) have been at the recieving end of criticism (including the developed ones such as Singapore & Japan) for reasons of incompetency, lack of progress in human right/social issue, corruption etc.

But Thailand seems to be the one who is getting less number of critics, even during their political crisis & so on.

And tourists (especially from the western world) doesn't really care too much about contributing to improve the situation there.

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Posted in: Toyota group marks highest 1st-half global sales in 2019 See in context

Japanese & German car-makers dominated the Automotive industry for the past decade.

The manufacturers from the USA are in decline, while SK ones are also not growing much.

But China might just be the new, serious contender with their aggressive EV roll-outs.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea clash at WTO over trade dispute See in context

Mr. Kim,

The other Asian countries, specifically speaking Southeast asian countries that have been invaded by Japan circa WWII i.e. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar have long ago forgiven Japan for their greatest misdeed.

Only China & you, Koreans have this never ending anger & childish, petulant attitude towards Japan until today, even though many leaders of Japan have expressed regret & asked for forgiveness for the action of their past military leaders.

You played yourself as the biggest victim of the 1st half of 19th ce turbulent era, but that couldn't be far from the truth.

Many, in the Southeast asia (that have been conquered & invaded by the British, Dutch, French) couldn't even ask for proper compensation from their former colonists, even though there were many proven incidents wrongdoings & atrocities.

I don't want to waste my time to write the examples, because you lot will still be blinded from the facts & truth.

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Posted in: Japan says it, not S Korea, should have taken action on Russian plane See in context

SK - short temper, grumpy, annoying little neighbor wedged in between China & Japan

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide: report See in context

I believe even if there is any wrongdoing by Ghosn, Nissan should have bring Ghosn to the court in the most humane & honorable ways. The extended detention was unnecessary & very harsh when compared with the rule of law of other countries (if Japan wanna improve its own).

Let us compare with one on going trial involving one high ranking figure from other country.

Najib, the former PM of Malaysia is currently on trial for his allegedly involvement in the recent 1MDB scandal, with potentially billions have been illegally diverted from the government fund. But he is accorded the luxury of attending the court in his full suit & never in detention for more than a week!

My point to Nissan is, karma will hit you back! Padan Muka! 様見ろ!

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Posted in: In the world of geopolitics, do you think of Japan as part of the West? See in context


As some have mentioned, geographically Japan is in Asia, very close to the power play in the heart of Asia today.

(1) By & large they are still a country of pacifist, up until today some of their OEM, parts manufacturers refuse to supply component to other country for defense purpose.

Even though they have relaxed the restriction half a decade ago.

They are not (currently) a country that is so busybody of the affair of other countries, where the west (the USA, UK, France etc.) have been sticking their nose in the Middle East for more than a century already, for example.

(2) People has also accused Japan for being a lackey of the West (USA specifically, which is partly true in some aspects), but the same is true for other Asian countries as well (e.g. South Korea, Singapore).

But Japan has started to independently decide it own course, for example, in its steadfast commitment to the TPPA even when the USA withdrawn their participation.


(3) And if some of you didn't notice, as oppose to the Western style of direct confrontation to crisis in the developing/third world country, Japan preach for a far more tolerant, peaceful solution (for example in the past Cambodia conflict & the recent Myanmar's Rohingya crisis).

And this is also closely tied to the Asian values that it still practice today i.e. Saving Face culture

I would say that Japan is 70% Asian & 30% (max) Westernized in its global, geopolitical attitude

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Posted in: U.S. to send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East, citing concerns over Iran See in context

"I'm not surprised by American hypocrisy anymore"

I'm not surprise with the American political upper echelons since 20 years ago. The most hypocrite out of the whole of developed world

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