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Posted in: Japan's 3 biggest carmakers eye tie-up over vehicle software See in context

at a time when manufacturers are already switching back to button design

who Wants to have giant touchscreens with outdated games and OEM software that cost 500000 yen to replace (and things like climate control stop working if the screen stays black)?

Agree. When you are operating multiple switches, buttons, etc, you need tactile feedback or significant physical/mechanical touch to differentiate between function for effective, minimal distraction & safe operation.

Changing it all to touchscreen is a scam & safety hazard!

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Posted in: Police arrest Iranian man over 2015 murder of compatriot in Nagoya See in context

Good they finally got him.

Iranians are infamous in Japan for selling drugs on the streets - usually working along with Japanese gangs.

Drugs is one of the biggest menaces in Asian society presently.

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

Not worth it not worth it

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

I adore Japan, very much.

But I have to give A VERY BIG thumb down & "X" whenever the government of Japan (thru its staff) is proven of wrongdoing, misdeed & violation of any law.

Pay the victim's family its due & revamp your SOP & procedure!!

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Posted in: Singapore PM defends exclusive deal to lure Taylor Swift See in context

Coldplay actually came and played in a few countries (covered the usual major ones) in Southeast Asia for their 2023 tour. Which was very fair & pretty much standard for other artist or big names.

So what happened with Taylor Swift's concert in Singapore is unfair to her fans from other countries.

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Posted in: Medics and patients, including babies, stranded as battles rage around Gaza hospitals See in context

It seems that the behavior of the Zionist is significantly closer & resembles those of the well-known mass killers from the pre-WW2 era.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes surge in Gaza, killing dozens at a time in destroyed homes, witnesses say See in context

Modern day genocide, endorsed by Murica. :D

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Posted in: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea See in context

Toyota is the number 1 automotive manufacturer for 2022, Sony is still the number one maker for CMOS sensor, Japan is the world´s number one industrial robot manufacturer & many more.

The article did not age really well, hasn't it?

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 loses appeal See in context

I wish that he rot in jail!

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Posted in: Sony sales exceed ¥10 tril for 1st time on robust game sales See in context

Not a word about Sony's CMOS Sensor performance?

"Samsung has remained the second-largest CMOS image sensor provider on the market after Sony, but the gap between the two companies appears to widen at Samsung’s expense. In terms of market share in the third quarter of 2022, Sony and Samsung were followed by Omnivision, Onsemi, and GalaxyCore.

According to a market report by research firm Omdia (via The Elec), Sony was the leading CMOS image sensor supplier in Q3, with a market share of 51.6%."

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Posted in: BMW: Don't drive older models with Takata air bag inflators See in context

Good thing was Takata went bankrupt.

But did the top management of Takata (related to the problematic airbag) was being responsible?

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Posted in: Prices for over 20,000 items hiked in Japan so far this year See in context

Happy Inflation everywhere!

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Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context


Many East Asian & Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, S. Korea, China, Mongolia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and so on) prohibited dual citizenship. Some that do not (Vietnam), only allow it in limited cases.

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $3.4 bil in U.S. battery production See in context

You also forgot CATL and other Chinese giants. Japanese firms have been crushed by Chinese solar companies in the last decade, so I don't have any confidence that Japan can make a comeback in semiconductors or batteries.

Japan is in the semiconductor sector at the high end, precision & advanced segment. China is still playing catch up.

"The Japanese electronics maker Sony ended 2020 with a 40% market share in the CIS market, 2% lower than 2019. Meanwhile, Samsung witnessed an increase of 1% in its market share from 21% in 2019. In 2020, Samsung held a 22% market share in the CIS industry."

Well, Japan is still number 1 in CMOS sensor market share


"The chart shows Silicon Wafer Market Share in 2018. The Silicon Wafer Market is fragmented among many regions. The leading Region in the Silicon Wafer Industry was Taiwan with 22% market share in 2018, followed by South Korea with 21.3% Silicon Wafer Manufacturers market share, Japan with 16.8% Silicon Wafer Manufacturers market share, North America with 12.8%, China with 12.5%, Europe with 6%, and the Rest of the World with 8.7%"


China is nowhere near at the top

Japan has two big lithography technology machine makers. China has none.


These are only a few high-end & advanced semiconductor segments where Japan is one of the big players. China? Haven't reach that level yet.

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Posted in: Ghosn case haunts Japan a year after brazen escape See in context

By the way, do you trust the U.N. Human Rights Council which partly consists of non democratic countries.

What is so democratic about Japan's long, extended, & unfair detention of its suspect?

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Posted in: Golden temple See in context

Utsukushii 美しい !!!


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Posted in: AI quality inspection robots playing bigger role at factories in Japan See in context

Shouldn’t the quality control experts be checking the quality of robots?

Yeah, only for the first time during commissioning and acceptance of the robots from their supplier.

The most important or key actors in the up-time, maintenance & continuous improvement of the robots (for the whole of its service life) are;

1) Maintenance Department (first responder, routine trouble shooter)

2) Engineering Department (engineering support/improvement/kaizen)

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Posted in: Japanese firms shift focus to Southeast Asia due to U.S.-China dispute: JETRO See in context

Really promising news. Good to hear Japanese companies are following the Abe Cabinets advice to exit Communist China.

Japan has already A LARGE TRANS-FACTORIES foothold here in Southeast Asia.

Automotive vehicle & parts manufacturing, semiconductor, machinery, material...you name it. Of course, many advanced & high tech parts e.g. industrial robot gear parts, sensor are still mostly made in Japan.

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Posted in: Thousands of S Korean church members quarantined over virus See in context

Obstinate, pig-headed & difficult. Anymore words to describe stubbornness?

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Posted in: Melting 'frozen memories,' AI helps Japanese recall war days See in context

Oh, the irony of those coming onto a Japan related website and complaining about news articles about Japanese remembrance of WW2 and the atomic bombings. If you don't like it, then don't come to this website. Incredible how this seems such a hard concept for some to grasp. I bet these same people would not complain if their home countries had constant reminders of how their nation dealt with world wars. Hypocrisy as usual.

Oh boy, i've to agree with this.

It is an irony (blatant hypocrisy), that the majority of weapons & military equipment produced are from the "Western hemisphere".

Japan, even China, & the rest of Asia (excluding the middle east) are relatively pacifist for the past few decades, compared to many "actors" & "agitators" from that very region. I wonder why.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 8 wounded in South Carolina nightclub shooting See in context

No longer news

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

Serve you right Nissan!

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

Hence Japan's neighbors can never forgive Japan

Funny. Japan's neighbors (& victims during the WWII) that would include Taiwan & a few other countries in East & Southeast Asia have pretty much moved on.

Even China doesn't dwell much or raise unnecessary complain to Japan regarding this for the past few years.

Because why? Because Japan did apologized continuously for the past half century thru its many statesman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan#2010s

That'll leaves only......the sulking & ungrateful Koreans?

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Posted in: Hollywood mogul Steve Bing dies after falling from 27th-floor apartment balcony See in context


So money could buy you anything, or could it not?

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Posted in: Tesla signs 3-year pricing deal with battery cell maker Panasonic See in context

I'm surprised by the lack of comment on Tesla related news.

Well, they did really open the eyes of everybody on EV vehicle, but the challenge remains...

A true mass manufactured EV car for the common people around the globe (not just for the developed, rich countries).

While the benchmark currently is around (for those rich countries) USD 30,000, the real global price should be in the range of USA 10k to 15k. Then we'd be talking about EV replacing the conventional NA, fuel consuming car.

Good luck everyone!

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Posted in: Women sue USA Swimming over sexual abuse by coaches See in context

Well, well, well

2020 might just be the hardest year for the USA with Covid 19 disaster, George Floyd killing, racism & now this.....

And you add up the gloomy economy outlook, Boeing, "cheap" oil, risk of further trade friction with China etc....

Wait, they still have Elon Musk's SpaceX & Tesla..the only saving grace

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Posted in: Pandemic deaths in Japan low, but future success uncertain See in context

Corona mortality rate has definitely been proven to be equal if not inferior to flu... and it was determined also by and equipe of Japanese researchers! Wake up!

"....and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season" refer to https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html

In less than half a year, before end of May, the USA covid 19 death toll already surpassed 100,000. Literally almost 3 times and at a shorter period than the flu's death toll. Link https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/27/us-coronavirus-deaths-toll-1000000

I'm baffled by the unscientific & lack of fact-based statement by some of the commenters here.

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Posted in: New virus cases in Tokyo drop to 5; none reported in Osaka See in context

Yeah, sure....if people want to believe these people...

Better Abe, than Trump, Boris & the likes...

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

What i'm trying to say is, there are multiple factors at play, that contributed to the fortunate current situation for some of those Asian countries (with 421 million population) & the same variables were making some western European countries (352 million population) at a disadvantage!

Positive factors

Face mask is already part of Japan, Taiwan, & Hong Kong culture

The majority of Asian countries are more accommodating to the lock-down/quarantine/stay at home order

I honestly believe the higher temperature & humidity also help slow down the transmission of the virus in some Asian countries (e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)

General healthcare preparation & alert due to past global outbreak e.g Sars 2003, Swine flu 2009

Negative factors

The same temperature & humidity factor actually works in reverse for the European nations, because the virus thrive in lower (5-15'C) temp & less humidity

Older citizen make up a larger proportion of the population for the European nations

And most of these elders are in a concentrated nursing / care home, perfect breeding spot for the virus

Closer skin / human contact

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

Some perspectives

Data as of 14th of May 2020, 2.30 pm GMT per https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Have a look a the data; total death, death per 1 million population for the following region & countries

*i'm deliberately excluding China & other less developing asian countries with questionable facilities (e.g. Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar)

**Total POPULATION** **Total DEATH** **Death per 1 million** (million)

A. East Asia

South Korea 51 260

Japan 126 678

Taiwan 24 7

Hong Kong 7 4

B. Southeast asia

Singapore 5.6 21

Malaysia 31.5 112

Thailand 69 56

Philippines 106.7 790

ASIA* TOTAL 421 1928 4.5


UK 66.7 33614

FRANCE 67 27074

SPAIN 47 27321

ITALY 60 31106

GERMANY 83 7861

BELGIUM 11.5 8903

NETHERLAND 17.3 5590

WESTERN EUROPE* TOTAL 352.5 141300 400!!!!

The Western European countries* have a 100 times more death per 1 million population than the selected Asian countries!!!

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