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Hito Bito

Ask any Democrat, any at all running for power positions, if they would place ANY limit on ANY abortion procedure. They will refuse to answer. After 5 months? No. After 8 months? No. After birth? No comment.

Will a single Democrat say that "A viable baby, born full term and still unwanted by the woman, should not be killed"? Not a single one. Even then, they stand for a "woman's right to choose" (death for the child).


"We’ve seen far too many Democrats embrace extreme positions on abortion: abortion up until the moment of birth and even, horrifically, after that," Cruz said.

... allowing a mother in labor, in the process of delivering a child, this bill would allow a doctor to kill that child instead of delivering that child in the midst of labor," Cruz said.

would even allow a newborn baby to come out into the world ... then talk to the mother and talk to the father and then execute the baby. The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth.

apologies, that last one was Trump- that p---y grabbing, 20 or so times accused of sexual assault, defender of women's rights.

Cruz’s claim that Democrats support abortion up until birth and "even, horrifically, after that," is inaccurate, as are Trump's typically fact free diatribes.

To be clear: killing an infant after birth is illegal, and people on both sides of the abortion debate agree that this act should be illegal.

Under federal law, the definitions of a person, human being, child and individual all include infants "born alive at any stage of development."

All this is on politifact and other news organizations, read the Dem positions, don't fall for the ugly rhetoric of the Right. They\re panicking because they know the repeal of Roe vs. Wade is tremendously unpopular and are trying to muddy the water with already disproven arguments.

The Northem Virginia legislation

This characterization of Democrats as supporters of allowing abortions during and after a live birth surfaced in early 2019, when a subcommittee of the Virginia House of Delegates considered a bill aimed at loosening the state’s abortion laws.

In Virginia, a woman can choose to obtain an abortion through the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, up to 28 weeks from her last menstrual period.

After that point, abortions are legal if they happen in a hospital and three physicians certify that "the continuation of the pregnancy is likely to result in the death of the woman or substantially and irremediably impair the mental or physical health of the woman."

The law also requires physicians to make "measures for life support for the product of such abortion" available if there is "any clearly visible evidence of viability" after an attempted abortion.

The bill Virginia lawmakers considered in 2019 proposed multiple changes to state laws addressing abortion, including the provision regulating the procedure in the third trimester.

The proposal would have lowered the number of physicians required to authorize a third-trimester abortion from three to one and remove the "substantial and irremediable" threshold in the law. Per Politifact.

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Posted in: Democrats: Abortion rulings may be 'a blessing in disguise' See in context

If anyone is interested in hearing the actual positions on abortion of Democratic politicians, rather than febrile hyperbole from jaundiced Right wing commenters-

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Posted in: Democrats: Abortion rulings may be 'a blessing in disguise' See in context

Hito Bito

If you're going to paraphrase Ted Cruz, at least acknowledge where this rubbish is coming from.

Cruz's statement is based on an inaccurate characterization of a bill considered in Virginia's House of Delegates, which would have changed requirements needed before doctors could perform an abortion during the third-trimester of pregnancy. 

In Virginia, abortions are allowed at this late point if three physicians certify that a continued pregnancy is likely to result in the death of the woman. The author of the bill, which was unsuccessful, said her proposed changes would not allow an abortion to be performed on a woman during a live birth.

Any attempt at aborting or killing an infant after birth is illegal.

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Posted in: Long COVID keeping 31,000 Australians away from work every day See in context

When people are offered the choice to stay at home with full pay, they often take it. Especially when they are constantly told how they are so very close to death every day via mainstream and social media. The "Great Australian Sick-day" is alive and well in 2022...

A comprehensive study published in the Lancet this month found that one in eight people who get COVID develop at least one Long COVID symptom. Per the article.

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Posted in: Google workers demand abortion protections, data privacy See in context

How about requiring counseling first before hiring the contract workers, to see if they are prone to engaging in risky behavior?

Who, in this bizarre experiment of pre-employment 'counseling', decides what 'risky behavior' is and what kind of invasions of privacy will be required to determine who has engaged in them?

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Posted in: Trump's angry words spur warnings of real violence See in context

Dont you notice the entire narrative has moved away from "he had nuclear secrets!" to "stop being mean to the people who raided Trump, its not fair!"

What excuse for illegally holding classified materials are we up to now? Number 5, number 6?

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Posted in: Trump's angry words spur warnings of real violence See in context

But Trump supporters love conspiracy theories- Trump pushes them all the time, your party is the party of the Qanon loonies and Mike Pillow election fantasies.

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Posted in: Trump's angry words spur warnings of real violence See in context

The usual right wing ideologues in the comments section, though they won’t admit it here, still believe the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ after being rejected by the courts 60 odd times, think that the capital insurrection was trespassing, that Ashley Babbit was a hero and that Trump must never be held accountable for his anti-democratic criminality- their prognostications can be safely ignored at this point.

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Posted in: Elon Musk tweets he is 'buying Manchester United' See in context

Try fulfilling the promises you’ve already made, and apparently forgotten about, Elon. Cybertruck, robot taxis, self driving cars (that don’t kill people), people on Mars, Twitter, underground tunnel transport etc. etc. He’s just trying to avoid his homework, like most teenagers.

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Posted in: Former Australian PM Morrison says he took five ministries because he was 'steering the ship' See in context

I suppose god told hm to do it. The Liberal Party, if they do indeed believe in Australian democracy, must sever all ties with him. John Clarke (may he Rest In Peace) and Brian Dawe would have had a field day with this guy.

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Parading before a nation unaware of its history of war crimes. Educate honestly and these anachronistic fantasists will be a thing of the past.

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Posted in: Kishida makes donation to Yasukuni shrine; cabinet members visit See in context

The idea that Japan was in any way interested in the emancipation of Asia is belied by the massive and systematic infliction of some of the most vile and disgusting war crimes ever recorded throughout the entire region.

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Posted in: Kishida makes donation to Yasukuni shrine; cabinet members visit See in context

Wouldn’t it be nice if Japan squarely faced its wartime past,

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Posted in: Author Salman Rushdie attacked on lecture stage in New York See in context

If you consider the history of organized Christianity with four Crusades, the Inquisition, the "Troubles", witch trials and the like I think you will find the death toll of Christian sponsored violence is far higher and has history going back some 1800 years.

The history of Christianity is indeed terrible, Desert Tortoise, you are absolutely correct IMO. It would be impossible to list all the historical crimes perpetrated by the Christian church against all parts of society. All religions are dangerous, but not in the same way or at the same point in history.

The Islamic religion seems far more dangerous in our modern world and it’s important to recognize this attack as a disgusting attack on and attempt to restrict free speech. We should be careful that this act is not justified, nor ameliorated by parsing atrocious acts in the context of historical injustice. The ideology that encouraged this attack in the mind of the attackers of one of the world’s truly great writers must be unequivocally condemned.

There is that old adage- A good person will naturally tend towards doing good, a bad person will do bad, but if you want a good person to do a bad thing, you need religion.

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Posted in: Australian state begins legislating to ban the swastika See in context

I would offer the counter argument that Australia does not honor free speech. In fact Australia has no guaranteed rights whatsoever. There is no written formal bill of rights. A few states have their own human rights laws but there are no national laws protecting the rights of free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, freedom from warrantless searches, etc. One's rights in Australia are whatever the Parliament of the time deigns to give its citizens, or take away depending on how the political winds blow. Just like UK for that matter. Australia fancies themselves as this advanced democracy but their laws and the practices of their police often say otherwise.

From an American, completely devoid of irony. Physician, heal thyself.

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Posted in: GOP rallies around Trump following FBI search of his estate See in context

Federal code states that anyone who “willfully and unlawfully conceals or removes” any official “records or documents” “shall be disqualified from ever holding any office under the United States.”

“I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Donald Trump

Before being elected to the presidency, Donald Trump said, at least six times, that “Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be the president of the United States.”

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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

If, as president, you intentionally take and hold classified documents at your home, as well as shred and flush other documents down the toilet, you can hardly be surprised when the FBI knocks on your door.

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Posted in: Snickers owner apologizes after referring to Taiwan as a country See in context

New Snickers- now without nuts.

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Posted in: In South Korea, Pelosi set to visit heavily fortified DMZ See in context

So what does it have to do with Pelosi in Korea?

The last place she recklessly visited is receiving missiles launches now. Great job, right?

it’s not my fault your boy is creeping everyone out with his inside knowledge and weird obsession over “pizza”. Talk to him about that.

Complains about posters going off topic by going off topic.

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Posted in: Bannon convicted of contempt for defying 1/6 subpoena See in context

it was trespassing, a misdemeanor at best.

You're having a laugh.

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Posted in: Bannon convicted of contempt for defying 1/6 subpoena See in context

I would engage more, but the comments here cheering the murder of an unarmed woman disgust me.

The tragedy in this situation is that this woman was inspired and manipulated by a narcissistic traitor who would rather see democracy destroyed than admit he lost a free and fair election. If there is blame to be apportioned, it belongs with him and the more than 3 hours he refused to do a single thing to protect the leaders inside the Capitol. He created the conditions that allowed the duped MAGA zombies to attack leaving the defenders and lawmakers inside outnumbered and in fear of their lives. Where is the disgust for that?

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Posted in: Bannon convicted of contempt for defying 1/6 subpoena See in context

Concerning Ashley Babbit, the female rioter lawfully shot and killed by a police officer

Who has a record of firearm misuse to shoot dead 5,1 ft woman with no weapons? Again, the Dems need prepare for what’s headed their way.

She got EXACTLY what she deserved. An insurrectionist attempting a violent takeover of the Capitol.

Unarmed- get over yourself, no-one knew if she had a gun or not and those smashing down the barricades with all sorts of weapons trying to attack democratically elected officials were and are traitors.

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Posted in: Sunak, Truss ready for battle to be Britain's next PM See in context

Are there any parties that are anti-war or anti NATO?

No major parties, probably because it's an extremely unpopular opinion that guarantees you never get elected.

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Posted in: What does 'plead the Fifth' mean? Will the Trumps do it? See in context

Criticism of the Trumps, not the constitution. And so what if there is a continued conversation about sections of the constitution, there have been amendments in the past- seems proper to hold an ongoing dialog in order to preserve its relevance in a changing world. Keep clutching those pearls.

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Posted in: What does 'plead the Fifth' mean? Will the Trumps do it? See in context

More extreme left criticism of the document that provides them rights?


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Posted in: What does 'plead the Fifth' mean? Will the Trumps do it? See in context

Well, it's either that or honesty- and that's never been their strong suit.

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Posted in: Japan to give 4th COVID vaccine shots to medical, workers at elderly care facilities See in context

Cue the armchair experts.

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Posted in: What is the BA.5 variant and why does it seem to be reinfecting so many people with COVID? See in context

His work is disproven. Deal with it.

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Posted in: What is the BA.5 variant and why does it seem to be reinfecting so many people with COVID? See in context

Raw Beer

You've been promoting this misinformation for months. I expect you'll trot out the rest of these guys soon enough.

Please forgive the cut and paste from a previous response.

Raw Beer Jan 30

Yes, and last week Sen. Ron Johnson had a long hearing with a bunch of these medical professionals. Very informative:

The principle 'world renowned doctors and medical experts'

Dr. Peter McCullough, a Dallas cardiologist who is largely discredited by the scientific community for his assertions that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe and that early treatment options have been suppressed. While McCullough said that doctors were probably afraid to show up to the event, one of Oklahoma's top infectious disease physicians, Dr. Anuj Malik, director of infection prevention and control at Ascension St. John, said that the doctors he spoke to were not afraid to attend. They were just not interested in sitting through what would be seen as a “politically-motivated, ideological speech by a modern-day quack.” 

Nor did they want to be part of an event that could lead to people not getting the vaccines and becoming ill and dying as a result, Malik said. "With all due respect, none of McCullough’s ideas have been supported by any randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trials," he said.

An example of Dr Robert Malone's fine work-

More on Malone

Dr Pierre Kory

Dr Ryan Cole

A real trustworthy chap Ron Johnson...

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Posted in: Djokovic, Kyrgios set up dinner date after Wimbledon with winner paying See in context

Worst dinner party ever.

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