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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context

Displaying the same intellectually rigorous decision making process that brought them to the Capitol on January 6th. You know the old adage- the man who represents himself in court has an empty MAGA hat for a client.

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

The France- Australia sub deal had been dogged by problems since its inception in 2016. The cost had doubled and there were a number of other sticking points, on both sides, which seem to point to it being a bad deal from the beginning. Australia wanted to complete the bulk of work in Australia, touting the creation of over 2,000 local jobs. There were many reports of a clash of work cultures, such as the Australian side requiring meetings to begin on time, the French requests for long lunch breaks and a 'la rentree' process after the entire company took a month long break in August. There was also the question of the efficacy of the French subs in the Australian context. The entire deal was not ratified until 2019, a full 3 years after negotiations began. The French are certainly right to be aggravated at the ditching of the program, but they can hardly claim to be blindsided by it, and the long term interopability of systems and range will probably make for a better outcome for Australia.

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Posted in: Japanese man says 'I’m a Vietnamese' while pointing knife at convenience store worker to rob her See in context

It’s a deplorable tactic, and also one that was extremely poorly implemented.

Haha, nice.

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Posted in: Melbourne extends lockdown as Sydney considers easing restrictions for vaccinated residents See in context

I fully intend to renounce my Australian citizenship the day I no longer need it for convenience.

Yes yes, it’s all about you.

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Posted in: Melbourne extends lockdown as Sydney considers easing restrictions for vaccinated residents See in context


Yes, you have to check in, in order to minimise transmission- is this so difficult to understand?

'Covert blackmail at the expense of vaccination'- I have no idea what that even means.

'This is crazy and unacceptable.' Why is a (very effective thus far) effort to stop people dying from coronavirus crazy?

'Paris would have burned three times already.' So? Is rioting a good thing now?

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Posted in: Grammys commit to more hiring diversity for 2022 show See in context

What they actually mean is: 'We believe all white people are racist therefore we will not hire them'

Lol ok. Employing people who are not white is racism against white people.

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Posted in: Struggling Sydney warned to brace for higher COVID numbers See in context

Great job with the lockdowns to date, the vaccine rollout is a different story though- aussies are calling it ‘the vaccine strollout’.

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Posted in: Upside down See in context

I know, but they're from Tahara. I've known the family for a long time.

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Posted in: Upside down See in context

Born in Tahara, Aichi, not Miyazaki.

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Posted in: Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube See in context

Just another grifter ploy to play the victim and squeeze more cash out of the rubes he preys on.

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Posted in: Putin opposes mandatory COVID jabs as Russia sees record deaths See in context


he doesn't want to force citizens to take untested drugs.

The COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna were created with a method that has been in development for years, so the companies could start the vaccine development process early in the pandemic.

China isolated and shared genetic information about COVID-19 promptly, so scientists could start working on vaccines.

The vaccine developers didn’t skip any testing steps, but conducted some of the steps on an overlapping schedule to gather data faster.

Vaccine projects had plenty of resources, as governments invested in research and/or paid for vaccines in advance.

Some types of COVID-19 vaccines were created using messenger RNA (mRNA), which allows a faster approach than the traditional way that vaccines are made.

Social media helped companies find and engage study volunteers, and many were willing to help with COVID-19 vaccine research.

Because COVID-19 is so contagious and widespread, it did not take long to see if the vaccine worked for the study volunteers who were vaccinated.

Companies began making vaccines early in the process — even before FDA authorization — so some supplies were ready when authorization occurred.

Johns Hopkins Medical

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Posted in: Shut off from the world, Australia fosters red-hot growth at home See in context

Australians are able to travel freely within the country with the exception of targeted lockdowns when rare cases appear, attend mass sporting events, move around without masks, eat without restrictions on group size or hours etc.- normal life in other words. It has one of the lowest corona rates in the world (3rd in terms of testing and second lowest in positivity, at 0.4%). Sounds awful, you should definitely stay away.

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Posted in: What's your situation concerning vaccination against the coronavirus? See in context

Let’s hope that while the rest of us are protected, you don’t fall victim to the natural selection you speak of. Be careful what you wish for.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

When Japan squarely addresses its war crimes throughout Asia in its education system, removes war criminals interred in yasukuni and bans revisionist uyoku groups in the same way Germany has it will be able to “live peacefully with all other countries they invaded.” Not before.

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Posted in: Chinese swimmer Sun Yang banned again See in context

Good news.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia hold security talks to counter China's rising assertiveness See in context


Australians are bad soldiers if how they fought in WW2 is any guide (mass desertions and looting in Singapore).

It's not that you know nothing, it's that you know one thing- and your knowledge in even that is ridiculously limited, to the point that one can only imagine that you're being facetious or deliberately inflammatory.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia hold security talks to counter China's rising assertiveness See in context

Good work. China's 'wolf warrior' diplomacy has only had the effect of helping the world wake up to their true intentions.

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Posted in: LGBTQ groups, supporters rally in Tokyo for equal rights See in context


Peculiar, isn't it, that for all talk of diversity, LGBTQI activists all dress in the same gaudy manner - like Tarzan, who, having found Jane's handbag, decides to eat her lipstick. We are told that male and female are "spectrums" and that anything goes and yet the aparrel, costumes, manner and general appearance of LGBTQI activists is about as diverse as the ubiquitous McDonald's arches.

It’s a little peculiar that you care. Perhaps you would like a dress code?

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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

Can she not just say ‘No comment, next question’? Eventually journalists will get sick of wasting their opportunities with stupid questions.

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Posted in: Chinese envoy to Japan calls Quad grouping 100% outdated See in context

"100 percent outdated." 100% don’t care what China thinks. China is a malignant, aggressive imperialist force in current geopolitics.

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Posted in: Trouble mars skateboarding's rising popularity in Japan See in context


In central Japan's Aichi Prefecture, a recorded announcement on the second-level pedestrian concourse of JR Toyohashi Station repeatedly warns people against skateboarding and other prohibited activities, with the message reinforced with explicit "No skateboarding" signs.

Never got the prohibition against skateboarders where preoccupied bicyclists are allowed to pass and weave amongst equally busy pedestrians.

Definitely agree, but for the sake of clarity, there is no bike access to that particular location.

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Posted in: Red Hot Chili Peppers sell song catalog for $140 mil: Billboard See in context

California something something California something something.

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Posted in: U.S. tells China to improve ties with Australia See in context

Good work by the new US administration. The previous one failed to defend trusted allies at every turn.

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Posted in: Meghan accuses Buckingham Palace of 'perpetuating falsehoods' See in context

The very idea of a ‘royal’ family.

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Posted in: Supreme Court won't halt turnover of Trump's tax records See in context

Ok and then what? 

If there’s evidence of criminal conduct, prosecute! A supporter of the ‘Law and Order’ party should probably know that.

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Posted in: Rioters acted on Trump's orders, Democrats say in trial See in context

@happy day,

The DC Swamp is merely trying to prevent Trump from running again, so they can continue their corrupt ways. Guess who Mitch McConnell’s wife does $$ millions in “business” with? Your large neighbor to the West that starts with “C”. DC is a cesspool.

Oh, you mean Elaine Chao, whose family is in shipping- yeah, Trump nominated her for Secretary of Transportation in 2016.

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Posted in: Republican Party future in balance as Trump trial looms See in context

Look for GOP efforts to increase voter suppression from here.

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Posted in: U.S. to require mask-wearing on all public transportation See in context


As far as I know, masks allow the capture of droplets exhaled before they can evaporate into smaller droplets that can travel farther. Don’t take my word for it though, reading a little research provided by medical experts on your own is probably a better strategy than asking people in a news forum.

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Posted in: How history textbooks will deal with the U.S. Capitol attack See in context


GOP rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has supported calls for the murder of political opponents, trump supporters carried bombs and were attempting to kill democratically elected leaders. Do you support these people and their actions? Is this what you call ‘draining the swamp’?

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Posted in: How history textbooks will deal with the U.S. Capitol attack See in context

"Truly draining the swamp, chasing them out of the Capitol like rats."

GOP- ‘The law and order party’ now arm in arm with terrorists.

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