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Posted in: Insults fly as Haley's rise makes her target at U.S. Republican debate See in context

What a pathetic state the GOP is in.

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Posted in: China calls for independent monitoring of treated Fukushima water See in context

Sure, right after we have an independent inquiry into the origins of COVID19.

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Posted in: Putin says we must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine See in context

You basically narrowed that down to 1 person on the whole world by time you disingenuously filtered it that specific.

How is that disingenuous? You said if Putin wanted him dead, he'd be dead. That is him, Zelensky- that is his situation. That is why Putin failed. You were specifically talking about Zelensky. He could not kill him because he's too well protected. The question was rhetorical. I can't make this easier to understand.

so Putin was a “killer” now he hasn’t really killed anybody? That’s a shift,


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Posted in: Putin says we must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine See in context

If Putin wanted Zelensky dead, he would be dead.

Given Vlad’s history that is certainly true.

How many national leaders, protected by loyal soldiers and bodyguards 24/7, all on a wartime footing and obviously prepared for attacks has Putin killed?

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Posted in: Australia beats India by six wickets to win Cricket World Cup for sixth time See in context

Amazing performance to flip the script on India, coming from 2 losses and looking at an early exit from the tournament. Well done Australia, 6 times world champions.

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Posted in: Abortion rights victories show issue unlikely to fade in 2024 U.S. elections See in context

Another issue that will propel Trump to victory.

You haven’t been paying attention.

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Posted in: From Hollywood to auto work, organized labor flexing its muscles See in context

There's power in a factory, power in the land

Power in the hand of the worker

But it all amounts to nothing if together we don't stand

There is power in a union

Billy Bragg

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Posted in: Civilians flee north Gaza as Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in fighting See in context

No, but who has a their boot on the necks of the Palestinian people?


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Posted in: Civilians flee north Gaza as Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in fighting See in context

Netanyahu's plan is to force the 2 million Arabs into Souther Gaza and take over the north. Then squeeze the Arabs into Egypt.

Just a plan, nothing etched in stone, nothing concrete yet

...They can protest all day long, but at the end of the day it’s Israel’s call as to how they want to execute this war. Reckoning is coming.

.....So was the slaughter of 6 million innocent Jews.

I always find it strange that some people will decry the attempted genocide of the Jews in the Holocaust and then blithely support Israel's continued attempt to do the same thing to the Palestinian people.

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Posted in: Adidas says it may write off remaining unsold Yeezy shoes after breakup with Ye See in context

What Kanye said is nothing by now compared to what some of the Far left elected officials have said.

‘Kanye West spewed a torrent of antisemitic remarks before he appeared on Alex Jones’ show in early December to praise Nazis and Hitler. “I see good things about Hitler,” West said during the bizarre three-hour interview where he falsely claimed Hitler had invented highways and microphones.’ Rolling Stone

More easily disproved rubbish

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Posted in: At least 22 dead in Maine shooting, dozens injured; firearms instructor sought See in context

Land of gun care and health control. Thoughts and prayers, stat!

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Posted in: Mike Johnson, staunch conservative from Louisiana, elected House speaker with broad GOP support See in context

Lol. How long will this one last?

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Posted in: Indigenous Australians end week of silence; denounce 'shameful' referendum result See in context

No campaign based on fear and misinformation. A missed opportunity.

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Posted in: Republicans pick Jim Jordan as nominee for House speaker, putting job within the Trump ally's reach See in context

The GOP couldn’t organize a bun fight in a bakery. You’re having a laugh if you think they can lead a country.

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Posted in: Japan players channel samurai spirit in 'do or die' Rugby World Cup match against Argentina See in context

Blossoms as in Cherry Blossoms being brave doesn't seem to cut it for one of the toughest, hardest, ferocious games there is.

Well, Australia’s team is the Wallabies- hardly an imposing nickname- though given their recent form, you may have a point.

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Posted in: U.S. House ousts Kevin McCarthy as leader in historic vote See in context

To call the GOP a clown show would be a huge insult to clowns.

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Posted in: Judge in Trump fraud trial imposes gag order after Trump lashes out at clerk See in context

She didn’t look to happy yesterday after the judge had to throw out the majority of her fake charges. Haha

The judge has already directly debunked this assertion. The most basic fact checking would have told you this.

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Posted in: On the brink of federal shutdown, House passes 45-day funding plan and sends it to Senate See in context

Hamstrung by extremists and paralyzed by their inability to move beyond their corrupt sexual assaulting leader. A vote for the GOP is a vote for chaos

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Posted in: White House preparing for government shutdown as House Republicans lack a viable endgame for funding See in context

Does the GOP think nobody can see the dysfunctional state of their party? It’s blindingly obvious that they are not a serious alternative to the Democrats.

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Posted in: Rapper Eminem tells Ramaswamy to drop the mic, quit playing songs See in context

Reallysmarmy seems like the perfect guy to walk the GOP into losing in ‘24 with Trump. Clueless on policy, just like him

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Posted in: Will Trump show up at next week's presidential debate? GOP rivals preparing for it See in context

It's funny watching the GOP eat itself as it dawns on them they can't win with the criminal Trump in charge and they lack the spine to ditch him.

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Posted in: Global COVID cases up 80% as new subvariant rises See in context

So the newer variant, which is different from older variants, is less dangerous. I don't see how that's controversial.

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Posted in: Global COVID cases up 80% as new subvariant rises See in context

Oh the WHO calls this a low risk to public health like the other Omicron variants. Weren’t saying it a while ago we’re they

What does this mean? They were saying it was low risk or they weren't?

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Posted in: Rampant France set up Australia clash; Colombia also into quarters See in context

'I'm sorry for what happened'- not 'sorry for what I did'. Cop out.

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Posted in: Trump to attend Iowa State Fair, likely stealing limelight from 2024 rival DeSantis See in context

How'd that Ohio ballot go?

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Posted in: U.S. military may put armed troops on commercial ships in Strait of Hormuz to stop Iran seizures See in context

ever since the newly woke Navy got their sailors captured by Iran under Obama, the mystique was gone as it relates to them being an Iran deterrent. nobody is scared of our Navy under Democrat "leadership".

"There's another side of this," said Schanzer. "They understood that there was a change in the rules of the risk/reward calculus, but they also seem to understand that there was less of a policy with regard to their regional activity from Yemen to Iraq to Syria."

So while Iran has dropped the very visible, US-centric naval run-ins, it's picked up on recruiting militias, deploying its armed forces to Syria, and supplying anti-US and anti-Israel militant groups.

Per your article.

So they stopped the meaningless harrassment for internal political points, but increased their actual ability to harm the US and its allies because Trump was, as usual, completely unable to understand anything beyond immediate optics. Big win.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers meet with Jack Smith's team ahead of possible 2020 election indictment See in context


Did NOT need that image this morning. Also, I think he has enough of his own cosmetics.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers meet with Jack Smith's team ahead of possible 2020 election indictment See in context

Biden! The Dems! The WH! RINOs! The DOJ! You forgot aliens and Bigfoot.

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Posted in: Israeli military kills 3 alleged Palestinian gunmen in volatile West Bank See in context

In the occupied West Bank- occupied by whom…

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Posted in: In ‘Oppenheimer,’ Christopher Nolan builds a thrilling, serious blockbuster for adults See in context

And this is how to romanticize the biggest war crime in history..

You've seen the movie?

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