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Posted in: Use of selfie sticks banned at 1,195 stations in Japan See in context

Let's not forget the Japanese tourist who died trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal - he fell down some stairs...

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Posted in: 73-yr-old woman in coma after being hit by scooter; 2 youths arrested See in context

You can get a license for a 50cc scooter at 16 but that is single rider only. The boys were probably riding 2 up illegally on the 50cc so panicked.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks creates online archive of hacked Sony documents See in context

What about his "sex crimes"? Doesn't that also belong in the public domain?

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Posted in: Mass beaching fuels fears of imminent quake See in context

It is probable that the whales are simply lost because of a navigation failure caused by seaquake-induced sinus barotrauma. These conditions will make diving for food very painful and thus the whales, being blind due to the sinus barotrauma will follow the current where it takes them.

Quoting from Captain David Williams (link below) "It helps us to know that melon-headed whales like to hang out along the edges of deep drop offs; they also like to visit nearby shallow water. For this reason, many pods of melon-headed whales have been observed offshore of Guam Island. This means that if there was a whale-dangerous earthquake off Guam, a pod of melon-headed whales might a pressure-related sinus injury. They would then beach themselves somewhere downstream from Guam.

In the hundreds of mass stranding we have traced over the last 40 years; we find the average downstream distance between a seaquake epicenter and the stranding beach is about 2,400 miles and about 23 days later.

As it turns out, the main current flowing along Hokota beach also flows right through the waters of Guam. Thus, if there was a nasty seaquake near Guam in which the time and distance traveled downstream also agrees with the stranding date, then this event becomes highly suspicious.

Like magic, we find that just such event occurred did occur off Guam 19 days prior to the stranding and about 2,400 miles upstream from the stranding beach. Under ideal conditions, the pod could travel ~125 miles per day so the time and distanced fits with the stranding date. Since Guam is also a known habitat for melon-headed whales, this seaquake seems even more likely to be the cause of the beaching."

Please refer to the below link which adds some light to the subject


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Posted in: Bright and early See in context

Beautiful. Would love to visit at this hour.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

Skip the pub / TGIF and head to Hooters with the mates? Sounds like a plan to me.

"I think they will have trouble competing with family restaurants, izakaya, hostess clubs, or "health" clubs."

Family restaurants has been on the decline for the past 12 years - look at the Skylark group and Denny's for evidence. Izakaya is a slightly different market in terms of food and atmosphere but Hooters can take some of this business depending on location. Hostess and Health Clubs are mizushobai and completely different business - they are not restaurants.

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Posted in: Shippers say China slows handling of Japan goods See in context

Prior to this fiasco, Japan was experimenting with different materials to replace rare earth. While still experimental, they have come up with some solutions and all these events will serve to put this experimenting on the front burner.

Unfortunately, companies have invested billions into China and from experience, getting your money out of China is like checking out of the Hotel California.

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