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Posted in: Woman walks into police station with body of infant in her bag See in context

Yeah guys stop pointing fingers, its not her fault. She's too young to know that giving birth to a baby and not seeking medical help could result in the death of her newborn.

I mean it could have been the fathers fault. He obviously didn't wear protection, and then stick around to take care of her and the baby. She didn't have any control over her body, the situation, or other circumstances.

Or it could have been her parents or teachers ok? they didn't teach her that certain decisions can have bad outcomes.

Or maybe it was the governments fault for not providing adequate social services to make sure all child births are cost free, and then providing life sustaining welfare for her and the baby. That way she would have had hope and not just let the baby die.

we can't blame her ok? we don't have enough facts. Maybe she was stranded on a mountain during birth, and it took her a week to climb down to seek help. There aren't enough hospitals up in the mountains ok?

You guys have no Heart ! we as a society should all be to blame. its the responsible people in society who have to take care of everyone else who is less fortunate. Because less fortunate individuals in Japan don't have a fair deal when it comes to money, education, parenting, and common sense.

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Posted in: Tokyo investors to keep an eye on yen See in context

Ahhhh the flow of easy money....how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)

I'm so glad I finally bought into the Japanese stock market in 2011

At this rate, I can cash out and retire in just 1-2 more years

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Posted in: Don’t call them fat; call them Marshmallow Girls See in context

I have nothing against chubby women, but I personally wouldn't date one, as it generally is a reflection of their attitude / work ethic towards life.

If you let yourself go too much, then it probably bleeds into other aspects of their life (work, relationships, child raising, etc)

Maybe if I was a lazy overweight man, who didn't have high standards when it comes to life / work / health, then I would be with a chubby woman.

But if I am going to Not be lazy , take care of my body, and aspire for something greater, I would only want a woman who is willing to do the same.

So I don't think we should put these women down, as a way to motivate them. Instead maybe state some facts to them.

Such as, generally women who are in shape, have a higher chance of getting a more attractive man. Or staying in shape leads to a longer life. Or show them the statistics of how an increase in BMI leads to a decrease in future net worth.

These would be better motivational tools imo.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs Y5.5 trillion stimulus package to offset tax hike effect See in context


GO GO stock market !

I <3 Abe, please keep that printing press going

Come on exchange rate hit 110~120 JPY per USD pleaseeee

The good times be coming

Just ride the wave guys, and don't worry about the eventual crash, cause the crash is coming regardless if the stimulus or not.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV Europe awards See in context

I applaud her

She understands that she has this short window of opportunity to cash in on her craziness, before the next generation role model dethrones her by flashing more vajayjay than she did.

If people are going to put her on Magazines, pay her $$$, and allow her to have power over millions of young minds, you shouldn't blame her.

You should blame the ones who endorse this behavior and fund her enterprise.

Lets see.... would I rather dress like slut, act like a tard on stage for a few years, but then fly back to my mansion full of cash on my private helicoptor, or....would I rather work 12 hours in a cubicle for the next 45+ years, living like the 99% of the zombies in this planet.

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

I would have just taken the rice and ate it myself as payment

Then probably the guy wouldn't do that again :P

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Posted in: Ex-soccer star Maezono released after night in jail for assaulting taxi driver See in context

Money = Freedom

Apparently Freedom to do stupid things and get off without hard consequences

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Posted in: Japan calls for more than short-term fix to U.S. budget dispute See in context

Seroiusly we all know they are going to raise the debt ceiling and kick the can down the road.

They are not going to default, they will just raise the debt ceiling.

At this point it doesn't even matter anymore. 17 Trillion ? whats another 1-2 Trillion ?

As long as the rest of the world is willing to use the Dollar, then it still has value even if you pile on more debt and print more money.

No one is going to move away from the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. The USA has the strongest military, and the largest Economy.

Everyone is tied together, you can't just dump the dollar and expect the rest of the world to be ok, so you have to let the US raise the debt ceiling.

None of this debate matters, we already know what congress and the president are going to do, and they will keep doing it until the rest of the world can come up with a way to hack off the USA without destroying themselves in the process.

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Posted in: Traditional computer sales eroded by love of tablets See in context

I don't know why everyone loves tablets. I can't function without a keyboard and a mouse. Tapping on a touchscreen the entire day for 8+ hours to do work, would just drive me nuts

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Posted in: People playing it safe with their money See in context


I didn't buy the house for an investment. Houses aren't investments unless you are collecting rent from them. Houses are all liabilities and are not assets unless they are generating income for you.

I never understood the concept that a house was an appreciating asset. Why does a house go up in value the older it gets? I can understand the LAND might go up based on the location you are living in, but the actual house on top of the land, should never appreciate.

I bought my house cause I was able to build my dream house while paying only like 20000 yen more a month.

Also I don't live in the downtown area, more like the suburbs, since you can't get a decent size house anywhere in a major city downtown (unless you are super rich)

plus, I work from home, and about 30% of my mortgage , utilities, etc are tax deductible.

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Posted in: People playing it safe with their money See in context

My 35 year loan on my 50,000,000 yen mortgage is only 1.12% fixed, and that was with only 5,000,000 down

Banks are very happy to be giving out money right now for home loans

I could have put a lot more on a down payment, but if banks are going to lend at such a low rate, why not just take the loan and use the cash as a safety net or for other real investments

went from a 1LDK to a 4 bedroom 2 car garage house, and I'm only paying 22000yen more a month than when I was renting and paying for a parking spot.

Its stupid not to buy in Japan, especially if you can get loans at such low rates.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

I often think the women who decide to be full time housewives are smarter than the ones who don't, because they probably see how stressed out and tired their salaryman fathers are, and realized it isn't as glamorous as politicians, feminists, and the liberal agenda portray it to be.

95% of the people on this planet only work because they HAVE to and not because they want to. The ultimate goal of working is so that you can save up money, to retire and not work. So maybe women who want to be housewives realized this and didn't want to join up in the rat race?

I am all for the traditional housewives. Just as long as they don't take it for granted, put in the effort at home, and take care of the husband and kids. If they do all that, then I have no problems with my wife going out with her friends for starbucks, shopping, and lunch, because the happier she is, the happier I am, and generally the more she appreciates and supports the long hard hours I put into my business.

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Posted in: 18-month-old girl dies after being left alone in hot room for 18 hours See in context

The reason why people look down upon single mothers, is because its a choice the woman is making, and its her responsibility to live with those choices.

Its not up to society (aka other tax payers) to pick up the slack because she decided to have a baby out of wedlock or family support.

A woman has control over her body (here in Japan), and she had options before conception, and even after getting pregnant. But since she chose to have the baby, it is her responsibility to raise the child properly and no blame should be given to a lack of social services.

We live in the year 2013, there is information freely available for education about becoming a single parent. There are tons of blogs, videos, books, other people etc, who give out this information and share their experience. There are places she could have gone for help, perhaps even free daycare facilities etc. Leaving your child alone for 18 hours in the middle of summer with no AC on is very bad, and should be a common sense thing NOT to do.

Yes this is a sad story, and it is obvious that she wasn't prepared to handle being a single mother, but she made her choice. No one held a gun to her head and forced her to have the baby. So now she has to live with the consequences (criminal and of course emotional)

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Posted in: Samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rival Apple See in context

ughhhh more gadgets and toys that somehow are suppose to enhance our lives...

Maybe I'm just old...but what is with the need to connect everything and everyone together ?

Does my watch really need to connect to my phone which connects to TV which connects to idk...my coffeepot

I don't understand how any of this enhances our lives at all.

Do we really need to always be notified that someone msged us, or posted some new pictures on facebook, during every second of our short lives?

is it not cool to wear like a regular stylish wristwatch or to use regular glasses which don't make me feel like I'm a character in Dragonball Z ?

Please someone tell me.....am I just too old to understand all of this?

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Posted in: BOJ says Japan's economy recovering moderately See in context

I like optimistic news more than pessimistic ones

Shouldn't we be cheering on the economy getting better, and people getting more jobs and higher pay?

Remember the Economy also has a lot to do with how people perceive the situation as well, so lets think positive people.

Lets cheer on the yen inflating, because I could always use more yen in my pocket.

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Posted in: Samsung to unveil smartwatch next month See in context

I am a bit confused, so while I have my phone in my pocket, my watch will also ring / beep etc to tell me that I have mail to check on my phone?

Do I have to put a simcard in my watch now too?

Or maybe if I'm too lazy to pull out my phone to take a picture, i point my wrist at something like spiderman style and it snaps a picture for me?

I am very confused as to what I would use a smartwatch for....

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Posted in: Gasoline prices reach highest level since Oct 2008 See in context

9400 yen to fill up my tank yesterday woot !!

But its worth it, cause nothing beats the sound of a beastly V10 engine

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Posted in: Abe may rethink sales tax hike See in context

They can increase sales tax to 15% for all I care, as long as they reduce income taxes by the same %

I will gladly take high consumption taxes over high income taxes

Then maybe people wouldn't waste their money on just consuming, and instead save / invest / spend it on educating themselves etc

We as humans already consume way too much. We don't need to always buy the latest gadgets, toys, fashions, etc

Would probably make people value the things they already posses much higher, and take care of them better.

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Posted in: Has preferential treatment for women gone too far in Japan? See in context

Maybe its because Japanese women spend more money and time on things like travel, shopping, lunches, cafes, leisure, going to school, etc than men do , and this leads to businesses wanting to make it friendly for women to patronize their establishments ?

I as a business owner, I would cater to women as long as the increase in female customers outweighs the loss of the male customers

If men are not going to group up and voice their opinions (like women do) , then the men will have no power to change anything.

Most men will just opt out of patronizing that establishment, than rather openly voice their opinions.

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Posted in: 94% of Japanese women don’t feel confident in a swimsuit, survey reveals See in context

This is a good thing, as long as it makes them want to stay thin and in shape. I'd rather have 94% feel they need to try harder to wear a bikini, than have 94% think they look awesome in one regardless of how fat they are (a.k.a. American women)

Still, must be rough to be a woman. Since so much value is placed on just their appearance and they are taught from a young age (from tv, magazines, peers, idols, etc) that beauty trumps all other aspects of their being.

If only Japanese girls could enter the mind of us guys for 1 day, they would realize that we don't focus on such small details as whether they are 120pounds instead of 115, or if they have a little tummy fat showing while they wear a bikini. Since men are pretty much programmed to be attracted to them regardless of such small details.

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese households expecting price hikes this year See in context


Its not about being fortunate, its about hard work and not wasting your money or time. When I go shopping, I always do this quick math in my head, "If I buy this 10000yen pair of sneakers, how many hours will it take for me to recoupe the loss of 10000yen", and 99% of the time, I don't buy things unless its an absolute need.

Under-consume, live within your means, SAVE money, so that when opportunities do arise (such as abenomics), you can jump on it and increase your wealth.

I was bankrupt and in huge debt 3 years ago, and you know what got me out of it? Working 7 days a week, 16-18 hours a day, and the determination that I was not going to accept my crappy situation in life.

It has nothing to do with being fortunate. Its all about determination and not wasting away your earnings.

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Posted in: Man stabs 2 neighbors in Kumamoto town See in context

And...this is why I have a wall, gate, alarm and Cameras around my house. Even here in Japan its not safe to trust the people next door. Humans be scary yo

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese households expecting price hikes this year See in context

I <3 Abenomics

The people who don't like Abenomics are the ones who don't take advantage of the situation. There is always ways to make money in deflation and inflation, it just requires the correct positioning of your capital

20% increase in my networth due to Abenomics makes me a happy panda

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Posted in: Man who embezzled Y130 mil from IBM held for ripping Microsoft off See in context

What I never understand is, how come these people who successfully steal such large quantities of money, never leave the country or just vanish ?

Its like they are asking to get caught after they pulled off the heist.

300 million yen is more than enough to live comfortably for the rest of your life. Why not fake your own death and assume a new identity ? or leave the country and go live life out on some tropical paradise

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Posted in: Japan trying to confirm N Korean missile launch status See in context

Can we give them bennigan's coupons and free bubblegum ?

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Posted in: Stocks close 2.80% higher as yen further weakens See in context

Dometic investors like myself, and large corporations etc. Sellers aren't just selling the JPY, the gov't is dumping cash into the system (or will dump cash etc)

This be some fun times ^_^

Easy money is always nice, as long as you can play the game

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context

YESSSSSS !!!! /dance

Come on 120yen / 1 usd !!!

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Posted in: Man robs Nagoya McDonald's of Y2.6 mil See in context

When your working at McDonalds, I doubt you would be willing to risk your life to defend the store's money, unless you are the owner of the Franchise

The workers did the right thing. Just give them the cash, insurance company pays back the loss, and police go after the criminal

I would only fight back if I KNEW the guy was going to hurt someone for sure, even after you gave him the money

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Posted in: 10 drivers to be charged over 2011 pileup involving 8 Ferraris and a Lamborghini See in context

Trust me, 95% of supercar owners are very narcissistic

I know this because I am one.

Luckily for me I don't belong to one of those "lets be douchebags together" car club groups

I like to bask in my douchery alone.

There is no douchier feeling like intentionally putting the top down for no reason, on my Gallardo in the middle of traffic while smoking and drinking my starbucks.

What makes it the best is I dress like a bum, so it makes me look like I didn't earn it

Trust me, we have emotional issues :)

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Posted in: 2 stabbed to death, 5 wounded by Chinese man in Hiroshima Pref See in context

Unless someone is holding a gun to your head and making you work there, its no excuse to kill people to take our your frustrations in life. Especially attacking innocents

Even if this worker was getting treated badly and not paid well, it was ultimately his choice to stay there and keep working.

If he was upset at his situation in life, he should have left the company, and moved on to something else. Not stab and kill as many co-workers as possible

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