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Posted in: 1,650 sue government, TEPCO over Fukushima damages See in context

Money isn't going to solve this situation. If I was the plantiffs I would rather be asking for land & a home in another part of Japan as payment

Because you have 1600 , asking for 50,000 a month x 12 months = 960000000 yen a year

So the J-Gov't will just issue more debt, fire up the printing presses and magically make more money to pay these people, which won't help them at all, and just further debases the currency

Why not relocate them to another part of Japan, give them land and homes so they can move on with their lives.

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Posted in: Property mogul Kawamoto accused of evading Y862 mil in taxes See in context

He's already 81 people, its not gonna happen. Also the fact that he is 81 and finally got caught, probably means he didn't pay even more the past 50+ years.

Pretty sure he dodged so much more than 860mil yen in taxes.

Plus he's lived the Grand lifestyle, its not gonna matter anymore, he had his fun, and played the system. Even though he got caught now, its already too late.

Trust me you ask any average crap pay worker, if they would rather live a crappy life live till 85-90, or live the life this guy had but get caught at 80, I think most people would choose what this guy did.

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Posted in: Tokyo store concierge service helps clueless men shop for girlfriends See in context

I give my wife gifts everyday. The roof over her head, the electricity turning on, hot water, and food in the fridge.

Oh and the comfort of knowing that her future and our families future will never be in need

Its why anything more that I give her, is always 100% appreciated, no matter how big or small

I feel bad for the guys who have to pick out the perfect gift or else it leads to arguments / emotional backlash

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Posted in: Man arrested for having his kids work on his newspaper delivery route See in context

2am, doesn't matter. The kids are learning a valuable lesson, that most kids in this generation have all but forgotten. I wish my Father taught me the valuable lesson of working a crappy job at crappy hours for crap pay when I was very young. As then I probably wouldn't have wasted my 20's, and would have achieved success much sooner. Plus if the kids wanted to help their ill Father, that says a lot more than the spoiled brats I see who won't lift a finger for their own families, and are too self absorbed in their own lives.

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Posted in: Father dies sheltering 9-year-old daughter from blizzard See in context

No need to worry about the girl. She will grow up super strong, as now she has a big reason to keep on living. To honor her father's memory by accomplishing her dreams.

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Posted in: Putting the magnifying glass on the 1% See in context

Yes but America's Gov't is now extremely large, and its not helping to solve any problems.

How much larger does the Gov't need to get to create this even playing field for all participants?

Also the working people gained the most standard of living under a less regulated market. Its why the USA had its huge boom after WW2.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy survives fall from 12th-floor window See in context

If this kid survives he will be Superhero right? I mean isn't this how kids discover their hidden powers?

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Posted in: Putting the magnifying glass on the 1% See in context


yeah I understand what you are saying, and I know you can't just work hard at doing any job, but its the hard work + being creative + taking calculated risks that leads to the success

I cornered the market in what I did, because I saw the demand for it , even though it was a small niche market.

But that is where all success starts nowadays. You have to build a small base group of loyal fans / customers, then treat them very well, and they will spread the word for you.

The system you are describing though, sounds like you would need to use govt force / power to dictate the rules of the land. Which isn't very democratic, since elected gov't officials are also human beings who crave more power and the want to stay in office.

The only reason why the 1% can retain their power, is because they can influence the gov't to do its will , either through force, or by creating new laws / rules which benefit them

So are you advocating a more Libertarian approach to things? Because that means a Free Market which is where capitalism and only the strong survive

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Posted in: Sony slashes price of PlayStation Vita in Japan See in context

I figure they should just make a docking controller type thing that the Xperia phones fit into, so you can have that hand held console feel while just playing games on the new Xperia Z or future quad core phones etc

That way you can just totally eliminate the waste that is the portable hand held gaming department and pump more R&D into the smartphones or main gaming console (PS4 etc etc)

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Posted in: Microsoft's Outlook takes aim at Google's Gmail See in context

Unless Microsoft is able to lock people into using it on their new Windows 8 tablets and soon to be phones, I don't think it will work out

And of course this is also only if people jump on the Windows 8 bandwagon and abandon Android and iOS.....which I don't see happening any time soon

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Posted in: Thieves get away with iPhones, iPads, cash from 2 Ibaraki stores See in context

I thought all iPhones in Japan are sold through the carriers such as Softbank and AU, and they are locked to the networks

Also can't these shops report the IMEI numbers to Softbank and AU and have the phones completely hard locked ?

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Posted in: Putting the magnifying glass on the 1% See in context

yes, I got to where I am now because i was "LUCKY" , it had nothing to do with my work ethic and change in attitude towards how I was living my life.

don't worry guys, i will get whats coming to me.

I'm obviously an evil person who exploits people for my personal gain, and karma will give me that swift kick in the butt in the future

yes I cannot be worth 6 figures. Its not like I reinvest my earnings while under consuming and keeping my expenses as low as possible. its not like I expand my business and take care of my customers up until 5AM everyday then wake up again at 9AM to do it all over again 362 days a year (took 3 days off last year because I caught a cold)

Also I didn't find a great niche market where I could target my business, build a strong brand reputation, and get the lead ahead of my competition.

None of these things determined the success my business is having now.

it was all fairydust, rainbows and leprechauns

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Posted in: Protesters urge Obama to act on global warming See in context

I am in favor if borrowing billions / trillions of more dollars and raising taxes on everyone, so that I can breathe cleaner air while texting and playing games on my iPhone and drinking my starbucks

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Posted in: Putting the magnifying glass on the 1% See in context

I never understand people who just accept their situation when they have the freedom to change it through hard work, creativity and ambition

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Posted in: Putting the magnifying glass on the 1% See in context

god....yes lets blame all the rich people.....QQ moar you lazy bums

I've been super poor, and guess who's fault it was? MINE

I was lazy, I didn't take risks, I just did what everyone else did, and it sucked, but it was MY FAULT

So because now I earn over 6 figures , because I decided to work 18 hour days 7 days a week for the past 2-3 years to get to where I am now, that means I somehow exploited someone?

Everyone is capable of achieving what they want, its just about having that HUNGER for it.

Most people want success without putting in the sacrifice, and that is why the 99% cry about injustice

Even if you think the system is Rigged against you, do you just give up? No, you find ways to either USE the system to your advantage, or you create your own system and set of rules

Don't make excuses if you aren't happy with your life, go out and do something about it. Go get what your worth

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Posted in: U.S. gains 157,000 jobs See in context

I wonder how many of these jobs created were in the Private sector and how many were created by the Obama sector

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' kicking average wage-earner in teeth See in context

.......prices in Japan are already super expensive

The massive 20-30 yen deflation of the YEN didn't help to make prices cheaper for the common man

Has anyone honestly noticed super cheap prices suddenly appear the past 4-5 years at the gas pump or at the grocery store?

I didn't see Uniqlo's prices suddenly drop by 20-30% because the YEN got stronger

I didn't see the 150 yen per liter gas price change to 120 yen per liter because the YEN got stronger

Im still spending the same amount of money per month on food and gas and utilities the past 4-5 years as I was during the early 2000's

So how is a currency getting inflated changing anything in Japan ? Its not

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Posted in: I'm very proud of my job. But I still have a house loan to pay. It's upsetting to see one's much-awaited retirement allowance slashed by 1.5 million yen. See in context

That is why You don't pay into the NENKIN or other pensions as its not a guarantee

And even if you do the math , you would have to live until you are over 85 to see any real gain from a pension

You would do a lot better if you took that money and invested it yourself, or used it to start your own business that way you aren't forced to pay into the Social Security that you will never be able to collect

Its always better to control your own finances and plan your own future than it is to leave it in the hands of others (especially the govt)

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Posted in: Woman throws newborn baby out of toilet window See in context

Everyday some mom does stuff like this, and we wonder why Japan's population is not growing....

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Posted in: Looming layoffs: Which workers are at greatest risk? See in context

Yup, start your own business guys, its the only way to go

Sucks at first though, because you have to put in 16-18 hours a day to make sure it doesn't fail, and you work 7 days a week, but if you can make it, you don't have to deal with all the typical BS that comes with being employed by someone else

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Posted in: Why Japanese men can’t stop spending money just to drink and talk with girls See in context

Well when you go for work related things, you can just write it all off from your taxes

So there you go, benefits the people going, benefits the women working, Money changes hands, and the economy keeps on chugging along ^_^

but generally you want to stay away from the cheapo places

If you are going to go, make it one of the exclusive or very high class places (generally you need an invite though to get in) but its a fun experience

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Posted in: How to survive quakes, crime, poverty in big city See in context

I think most Japanese are still pretty lucky as being poor in Tokyo is better than being poor in lots of other places around the world :P

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Posted in: World's longest bullet train service begins in China See in context

I am sure the Chinese have only employed the best and the brightest engineers and conductors to operate / manage the train

Do you really think China would cut corners and sacrifice safety to claim having the fastest / longest bullet train railway system?

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Posted in: Toyota launches new Crown series sedans See in context

I don't understand why they say the Crown is the top end Toyota Sedan, when the actual top end Toyota Sedan is the Lexus LS

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Posted in: Dollar hits new 20-month high, passing 85 yen See in context

GO GO YEN ! I am so happy

If the yen goes back to 100 YEN per 1 USD, you will see a youtube video of me running nekkid and dancing in the streets

Just this recent small devaluation of the Yen by 4-5 yen has been huge for my business. I can actually give higher bonuses to my employees for this year end

And trust me inflation isn't going to to affect people who don't over consume, and who actually save their money or invest it to get a higher return.

Plus in the past 4-5 years since the yen has dropped by 20-30%, I haven't seen a a 20-30% price drop on food or gas or other basic needs. Things are still just as expensive in Japan today as they were 4-5 years ago. It still costs me 9000 YEN to fill up my gas tank every week, it still cost me 40000 yen to have Xmas dinner at the same restaurant as 4-5 years ago. My electric bill is still the same as well, as are all other bills

So yeah, i'd rather have the 100-110YEN per 1 USD again please...k thx

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Posted in: 2 men steal Y600,000 from sushi store See in context

People need Safes which weigh alot more or are bolted to the ground

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

Ok Abe, get to work and start printing that YEN

Need to fix the exchange rates so I can buy more flashy toys that make me look like a bigger douchebag ^_^

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Posted in: Labor ministry says 25% suffer 'power harassment' at work See in context

I don't see why this is even a problem

The corporate world is not sunshine and rainbows, and its full of selfish, backstabbing, sociopaths who only care about number 1

this is why we have this thing called Freedom of Choice

If the environment around you is not to your liking, then you can grow some balls, tell your superiors to suck it, and leave for another job

There you go, problem solved

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Posted in: 17-year-old dead, 16-year-old seriously injured following police chase See in context

Darwinism working its magic

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Posted in: Winter power-saving campaign begins See in context

I have my heat on 24/7 and even when Im not there and the kotsu on all the time

I like my house to be 26degrees C at all times

Why do we have to cut back? i thought consumption is what the world govts want us to do

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