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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context


I understand refugees escaping countries in the Middle East, which have been torn apart by the US instigated wars there, but most coming from Nepal, the Philippines, and Turkey?

It's because a huge number of people who arrive here and cannot get a visa apply for refugee status (no matter where they are from). They do this because they have a slightly better chance of getting a temporary visa, which they use to live in Japan indefinitely. These people don't care that real refugees get treated more harshly because of their actions, they just want a visa.

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Posted in: Hitman See in context

To promote a movie released in October last year in the US... They should just try stop dubbing foreign movies and release them earlier.

It's nothing to do with the amount of time it takes to dub a film. Often for smaller films, it's simply cost and numbers of prints, as well as the fact the piracy is not a big problem here, so no matter when they release it people will go to to cinema to watch it. If Japan were more piracy inclined the films would arrive faster.

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