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Posted in: Frenchman to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

Has everyone forgotten that the Pacific Ocean between the US and Japan has been contaminated with tritium? Does everyone have early onset Alzheimer's?

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Posted in: Lawmaker drinks decontaminated water from Fukushima plant See in context

Kamekaze nuclear power advocacy. Glad to see the spirit is still strong even though the body will soon be stricken with cancer.Tritium cannot be filtered out to my knowledge.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

The death penalty is way overboard for this type of offense. People who support this verdict by attesting that people should respect the laws of other countries do not value the sanctity of human life over the law. I find that to be morally inadequate.

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Posted in: Toshiba to participate in solar photovoltaic and wind power generation project in Aichi See in context

I believe that the majority of our power generation for domestic and daily needs can be taken care of by distributed renewable energy sources such as this, but what about high energy flux density projects such as space travel and water desalinization?

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Posted in: Samsung seeks iPhone sales ban in Japan, Australia See in context

You can't pay twice as much for the equivelant hardware and insist people think you are a prudent consumer. You can't wear diapers and insist people treat you like an adult. You can't use an Apple and force people to think your are intelligent. You are all fools and I am glad I will always have more money after buying a computer which will last longer than your's, is faster, is upgradable and has no significant virus issues.

I support samsung. My screens are much better than Apples.

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Posted in: How Japanese manga can land international travelers in jail See in context

I believe in your right to, "educate," someone who you believe is doing wrong and I also believe in that persons right to sue you in a court for that, "education." The thing I have to ask is why does anyone think the government has the right to search all of your stuff at the airport or why you can be put in prison for a year for cartoons? Don't give me some nonsense about terrorism because all of the studies show that airport security does not stop terrorism. And if you don't believe in the people's right to possess cartoons, no matter how vile or offensive you deem them to be, then you are just a totalitarian, freedom-hating fool.

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Posted in: Ozawa says aides' convictions 'unbelievable' in a democracy See in context

What is interesting about this article is that being convicted or not could not under any circumstance be attributed to the presence of democracy or lack there of. It merely is a gage of the state of a nations jurisprudence.

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Posted in: Rumors, lies may kill more of Japan’s rural and working poor than radiation itself See in context

Here is some information that cannot be refuted. This disaster is releasing far more radiogenic nuclei much faster than was ever released from the Chernobyl meltdown even by the inflated number of sensationalist people with, “an agenda to bloat them.” If anything is circumstantial it is the obfuscating nonsense this author is peddling whose agenda is apparently to keep everyone asking meaningless questions instead of protecting themselves and the ones they love. Prepare for cancer, heart disease and other radiation induced illnesses on an unprecedented level in northern Japan. If you don't like it, pick up your family and leave that death trap.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 cheer Palin in Michigan for book tour See in context

Palin is a moron. The media is trying to set her up as the next president. likely because she is a complete moron.

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