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Posted in: Teacher questioned for failing to stop bullying that resulted in student's suicide See in context

^I think he means*there is no "perpetrator" in sex if it is consensual, however a child is apparently not capable of giving consent because they're not responsible for their actions...**

Which is a fair point. Assuming both parties are responsible for their actions, the child would be equally as guilty in cases where they were willing to have sex...

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Posted in: Kagawa starts campaign to 'change' name to Udon Prefecture See in context

I read this as "Udon prefecture wants to change it's name". And I was like, well no kidding, what a stupid name. Then I realized no such prefecture existed, so I clicked on this article. They want to change it TO udon? omg ....

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Posted in: Man slashed with knife after confronting thief at Tokyo Station See in context

Isn't vendored beer really, really cheap in Japan? Why would he still that?

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Posted in: Outrage as bleeding Chinese girl left on street See in context

DO NOT watch the video like Ninjadreams said to. I did and I'm traumatized. All that's necessary to know is that what the article said was true. I really wish I could have unseen that.

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Posted in: One dead after 3 stabbed in Hiroshima Pref restaurant See in context

-.- Sorry if you're vocabulary isn't up to par, but there's literally no other word as accurate as that one.

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Posted in: Samsung seeks iPhone sales ban in Japan, Australia See in context

I hope apple loses. They don't deserve to walk over other companies just cuz their a big name.

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Posted in: 84 children injected with radioactive substance at Kofu hospital See in context

NetNinja, not only would it be completely impossible to fabricate this story with so many people involved, but Yamanashi prefecture is not even remotely near the fukushima disaster- It's further away than tokyo. Please put your paranoia away.

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Posted in: 84 children injected with radioactive substance at Kofu hospital See in context

The radiation limit would have been set on the cautious side for sure, so if he went a little over it probably wouldn't have been a problem- it probably would've been more risky on their health to not have clear images.

However 10 times the allowable amount sounds completely unjustifiable.

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Posted in: IAEA team urges gov't to focus on reducing radiation danger to public See in context

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to move people out of the heavily contaminated areas and let nature take its course, instead of removing all this dirt to all over Japan? This solution of "decontamination" is a complete pipe dream.

Cheaper? Maybe. Better? Not a chance. Japan is only so large, and the population will continue to expand for the years to come. Just abandoning an area that huge with concentrated contamination will leave that area unlivible for hundreds if not thousands of years. They do not have the luxury of throwing away 8000 sq km of space. Shaking the current economic state is a small price to pay for the health of humans for generations to come."

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