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Katakana has everything to do with it.It is the main reason Japanese do not learn English.

Katakana is simply a character that reflects the Japanese phonological system almost exactly as it is. The very poor pronunciation of English by the Japanese is due to the Japaneseized English pronunciation. Alphabetizing it does not solve this problem. When humans pronounce a language with a completely different phonological system, they try to pronounce it within the phonology of their native language and cannot pronounce it well.

For example, some Maori place names in New Zealand cannot be pronounced correctly by English speakers, even though they are alphabetically written exactly as they are pronounced. Japanese speakers, on the other hand, can pronounce these place names very close to the original Maori pronunciation. This is because the Maori phonological system is very similar to that of Japanese.

There are several ways to transfer words from one language to the phonology of another language. The current Japanese transcription system is relatively good for learning English word spellings, but it is not suitable for learning English conversation skills. I believe the method once used by John Manjiro is better.

And the reason why Japanese do not learn English is the same reason why Americans and British do not learn foreign languages. It is because they do not need it in their lives. Many Americans do not want to learn Spanish, French, or German. In fact, many Americans do not even try to learn Latin, which is closely related to Christianity and scientific terminology.

Compared to the British/Americans, the Japanese are more diligent in learning foreign languages. Even if they do not speak English, a good number of them can read English to some extent. How many British/Americans can read foreign language texts?

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