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One major selling point of crypto was disintermediation and being outside the mainstream financial services system

And it still is. These ETFs are only for institutions and lazy people to get in on the action. No one is stopping you from buying and storing the underlying asset for yourself.

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Fair enough, all up to you. Was just thinking by keeping 5 you've still got your initial gamble back, plus a tidy profit, still with a free ride in the game, no more sleepless nights. But, must feel great to have helped your family like that.

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Well played, good for you. But why sell them all now? Could still run a long way from here. Why not hold onto 5 for the long run.

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Now all they need is a good option to vote for. It's not hard to see why people don't bother voting.

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Trying not to be a cynic here.... but... the good samaritan is the one posting about this on twitter? If it had been the person who lost the wallet recounting the tale that would make a lot of sense and be believable. But the person who did the good deed bragging about their actions.... Seems odd. Could be someone looking for a little attention.

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Komori told the police that he had become acquainted with the victim about two years ago through Twitter, and that his wife became jealous after finding out about her, the police have said.

So instead of cutting ties with the girl, the two plotted to kill her? Sickos. Premeditated. Hang them both.

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Shouldn't a booster be the same type / brand as your initial shots?

Not necessarily. Each vaccine targets a particular part of the virus, so a mix and match strategy could potentially offer a broader immune response. Hence why natural infection may offer a better immune response than the vaccines. The problem is there aren't likely to be large studies on this unless the governments of the world do it. Naturally the pharma companies would prefer you stick with their vaccines than change to another, so they're unlikely to do the studies.

I had Moderna the first teo shots. If or when I go for the booster, I'd go for a different vaccine, Novavax if I can

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That was a decent shake for sure. Enough to get me out of bed and topple over a few small things in the house.

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Posted in: Evidence shows that, yes, masks prevent COVID-19 – and surgical masks are the way to go See in context

A difficult thing to study and prove, but seems pretty intuitive that masks will help reduce the spread. The "masks don't work" crowd bug me. Just because something isn't 100% effective does not mean they don't work.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,004 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,277 See in context

Good to see severe cases on the way down now too.

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Some were predicting bodies on the streets

To be fair, people being refused hospital treatment and dying in their homes... kinda the same thing.

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Posted in: Japanese university developing coronavirus vaccine in form of a nasal spray See in context

Sell the formula to a pharma company. Commercialization problem solved.

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

I'd like to see the governments of the world doing mix and match studies, not just between the two mRNA vaccines, but all available vaccines. I've now had two Moderna shots and I'm not opposed to a booster despite having a very rough time after my second shot. If given the choice, I would have gone for the Novovax, but decided it was not worth the risk to wait for it. But, instead of a booster, what about a Novovax shot to top up...? It would be good to see some date on this approach. The pharma companies are not likely to do it as they want you locked into their product. Governments would need to do these studies.

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Posted in: Osaka to reuse Olympic cardboard beds for COVID-19 patients See in context

Good move. Why is Tokyo not following suit? The beds are already here, and needed.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

So he's going to change things, but doesn't say how... it'll be more government. No thanks.

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Yep, you were predicting 10,000 at one stage - so all is good indeed

Nice deflection.

Almost seems like they want it just to prove a point.

It’s interesting that the people that make claims like this are the ones that clearly care only for themselves.

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I look at the big picture, not selectively choosing bits I want to comment on.

You are clearly the most balanced, unbiased poster on this site! I have no idea why people continue to downvote you and challenge your wisdom.

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 It just confirms that sharks do not mistake humans for seals

Your personal experience confirms it ay....

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,853 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,908 See in context

All that stress & anger for nothing !

ICU's full to the brim, people left to fend for themselves at home and sometimes die there. Nothing to see here, all is good!

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Hoping the Go To campaign resumes so we can take some trips around the country, have a good time and most importantly support the businesses hardest hit.

No one is stopping you now. If you believe this, get out there now and stop waiting for a taxpayer funded government handout to do it.

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Posted in: New Zealand unable to keep supermarket attacker locked up: Ardern See in context

So they can put their whole population in lockdown, but can't keep this nutter locked up. Sad. At least they took the opportunity to put this sick puppy down.

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After two years with this virus, I am not going to suddenly become infected now…

So you're saying that because you haven't yet been infected, that you never will get infected?

I'm not sure it works like that. But, do as you please.

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How can anyone be sure these numbers are real?

I don't think anyone thinks these numbers are accurate. The question is, are they actively manipulated, or just under reported based on the testing thresholds (policy) and other nuances. Impossible to know the truth, but I lean towards the later.

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Any guy who this appeals to has very little chance of finding a real woman to lay next to. I mean, one he doesn't have to pay for.

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But have you noticed that the one number that doesn't seem to change much day to day is the hospitalized with severe symptoms? It's always hovering around the 270 mark despite all the other numbers fluctuating up and down over time.... makes you wonder if it's the way this number is calculated. Might be the case that it's the limit of the system.

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"He never really gave people that sense of competence and communicated empathy for what people were going through,"

In other words, he failed at being a leader.

"I cannot do both. I had to choose one of them."

This is a pathetic attempt to make it seem like he's making a personal sacrifice for the good of the people. The truth is, he failed as a leader and knows he can't win, now he's trying to save face.

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

A bureaucrat denying responsibility… what a surprise.

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Posted in: What happens when the COVID-19 vaccines enter the body? See in context

Not peer reviewed yet but very interesting.

It may be interesting, but it does not mean getting infected is a better strategy than getting vaccinated. It even supports the idea that those who have already been infected can improve their protection by getting vaccinated.

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Posted in: U.N. team says it is unclear if Fukushima cleanup can finish by 2051 See in context

What a mess. Mind boggling.

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Posted in: More Moderna vaccine contamination detected in Okinawa See in context

Not surprising to see the anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists out in force in this article.

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