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And what exactly do you want to achieve with a hard lockdown? What's your game plan? What are the rules of the hard lockdown? How long does it last? When do we know it's safe to end your hard lockdown.

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Serious question... What is it exactly that you are trying to achieve with your daily repetition? I mean, what do you want people to do differently? You're not calling for a lockdown or restrictions. As best I can gather, all you want is for people to get vaccinated and remain fearful...? News flash. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated has already done it. Your daily dose of fear mongering isn't going to convince them. As for the remain fearful part... why? How do you see that improving things?

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I think most of us can agree it's time to move on now. If you haven't already had omicron, it's going to come knocking sooner or later. Unless you're old and sick you've, or unvaccinated, you have little to fear.

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It’s the question of whether benefits outweigh risks.

Yes, that's always the question. And in the case of the HPV vaccines the answer is unequivocally that the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Cut your prices. Give it away to those in need. And learn how to manage your business. Problem solved.

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This is simply bringing exchanges under the same/similar regulations of banks. It won't stop the flow of crypto from anyone determined to side step the sanctions. Exchanges are not needed to make transactions between individuals.

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Confused young man. Needs to get a grip.

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Best time of year in Japan. People need this. Enjoy.

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Most likely BA2 kicking into gear. Plenty of other countries have seen the same pattern. Huge spike from BA1, followed by a small decline, then a plateau or slight rise as BA2 takes hold. After some initial reports it may be more severe than BA1, consensus now seems to be it's no worse than BA1. Not over yet, but no need to panic. It's going to do what it's going to do.

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Let me be more specific for Steve's benefit. Factually speaking, regardless of age, health status, race or country of residence, if you personally are infected with omicron BA1 or BA2, you are far LESS LIKELY to suffer serious illness or death than you would have been if you had been infected with previous variants.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,289 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 47,470 See in context

Factually speaking, if you are any age, or any health status, your are LESS LIKELY to die or suffer serious illness than you would be if you had been infected with previous variants.

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@Steve your insistence that omicron is the deadliest variant is based on your definition of deadliest. You are looking at the absolute number of deaths. Most people assess personal risk. On a personal risk basis, omicrom is the least deadly variant. Fact. Perhaps you should try framing it in your mind that way, then you might feel less panicked than you do.

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I hope a child wasn’t among the dead.

I also hope a child wasn't among the witnesses.

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I noticed that the mobile phone alert remained silent.

And I'm glad for it. Those screaming alarms increase the stress levels in an already stressful situation. Wish they'd make them a little quieter and shorter.

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A country tacitly admitting not a single restriction was anything but useless in the past 2 years.

Or, simply acknowledging the game has changed with omicron.

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must be stopped by all means 

While I completely understand this sentiment, the reality of the situation needs to be considered. As hard as it is to watch what is happening in Ukraine, the world needs cool heads right now. You can't just say do anything and everything to stop Putin. That implies military engagement from Nato. That is a fast track to nuclear war. Then we're all screwed. There are other ways, unfortunately for the Ukrainians (and the Russian's who don't want this war), there are no "good" options.

This is a good article from the BBC covering different ways this might end:


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What an odd story. It doesn't appear they "forced" the woman to do anything. Rather, the couple has taken advantage of a young woman who is clearly not very bright. Still, they should be charged for being the pimps that they are.

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It is 100% time to remove Putin and his supporters from this planet. Before it is to late.


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And the are most effective when taken as soon as possible. So even if you do get a test, in Japan by the time you get a test and the result, you're already 4-5 days into the infection.

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The problem with all of these new treatments is they require a confirmed covid infection by positive test. Huge rate limiting factor with how Japan handles testing.

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How is this not already a thing?

First thing that popped into my mind. Literally word for word.

some experts are concerned that such a system may hinder the rehabilitation of those who have served their sentences.

I'm all for rehabilitation, but letting them work with kid's again should not be part of that rehabilitation. Find a new career.

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Is spike #6 over?

Potentially halfway over. The top of the peak is roughly the halfway mark, not the end.

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As long as whole countries remain with poor vaccination new variants that can prolong the pandemic are a real possibility. 

Japan buying 373m shots for boosters this year isn't going to solve that.

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You might want to look at your South Africa stats again. Both cases and deaths are steadily declining. Deaths at a lag to cases which is the norm. Make sure you're looking at the daily graph, not the cumulative. Cumulative can only go in one direction.

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This tech has has positive use cases, but

including concerns over interacting with classmates

this one needs to be handled with care. If kids don't learn how to interact with others, they have little hope in life.

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Last time I checked we do have stalking laws. He should of been arrested.

Either that part of the article wasn't included when I read it this morning (JT have a habit of updating articles later), or I just somehow missed that part of the article. Now I agree, more should have been done to prevent this sicko.

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No one has said being obese is a risk factor for infection. People are saying being obese is a risk factor for severe disease. That is a fact not disputed by any doctors anywhere.

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I believe you, but a sample size of 6 isn't very robust. I'm going off the data I've seen from the UK which is based on hundreds of thousands of cases. Fatigues and headache are two other very common omicron symptoms I didn't mention above.

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Posted in: Man killed, girlfriend injured by her ex-boyfriend who dies later in fire See in context

This maniac should of been arrested. 

Arrested for what? There is nothing in this article to suggest the guy had done anything of concern before the attack. This isn't Minority Report.

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Posted in: Outpatient clinics overstretched by rapid spread of Omicron See in context


What misinformation?

There's obviously not enough of them if hospitals are still overstretched now is there.

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