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Posted in: Forklift operator arrested for murder after dumping 2 tons of building material on colleague See in context

"about two tons of wall building material which he dropped on the victim"

I once saw a scene like that in a cartoon go figure...

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing fire extinguisher from train onto tracks See in context

The trains are already pandemic incubators, haunted from past jumpers, what's next?

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

" a woman with an arrow protruding from her ear had run out of the house screaming for help."

wow that's pretty gruesome.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of wife See in context

he waited for her to crash out, appears to be planned. pretty devious.

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Posted in: Man arrested after fatally stabbing brother with pruning shears See in context

@Kobe White Bar

"Another day another family murder. Add corona stay home lifestyle to the mix and the count will keep rising."

i agree brother, and the hungry rabbit jumps...

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Posted in: Man arrested over bomb threat to Fukui prefectural office See in context

"Just another old loser" most of them r "Darwin Award candidates" "called from his own phone" but can accurately inflict malice.

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Posted in: Man who got suspended sentence for assaulting woman arrested for stalking her See in context

he looks like, he's got faulty lightbulb:


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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing real estate agent while being shown apartment See in context

they got "this" picture:


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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested after collision kills motorcyclist See in context

Hit and run,

I almost received one, a dummy truck was speeding through a residential neighborhood, after picking up a load of dirt, the driver was young and had a mean careless face. Another time I watched a dummy truck take off in an intersection right before the light changed. I also saw a huge truck with its crane out front, run a red light in the very early morning, at a big intersection. Such nutcracks are out there, so I always take heed at blind corners, and street crossings, cause they sometimes drive like a bat out of hell, and disrespect street signals.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing estranged wife on Saitama street See in context

Wow.. watch out for those professional powder kegs....

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Posted in: Japanese man accused of fatally stabbing girlfriend at Airbnb in California See in context

I see they already got him in those deep orange county Jail PJ's

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force base worker arrested for molesting woman See in context

"lifted up her dress and then groped her bottom" wow that's pretty bold, and intrusive.

but he'll probably just get a J-slap on the wrist, no serious jail time, i.e. reduction in rank, pay fines, get transferred and allowed to retire.

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Gunma Pref; suspect on the loose See in context

"Gunma" gun yes and a suspect is on the loose

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Posted in: Man fined ¥300,000 for online hate speech See in context

What about those Black trucks and Vans with mounted speakers, war flags and street corner mega phones of those ultra nationalist, sputtering hate and stirring up all those "good Japanese" HQ'd around the Yak-soon-knee, and other areas?

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing convenience store says he hadn’t eaten for 3 days See in context

@Do the hustle   

Another fine example of Japan’s social welfare system at work. But, Japan is such a rich country, isn’t it?

because its not/never on the financial elite JP status quo agenda, JP masses are docile and duped, as in other places on the planet.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison over bullet train knife rampage See in context

"Kojima's defense team sought leniency, arguing he may repent if he is given the chance."

repent to whom?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of sister and her 3-year-old son in Saitama See in context

"25-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 24-year-old sister and her 3-year-old son."

Once his alleged "suspicion" is determined as perpetration, lets see what "his lucky country" ruling stretch will be.

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested on suspicion of stabbing mother to death See in context

As the Great Disillusioned, has mentioned before; paraphrased: " 1 out of 3" could be "undiagnosed" in our midst.

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Posted in: Man arrested for burning jacket on display at Yokohama shopping center See in context

He was quoted as saying, “After a woman [passerby] laughed at me at the station, I became irritated."

ok baby boo...

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

Where I used to live there was this "nutcase" who would come outside every time I came out side, Once he was posting ultra-nationalist posters on telephone poles in the area. Turns out his grand pappy was a ww2 pilot and he hated the "states" The guy looked ate up from alcohol, and partner looked like the hag in beetle juice.... Luckily nobody followed his agenda.

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

"back in the day in toshima ku"

oh yeah I heard about that long ago, I thought that happened in shin okubo.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife in Sendai koban See in context

"Woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife in Sendai koban"

Wow its getting pretty brazen these days...

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Posted in: Man arrested over threat to kill woman after garbage dispute See in context

back in the day there was a funk bug like that near my apt, I saw it a couple of times, and it looked like it was mad because the j-system had marginalized it, so it threw a tantrum of funk.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 92-year-old mother-in-law See in context

" it's not gonna make your life any better."

for most of such; probably the cognitive dissonance wont diminish until the cell door slams... NTM the j-system coddling

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

"It's like these loons don't have a filter "

a week or two ago on a very hot day I was on a street in trokyo, when the jman walking ahead of me passed by another jman when the two made eye contact they lit into each other, I was surprised, and took off out of dodge completely...

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder See in context

"Japan would benefit from a physician assisted suicide law."

like in the movie "Logan's run"

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girl after she helps woman who vomited on bus See in context

" he got angry after seeing the girl act kindly toward the woman."

another nutcrack trolling under the stones radar.

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Posted in: Land scam group sent Sekisui House payments to multiple accounts See in context

I used to live near "near JR Gotanda Station" land of yaks and meow houses, and cr@kas in tow.

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Posted in: Man bolts after police visit his home to arrest him on assault charge See in context


"to arrest him on suspicion of assaulting"

"assault charge"

Ok, non Japanese should look carefully at this.

"Nowadays" there are suspects out there, who "allegedly"

strategize on "provoking" with "chip on the shoulder scenarios" into escalations, that can turn into assaults from non acquaintances on streets, or public places. (I've had my share, but avoided physical conflict)

If an assault does occur let it come from the aggressor first. Then record or take photos as evidence and report it to the authorities.  You must report such intimidation everytime.


Until: the police nowadays. do jack about it!


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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting two people at Akihabara Station in Tokyo See in context

"Footage from surveillance cameras showed the incident." ...that's good.

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