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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at JR Shinjuku Station See in context

"I was irritated because I couldn’t find a job and have been fighting with my family, so I wanted to go to jail.”"

IMO Somehow sadly in his mind, and within a rigid, controlled, censured, and ostracizism, this was "his" solution. 3 hots and a cot, and grudgingly stigmatize the fam name. Maybe many would argue, that well at least he didn't JUMP. The closing walls and doors in a society, can be merciless, even for those who have PhDs and are flipping burgers.

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Posted in: Aum spinoffs persist two decades after sarin attack See in context

""If someone says 'guru Asahara wants to bring down Japan', there would be followers who would act. "

not to mention the myriad of demons and ghost, and entities throughout j-land. The other night I was attacked by evil ghost in my sleep. I could not fight it back because I could not move my arms with my full strength, and where it made contact , my arms felt tired.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at ward office in Yokohama See in context

"AGAIN?! Didn't we have a similar incident the other day? What's going on here?"

Sound like the disappointment of cadre leniency, and privilege.

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Posted in: 7 death row Aum cult members moved from Tokyo detention center See in context

"members of the doomsday cult" "that left 29 people dead"

SMH a very dangerous innocent public suffering.

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Posted in: Man who tries to prevent car fleeing from accident scene clings to car roof See in context

"Police arrested Homma on a charge of attempted murder. He told police that he had no intention of “killing” the man."

Deny, Deny, Deny, selective amnesia, or inebriation or seek cadre leniency.

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Posted in: Murdered Okinawa woman's family to seek compensation from U.S. gov't See in context

Wait a minute, this guy was a non-SOFA status member at the time of the crime and hired by a contract company to support a task order at a US base.

> Exactly, why dont they sue the contractor?

This guy is already locked up perchance perpetually

I get it aim at the US bases in Okinawa, and the US government--sectarianism indeed, and added to the growing bulk of the anti-base agenda


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Posted in: Japanese man arrested for child pornography possession in Thailand See in context

If he can afford to pay huge sums of money, he may get a better deal. Money can do amazing things in Tailand.

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Posted in: 32-year-old man arrested for drugging, robbing high school girl See in context

"18-year-old girl on Dec 3, Fuji TV reported. The two became acquainted through an online dating site last year."

You can also see these fast high school girls walking with older japanese men at Ikebukuro and Akihabara stations

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Posted in: 5 bicycles torched in succession in Saitama See in context

"Five bicycles were torched " "four other bicycles in a nearby condo parking space were also set alight."

So that's a total of 9...good thing it wasn't cars.

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Posted in: 92-year-old man arrested for killing son with hammer See in context

"killing son by hitting his head several times with a hammer"

That will definitely do it papa.

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Posted in: Man, woman arrested for puncturing tires of more than 180 cars See in context

Back in the day I've had my car scratched bad at a parking lot, and had my bike vandalized, and my scooter brake cable cut and caught a bum going through my bike basket. And had my apt service light smashed.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested after trying to choke taxi driver in Hokkaido See in context


" i have had numerous bad experiences as a foreigner with taxis in kansai. some take a long strange route, other stop at green lights once the minimum charge expires, and other say they know the destination even when written in Japanese. "

Back in the day, I had one take a bumpy road I did not know about and I hit my head on the inside top of the car, it hurt for 2 days, and another took a long route to get extra money, even though I told him before getting in to take the chika michi (short cut). And lastly had one who tried to scam 3 of us with the same taxi charge. So now I'm extra careful when choosing a taxi driver.

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for pushing younger sister off train platform See in context

@pudus & sakanafish, I agree, so sensitive at any critical thinking, i.e - flags when it is obviously a rational statement, which reflects the mentality or lack of.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for secretly filming women co-workers in toilet See in context

"Ryuya Nakano, placed the miniature camera in the toilet"

using miniature camera eh, eh, trying to conceal the dirty deed done dirt cheap, now he has probably thrown everything away, unemployed, and perhaps with no fixed address for voyeurism.

J( J - JX) + X =0

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed at Chiba factory See in context

Ah the old j-cliche; may have been drunk and may not remember, or maybe instantaneously snapped or maybe wanted to know what it felt like to do that.

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Posted in: Fukui governor OKs restart of 2 nuclear reactors See in context

Fukui Prefecture is part of Japan's Honshu island, bordering the Sea of Japan.

lets see if it goes...then Ishikawa Kyoto, Shiga, Nagoya and possibly some south eastern ocean front parts of S.K may catch it.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy questioned over knife attack on woman in Sapporo See in context

tok reporter site wrote:

“I felt like hurting a person,” the boy said. “The kitchen knife used in the crime was shoplifted from shopping mall about one month ago.” "Police found a box for a knife and another knife in unused condition at the boy’s residence."

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Posted in: Life term sought for ex-U.S. base worker over murder of Okinawa woman See in context

"The defense counsel also requested that the court "forget about (local residents') frustration with U.S. bases" when deciding on the ruling."

"(local residents') frustration with U.S. bases" unfortunately it will probably increase exponentially as in the past, with many problems in the future.

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Posted in: 2 fake deliverymen men rob 79-year-old woman’s home See in context

Too bad they dont have "the guardian service" for the elderly, like in San Diego, where your packages can be delivered to their location, and brought to you, or if you are unsure of the deliveryman, "the guardian service" will arrange a delivery date with you, and man those guardian guys aint no joke.

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Posted in: Man robs internet cafe, injures employee See in context

a Japanese website indicated it happened in the Yushima area of Bunkyo-ku

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Posted in: Man robs post office of Y1 mil after threatening to ignite gasoline See in context

"Police said they are examining surveillance camera footage to try and identify the man."

Good Job!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening truck driver with toy gun in Tochigi See in context

Oh yeah, the tempers be flaring soon, at the drop of a hat. Especially with loons walking around with a chip on their shoulder. Good thing the police were on the case.

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Posted in: State-linked Shoko Chukin Bank finds more fraud in shady loans probe See in context

that organization, will get slapped on the wrist , and then they will change the org's name, as they usually do.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested for killing younger brother See in context


Good luck with that...

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 81-year-old mother See in context

"arrested an unemployed 46-year-old man" what is the significance of unemployed, are they implying if he was employed would it put him in a different perspective. I dont think so unemployed and employed are doing "dirty deeds done dirt cheap"

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Posted in: Man pushed off train station platform in Kawasaki See in context

"camera footage showed the man waiting for the train when suddenly another man, in his 20s, pushed him from behind and then left the station."

But when you have an aging population density of aprox. 336 people per square kilometer, while the total land area is 364,555 Km2  that may increase the chances of a nutcrack in the public domain. Japan population is equivalent to 1.69% of the total world population!

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for stalking high school girl See in context

"He followed her to her apartment building and began lurking around the area . seen a lot of them, even walk past kobans...go figure...

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Posted in: 34-year-old man arrested over murder of 90-year-old grandmother See in context

"Um, which parallel universe do you live in? Less than 5% of Japanese people are wealthy. This guy is just 34 year old parasitic NEET living off his grandma's pension. She probably refused to give him money for pachinko so he killed her."

they had "NEET" similar to this economic plight, always making romping noises above me at a previous residence, it almost got to me, cause the mgmt did nothing, and I sensed it was a setup , so informed the embassy for records purposes if something went down on "its" side.



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Posted in: Skeletonized body found in apartment closet in Niigata See in context

"Abandoning a body? How much more opposite than 'abandonment' can keeping it in your closet be?"

"Maybe if the law is really strange"


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Posted in: Ministry of Transport employee arrested for taking upskirt photo See in context

“wanted to take upskirt photos after work,"

Wow , he remembers...

Now probably out of work , in the slammer, fetish-registered, disgraced; over a snap-shot. Makes real sense for him.

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