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Gabarrazzi comments

Posted in: Transsexual Thai air hostesses: gimmick or equality? See in context


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Posted in: Gov't to submit bill allowing more part-timers to join health insurance and pension programs See in context

Good to be able to sustain welfare obligation to the aging society. But lets wait until the business community make their reaction. There is a monetary reason why companies chose to hire 'arubaito' of course.

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Posted in: Auto tie-ups tend to divorce See in context

I suppose most tie-up failures are caused by failed expectations on both ends. Both parties enter a partnership each of whom have its own self-serving motives kept secret from the other. On top of that, both sides expect the other to behave in a certain way in favor of their own interest. Everything starts going downhill from there. Like a real marriage...

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Posted in: Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair See in context

@ Sam Dooley...you will need a ref magnet to stick the dollar tip! LOL

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Posted in: Police looking for suspects after string of attacks on Kobe homeless men See in context

the criminals were probably thinking they're solving issues that their government can't deal with...

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Posted in: Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair See in context

sounds so sexy...

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors healing but still scarred See in context

i think the saying goes like..."what does't kill you makes you stronger". they are now, and that's their blessing. happy ending...

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Posted in: 3.11 - WHAT WERE YOU DOING THAT DAY? See in context

Marketing Communications Consultant, Filipino, Male, Tokyo

I was at the gym doing my routine laps in the pool. I felt like a goldfish in a bowl held by someone riding a mamachari. The gym staff posing like a lifeguard blew her whistle on me and asked me to get out of the pool and go home because they will close the gym. Going home is a story just like everyone else.

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Posted in: Cybercriminals target phones; Android most exposed: analysts See in context

that's why for the past 12 years, i never thought of giving up my blackberry.

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Posted in: NHK wins UK’s Television Journalism Awards for March 11 coverage See in context

give NHK a break guys. and extend some support if you please. the coverage was legitimate. in fact they're still on it after almost a year and hopefully until the truth of the matter is revealed. then they will get another award for the longest coverage from the guiness book of world record

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Posted in: Tokyo's classiest cafe brings back the butler See in context

maid cafe spin off...brilliant!

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Posted in: Earthquake drill See in context

"on lookers, media and passers by take photos of the PR event (not in the picture)'

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Posted in: British Chamber of Commerce in Japan See in context

Go Lori!-Geb,BBT

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

Im happy to see that many people on this thread have, in one way or another, found themselves. Japanese people are starting to believe that the one of the top reason why foreigners stay in Japan is because they couln't fit-in in their own country of birth.

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Posted in: Creating a Vision of Japan: Promoting Cool Japan See in context

"cool Japan"...an oxymoron

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