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Posted in: Pulitzer-winning scholar Sherwin, who challenged support for U.S. bombing of Japan, dead at 84 See in context

The final decision on where to drop the first nuclear bomb was made on 29th May 1945 by US top brass including General Groves, head of the Manhattan project.

Secretary of war at the time Mr Stimson however, told his wife coming home that evening, that Kyoto, the city of their honeymoon 40 years prior would disappear.

She was the great granddaughter of one of the founding fathers Roger Sherman, and she had the guts and cool intelligence to say NO! 

Not her Kyoto, so the target became Hiroshima since next morning, Stimson went all the way to President Truman to stop the madness.

Thank you Mrs Stimson.

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Posted in: Instagram and teens: How to keep your kids safe See in context

Harward MBA Frances Haugen is trying to make a cerear back- stabbing her employer and making up faar-out stories by mixing up Facebook and Instagram, accusing CEO Mark Zuckerberg for "profiteering from young internet addicts"......

Her strategy is to become a new " IT- prophete/fortune-teller and web-guru" by using the internet-analphabet US Senate, led by anti-smoking crusader Richard Blumenthal, to blackmail Facebook and actually trying to create mistrust of the Facebook platform, allegedly being guilty of some local ethnic violence in Ethiopia and Burma.

She made a point of that "I have a Harward MBA" as if that fact would white-wash her far fetched story...

The fact is that Facebook is absolutely the best internet social platform, with exellent, updated algorithms, and the strongest supporter of free speach and civilized opinion sharing GLOBALLY.......period.

We hope that Francis Haugen will never find employment anywhere exept as a dishwhasher in an Ethiopian kindergarden.

Her mission of starting/supporting some form of government control, and internet censorship including som kind of licensing/taxing of Facebook is very transparent, and

Is doomed to fail. Facebook users are not that stupid.

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Posted in: China has submitted an application to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal? Do you think they should be accepted? See in context

Taiwan was never a part of China, only a part of Japan after the Shimonoseki peace treaty.

Like many other Asian countries it just had a large Chinese immigrant community.

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Posted in: Biden's Indo-Pacific shift under scrutiny with AUKUS alliance See in context

Why AUKUS and not AUCAKUNZ ?

Like everybody else I was totally flabbergasted by this new, strange, totally mysterious composition of AUKUS, covering a kind of Pacific reincarnation of NATO.

Analyzing it for a while it's obviously a British- MI5 invention, prepared-negotiated secretly after the Biden/US lightning-exit of Afghanistan, luring a "Lost in Asia"-Australia and a shellshocked USA into an outspoken Asian nations-hostile, undefinable alliance with absolutely no logical aim or purpous.

It is obvious, that Boris Johnson tried secretly to get two other Enlish-speaking nations, Canada and New Zeeland along, but they were smart enough to decline joining this new Anglosaxon

Submarine Oxford-Harwad it’s called AUKUS and not AUCAKUNZ.

Thats a shame, the BBC and CNN reporters would have had a feast learning to agree to say AUCAKUNZ.

The first serious effect of this humiliation of everybody outside AUKUS, is the recalling of the French Ambassador from Washington, and an icy silence from Japan, Indonesia and India.

China immediately labeled it a new Cold War.

That however is not correct. AUKUS is nothing more than a non-transparent, desperate Boris Johnson effort to bluffing the UK public opinion away from the damaging effects of Brexit, and concurrently trying to harm the unity of EU and stopping Scotland from joining.

Visiting the White House yesterday, trying to collect Biden-US support for divided Ireland in exchange for the submarine deal failed completely…..Biden is for a “No Boarders Ireland”.

It’s time for UK and Boris to grow up….nuclear power is illegal in Australia and New Zealand , no nuclear fuel is produced, and no facilities for nuclear vessels.

This AUKUS deal is like bying-driving a super car in Sweden that only drives on gas sold in New York.

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

Unfortunately the Chinese copy everything on a gigantic scale, from iPhone-, IPad-.laptop- hardware and software, falsifying, everything from El-cars to New Zealand honey and French wine…..all with government approval and support including using slave labour .

They probably have a “Little Mermaid” sitting in Shanghai.

It must be stoped NOW.

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

This lasted too long.

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Posted in: Yakuza boss sentenced to death for ordering murder See in context

I think it’s a mistake by the public and the media to criticize the Yakuza. It was a very efficient nightlife/prostitution/underground police force, well organized with high moral values. Just after the Kobe earthquake they were the first on the ground to save people and help the public

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