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Posted in: Japan looking into group's report of secret Chinese police stations See in context

The Chinese are lying

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Posted in: Japan looking into group's report of secret Chinese police stations See in context

Stop Chinese KGB Activity

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Posted in: S Korea to take part in Japan fleet review despite Rising Sun flag objection See in context

The flag of the rising sun is beautiful…..and it’s non of Korean business

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Posted in: Unification Church's donation coercion in Japan is problem: ex-exec See in context

This is a Korean -criminal organization, pretending to be a Christian movement.

All its leaders belong in jail

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

Taiwan (Formosa) was never a part of China, only a refuge of many Chinese immigrants and laborers over the centuries. According to international law, also recognized by the Chinese government it was only a part of Japan from 1895 Shimonoseki.

The Japanese respected the Taiwanese languages, customs and religions and invested heavily in education , infrastructure and healthcare.

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

All Japanese government officials should visit Yasukuni Shrine every year.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern about China's military drills near Taiwan See in context

Taiwan was never part of China. In 1945 invaded by Chinese fascists and criminal gangs and the Taiwanese were terrorized by Chiangmai Kai Sheks corrupt regime for decades , even forbidding the Taiwanese language.

Taiwan should be member of the UN and other global organizations as a fully independent nation

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

The man in the middle of the G7 photo is a joke of a UK PM.

He is a jobless con-artist and habitual liar

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic protest See in context

Yes!!! ………….IOC is the most corrupt organization in the Universe.

No more public money the them anywhere and the top IOC leaders should go to prison.

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Posted in: China voices firm opposition to Biden's remarks on Taiwan See in context

Taiwan or Formosa was never a part of China…

Chinese there are only immigrants, just like in Indonesia, Philippines or Vietnam.

Modernization, development, infrastructure, education was all don by Japan after the Shimonoseki peace treaty (1905) where China congratulated Taiwan to becoming a part of Japan.

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Posted in: Trunk line See in context

No….The Onbashira is a wonderful historic festival …the best in Nagano.

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Posted in: Court finds COVID restrictions for Tokyo restaurant chain illegal See in context

Congratulations, Hasegawa-san.

Very good


Gabor Fabricius

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Posted in: Finnish PM says joining NATO will strengthen security See in context

Finland and Sweden should NOT join NATO which is now turning into a

British military adventure because of Boris Johnsons domestic problems.

Scandinavia and the three Baltic states should create a neutral Baltic alliance.

NATO is by definition limited to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Posted in: Ukraine omits Japan from list of countries thanked in Twitter video See in context

This is a Russian civil war. Japan should not get involved.

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Posted in: Group of over 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Japanese should show respect to their war-dead, including all politicians visiting Yasukuni Shrine

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Posted in: French prosecutors issue international arrest warrant for Ghosn See in context

Ghosn is a criminal and should be in jail.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson to face MPs' fury over 'partygate' See in context

Corona-Boris should be fired NOW. He is has been lying and is a con-artist.

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Posted in: Japan, Switzerland agree to keep tough sanctions on Russia See in context

Japan and Switzerland together……. very good.

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Posted in: Russia tests submarine-launched missiles in Sea of Japan See in context

NATO should just have promised Russia, that Ukraine and Georgia never will become members. Then all this bloodbaths could have been avoided.

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Posted in: Japan plans to send SDF plane for Ukraine refugee aid this month See in context

Japan should not get involved in the Ukrainian-Russian NATO-provoked civil war. NATO is the North Atlantic Organisation established at the beginning of the Cold War and should never include members of the Baltic or The Black See.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold navy drills off Koreas See in context

The Korean War was started by Stalin and the ignorance of USA after Japan exiting the Pacific War and the Soviet atomic bomb possession/theft.

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Posted in: Japan Prize ceremony See in context

Congratulations Dr Katalin Kariko

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Posted in: Average value of Japanese lawmakers' assets grows to ¥29 mil See in context

That is peanuts compared to the assets of US, EU, South American, not to mention Middle Eastern lawmakers and their families and offspring are commending.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

I'll miss it. I love the Sumida River fireworks.

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