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Posted in: Kishida says he is willing to meet Kim Jong Un over abductions See in context

Before castigating Kim as a brutal one, consider the millions the US and the West have killed in its interventionist wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Many more than the entire North Korean population.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

ASEAN and Idia are the world's growth centers now. China will also start to grow at similarly high rates sooner or later. Many in the west have a fixated idea that a one-party state should be condemned just for being a one-party state. But the next growth center doesn't need to have the Western-style government model with frequent government changes. Western-style government models tend to generate conflict between two parties in a way that is not really conducive to the economic growth of Asian countries. The US-led western world also tends to have a glaring income gap with so much homelessness. In fact, the US is now like a class society where the ruling elites live like royalties and aristocrats. When the state grows its economy and reduces poverty in relative harmony and safety in which you feel safe to walk at night in an ordinary neighborhood, it's good regardless of whether it's a one-party state or not.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

I'm all for international tourism, but don't say something like "Japan will relax border control measures to be on par with the U.S". Over 1 million people died in the US due to Covid. The US is the antithesis of prudent pandemic handling. The name "US" sends shivers up my spine when it comes to Covid measures with all its internal dissonance and conflicts.

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

We are so out of our depth in solving this type of issue. Politicians start salivating when they see organizational votes and political donations. Organizational religious groups can offer both. Politicians/lawmakers make the law controlling this as loophole riddled as they want. Therefore, the truth about their corrupt relationship will never come out. In a voting democracy, money talks as organizing voters to cast their ballots in a certain way costs a lot, and money can hush things up too. Pretty dismal, but it's a systematic flaw.

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Posted in: Ireland makes rugby history with test series win over New Zealand See in context

Amazing biceps of the guy holding the foot of the guy with the ball, but the foot-holding guy's jaw could be whacked by the same foot whose quads are just so sculpted. A rugby layman I am but hats off to the colossal muscles stoically at work.

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Posted in: 24-year-old woman indicted for murder of 82-year-old man in love hotel See in context

What a bizarre case. What a morbid way to end one's life.

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Posted in: Toyota's Japan flagship Crown car to debut on global markets See in context

It's interesting to know that the car hasn't been introduced to the global market already. I'm curious as to foreign car buyers respond to the distinction between the Crowns and Lexus cars. As long as the cars are attractive, they won't have any problems selling the. I myself don't know the difference between the Crowns and Lexuses. That they are both expensive cars is all I know.

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Posted in: G20 finance leaders in Bali to tackle Ukraine, inflation See in context

G20 more widely represents the global opinion than G7. It's closer to global democracy if there is such a thing. G7 as a minority group is wielding a disproportionate amount of power and it's literally fueling the war.

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Posted in: Russia sanctions 384 Japanese lawmakers See in context

Christian internecine killing in the former USSR territory is not something that Japan should poke its nose into. But Japan has no choice when it's at the behest of the US military-industrial complex.

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Posted in: Ex-Yamato Transport worker arrested for stealing 20 diamonds from package See in context

So stupid to attempt this larceny. It's easy to narrow down those who are involved in the transport of the said valuables. Mind-bogglingly airheaded simpleton thief gets his just deserts.

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Posted in: Asian security experts say Japan vital for shoring up rules-based international order See in context

Japan's embrace of the term "rule-based" says a lot about the subordinate position this country is in vis-a-vis the US. Most Japanese people unquestioningly accept this narrative. US occupation is still alive and well here.

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Posted in: Full Japanese beef bowl sets a perfect match for steering wheels; delights bus drivers online See in context

The cheese on the beef looks good, but not good for your vascular health. If you eat it, you should stop driving and do some rigorous walking.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan vow joint efforts on Ukraine, trade, food crisis See in context

The picture image is deceiving as the Japanese side has no choice but to follow the US lead.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany vow to guard rules-based int'l order amid Ukraine war See in context

The biggest military in the world calls the shot. The US decides the rules and if you don't follow the US-dictated world order, you are censured by the USA. These two stooges are loyally following that US-centric order. When the USA arbitrarily backs off from the rules that it initiated to create be it an environmental treaty, nuclear deals, or a trade agreement, these two obsequiously acquiesce.

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Posted in: Abe killing seen as attack on Japan's democracy See in context

It's convenient for politicians to say that. They look good saying that too. But actually, it's a sordid affair involving an organized religion and money. Politicians will push their own agenda asserting this "attack on democracy" narrative.

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Posted in: Folding fan parasol is umbrella that does it all See in context

Nice idea but 6000 yen is a bit pricy for something whose durability is totally unknown. Must be very durable and it's a tall order for an umbrella that is destined to be handled pretty rough.

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Posted in: G20 meeting may lead to wider divisions over war in Ukraine See in context

The US and other G7 countries decided to not attend the G20 dinner. As always, they have to call the shots. Old imperial forces are cantankerous and puerile as ever. Hard to shake off the old ways.

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Posted in: Johnson resigns, but will remain British PM until new leader chosen See in context

This lame duck of a politician will continue to be in his post for some time. What a disaster. Paralysis goes on.

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Posted in: Japan's weak opposition no match for ruling LDP, say observers See in context

I sometimes wonder if the present electoral system is good for Japan. Most people don't get involved in politics. They don't read about politics and have very limited knowledge about history. The voter turnout is very low and only 10-20% of young people vote. Political discussion among ordinary people is almost nonexistent. It just seems like a cycle of irresponsibility where politicians' job performances are not measured rigorously.

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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

Benefits of the US bases: Protection against possible aggressions from "unfriendly countries."

Drawback: "Unfriendly countries" are unfriendly because of the bases, and they can get more hostile as the US ramps up its military drills around Japan and impose more sanctions on countries that don't yield to its will.

The US maintains its influence in countries where it has military bases by creating a degree of tension as it fits the US interest. Okinawa US bases are a convenient tool for the US to control Japan.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles near Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Japan has recently been obliged to participate in military drills with the US. SDF ships are navigating in the seas near other countries quite frequently. Closer military alignment with the USA means discomfort for Russia.

It's a weird empty performance every Japanese prime minister puts on saying "I'm determined to resolve northern island issues during my tenure." Japan is actually moving away from hammering out a deal with Russia. With hostility emanating from Japan, no wonder Russia is also more belligerent. It takes two to tango.

By design, Japan can't resolve territory issues. As long as the US forces are in Japan, it's menacing to Russia. It would be stupid for Russia to return those islands.

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Posted in: It's not just Peng. China is cracking down on MeToo movement See in context

More people die in the US than in China from authorities' violence. Police every year shoot more than 1000 people to death in the US. More than 50,000 people every year are hospitalized in the US because of the use of force by the police. China is no angel. But vilifying only China is just US-led propaganda. Let us not lose balance here. Different countries have different ways of doing things. How many citizens they kill is an objective measurement of the human rights situation in each country. China is no angel, but the US is worse when it comes to not respecting human rights.

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Posted in: China slaps more taxes on Australian wine amid tension See in context

Australia was mean to China first, riding on the coattails of Trump's aggressive tone. 

Morrison said China was like Nazi Germany. 

"China condemns Australian MP's Nazi Germany parallel

Published8 August 2019" ---BBC

I don't buy from benders that are hostile to me. Condescending Australia and western "democracies" should stop interfering in China's domestic affairs. China has its way of doing things. It's always the west's "democratic" ideology that causes trouble in the world. 

Don't preach to other countries. Curb the enthusiasm to judge others with the western perspective. Then, there'll be no frictions. 

One more thing, most Chinese people like their government. Much more than "democratic" country citizens like theirs.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Good thing. I like the government's thinking on this. I'm all for it. Glad to know I'm not living in an unfeeling capitalist society.

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Posted in: Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law See in context

Good idea not to join former colonizers who sow the seeds of the Hong Kong issue. Hong Kong needs order, not chaos abetted by the west.

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Posted in: Wood you like a drink? Japanese team invents 'wood alcohol' See in context

Most likely another pipe dream from a government-funded institute. Why is our tax money wasted on devising a weird, at-best niche market alcoholic beverage? Leave sake-making to the private sector.

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Posted in: Abe welcomes N Korea decision to freeze nuclear, missile tests See in context

It appears that Japan has been taken aback by a series of new moves by North Korea since its announcement to join the Olympics. Kim's unexpectedly positive rapid-fire announcements are putting Abe and co. on the back foot.

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Posted in: How to know what your team is thinking: 'Tatemae,' 'honne' and the 'gaijin' boss See in context

Japanophiles praising Japan to the heavens, and locals loving it. Same old same old.

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Posted in: Chocolate to Put on Rice – The crazy condiment for when white rice is just too plain See in context

Gross, both in color and flavor combination. But maybe I should be openminded. Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to culinary innovation.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

WHAT were the previous tests that had consistently shown chemical levels well within the safety standards? Will those responsible for the overly sanguine test results be dragged over the coals? Never, or just a slap on the wrist at most. Pathetic lack of accountability on the public sector has become the real drain on this country.

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