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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

Benefits of the US bases: Protection against possible aggressions from "unfriendly countries."

Drawback: "Unfriendly countries" are unfriendly because of the bases, and they can get more hostile as the US ramps up its military drills around Japan and impose more sanctions on countries that don't yield to its will.

The US maintains its influence in countries where it has military bases by creating a degree of tension as it fits the US interest. Okinawa US bases are a convenient tool for the US to control Japan.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles near Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Japan has recently been obliged to participate in military drills with the US. SDF ships are navigating in the seas near other countries quite frequently. Closer military alignment with the USA means discomfort for Russia.

It's a weird empty performance every Japanese prime minister puts on saying "I'm determined to resolve northern island issues during my tenure." Japan is actually moving away from hammering out a deal with Russia. With hostility emanating from Japan, no wonder Russia is also more belligerent. It takes two to tango.

By design, Japan can't resolve territory issues. As long as the US forces are in Japan, it's menacing to Russia. It would be stupid for Russia to return those islands.

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Posted in: It's not just Peng. China is cracking down on MeToo movement See in context

More people die in the US than in China from authorities' violence. Police every year shoot more than 1000 people to death in the US. More than 50,000 people every year are hospitalized in the US because of the use of force by the police. China is no angel. But vilifying only China is just US-led propaganda. Let us not lose balance here. Different countries have different ways of doing things. How many citizens they kill is an objective measurement of the human rights situation in each country. China is no angel, but the US is worse when it comes to not respecting human rights.

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Posted in: China slaps more taxes on Australian wine amid tension See in context

Australia was mean to China first, riding on the coattails of Trump's aggressive tone. 

Morrison said China was like Nazi Germany. 

"China condemns Australian MP's Nazi Germany parallel

Published8 August 2019" ---BBC

I don't buy from benders that are hostile to me. Condescending Australia and western "democracies" should stop interfering in China's domestic affairs. China has its way of doing things. It's always the west's "democratic" ideology that causes trouble in the world. 

Don't preach to other countries. Curb the enthusiasm to judge others with the western perspective. Then, there'll be no frictions. 

One more thing, most Chinese people like their government. Much more than "democratic" country citizens like theirs.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Good thing. I like the government's thinking on this. I'm all for it. Glad to know I'm not living in an unfeeling capitalist society.

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Posted in: Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law See in context

Good idea not to join former colonizers who sow the seeds of the Hong Kong issue. Hong Kong needs order, not chaos abetted by the west.

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Posted in: Wood you like a drink? Japanese team invents 'wood alcohol' See in context

Most likely another pipe dream from a government-funded institute. Why is our tax money wasted on devising a weird, at-best niche market alcoholic beverage? Leave sake-making to the private sector.

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Posted in: Abe welcomes N Korea decision to freeze nuclear, missile tests See in context

It appears that Japan has been taken aback by a series of new moves by North Korea since its announcement to join the Olympics. Kim's unexpectedly positive rapid-fire announcements are putting Abe and co. on the back foot.

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Posted in: How to know what your team is thinking: 'Tatemae,' 'honne' and the 'gaijin' boss See in context

Japanophiles praising Japan to the heavens, and locals loving it. Same old same old.

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Posted in: Chocolate to Put on Rice – The crazy condiment for when white rice is just too plain See in context

Gross, both in color and flavor combination. But maybe I should be openminded. Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to culinary innovation.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

WHAT were the previous tests that had consistently shown chemical levels well within the safety standards? Will those responsible for the overly sanguine test results be dragged over the coals? Never, or just a slap on the wrist at most. Pathetic lack of accountability on the public sector has become the real drain on this country.

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Posted in: Man held for setting 2 police officers on fire in Okinawa See in context

Must've been premeditated. It's not easy to actually do this.

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Mostly homogenous Japanese have a tendency to make this type of self-congratulatory blanket statement. "日本料理が一番おいしい Japanese food is the best!" or "日本人は謙虚だから〜 Japanese are modest". These comments are directed strictly to Japanese-speaking domestic audiences. The speaker doesn't mean to say anything offensive but if it's overheard by a non-Japanese person who can understand Japanese, it can be offensive or strike as arrogant.

Whether it comes out of jingoism depends on where it comes from. If it's from some kind of nationalist organization, that's alarming. If it's not, it's just a case of cultural insensitivity coming from ignorance, in which case the statement is pretty innocuous. But judging from the fact that they took trouble to express it on a poster, I suspect the former is more likely. Insecurity and exaltation of national pride go hand in hand.

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Posted in: Japan to question officials involved in Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

Following is what I found from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Report. This is page 34 footnote of what Guardian refers to as Pound Report. You guys might have read it already, but just in case. This suggests Turkey didn't comply with the corrupt man's request and Japan was happy to oblige.

36 Transcripts of the various discussions between Turkish individuals with KD make reference to a discussion regarding the Olympic city bidding process for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. It is stated that Turkey lost LD's support because they did not pay sponsorship moneys of $ 4 to 5 million either to the Diamond League or IAAF. According the transcript the Japanese did pay such a sum. The 2020 Games were awarded to Tokyo. The IC did not investigate this matter further for it was not within our remit.

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Posted in: IOC in contact with prosecutors amid Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid payment report See in context

Turkey was cleaner than Japan. Kudos to them. They didn't give in to pressure to pay bribes. Japan, paid the dirty money, got the event, exposed embarrassingly, and mired in debt and myriads problems hosting it. When the event is held, this what is at this point an allegation will cast a long shadow. The bid-winner turned out to be a big loser here. No wonder they scurried away hiding.

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Posted in: Serial underwear thief re-arrested for assaulting woman See in context

So many frustrated single men living in their own sexual bubbles in Japan. Many of them like this man are stuck in the lowest stratum of the society and can't marry even if they wanted to. Probably one of the side effects of Abenomics. To prevent this kind of crime from getting out of hand, the government should start creating sexually themed amusement parks all over Japan including Kochi where they can satisfy their desires. Mm...probably not. Maybe it will just abet more serious act in the real world. What is China doing about this sort of thing? Their gender balance is much more lopsided I hear with unmarried men past certain age being referred to as "bare branches". Any Chinese contributors?

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Posted in: SDF planes deployed to collect radioactive material after N Korean blast See in context

As bad as this new development may sound, it will probably draw Japan, South Korea and China closer together. A common evil begets strange bed fellows.

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Posted in: BOJ turns activist investor to revive economy See in context

Government insinuating which areas of the corporate Japan should receive easy money is a double-edged sword. It works in the early stage of industrialization when investment goals are so clear. In a mature economy like Japan's, its grassroots economic participants usually know better where to invest and how to invest to be efficient. I know this government is acting out of desperation but my sense is this will lead to a creation of nice-sounding ETFs that misallocate funds with at best mediocre results. The funds will further skew the economy to favor big businesses that dominate domestically but uncompetitive internationally. That's how Japan keeps sagging.

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Posted in: New school in Iraq to provide a Japanese-style education See in context

Japan as a model to be emulated sounds so passé. Isn't Japan a model to be avoided now for its prolonged anemic economic growth?

The Japanese language will also be among the lessons offered.

Reminds me of late 1980s. Those days Japanese language was touted as the rising star in many countries' school systems. But now its prospect as a major language of business is so bleak. I hope students know that they are embarking on an arduous study of a complicated niche language whose native speakers keep declining year by year. Anachronism of the whole thing is hilarious.

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Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

Big business and government nuclear power advocates are probably thinking deep-down, "A case like this is small cost to feed the massive Tokyo electricity needs inexpensively." The cost of nuclear power varies greatly depending on how you assess the cost of human lives when disaster strikes. If the advocates can underplay cases like this, they'll succeed in reducing the total nuclear cost quite a lot.

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Posted in: Amazon lawsuit aims at fake reviews See in context

Amazon has a point here. Sifting out bogus reviews is vital for people's shopping experience. While legal action like this provides a degree of deterrence, it'll more likely end up a cat-and-mouse game. Giving different weights to reviews depending on the reviewers' past review quality might be one more way to go about it.

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Posted in: More VW trouble: 2016 diesels have new suspect software See in context

What a bottomless pit of deception! The image of dependable German engineering prowess just keeps crumbling like a house of cards.

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Posted in: Toyota aims to nearly eliminate gasoline cars by 2050 See in context

35 years is quite ambitious given where we are now but I'm skeptical as to its feasibility. If "they are 120% confident," that's great but that's just from a security company analyst. They'll say anything. But I commend the fact that Toyota actually voiced the actual target year nevertheless.

But they (experts) are divided on whether all gasoline engines will disappear, or they’ll stay on, thanks to greener internal combustion engines, as well as the arrival of clean diesel technology.

The term 'clean diesel' is a joke now. The VW fraud opened the Panda's box. VW cheating is out the question but other manufactures' 'clean diesel' cars are also spewing a lot more NOx and PM (traditional pollutants and PM is cancer causing) much more than their test data show on the actual road running condition. Please stop using this misnomer.

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Posted in: Japan, China must move on from excessive focus on past: Abe See in context

Provoking the neighbor you wronged before by preaching them to forget only makes matters worse. Doesn't he realize he's the one who's prodding the neighbor to focus more on the past? Stupid but he's probably doing it to solidify support domestically. Nation of Japan always so eager to avert its eyes from the darkness in its history happily goes along with Abe's attempt to distract.

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Posted in: Nobel Literature prize again eludes Japan's hope, Haruki Murakami See in context


He's popular. But navel gazing prose doesn't deserve the nobel prize.


I believe the academy thinks they can give new exposure to a writer with the prize, and Murakami is probably considered too popular and not in need of the boost.

Well said. Myriads elusive variables in literature awards. Selection of Nobel literature prize itself is practically navel-gazing exercise and if they are at it, they might as well shed light on hitherto not so well-known writers in the world rather than glorifying the already-glorified. Their limited Nobel Foundation resources are better spent that way.

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Posted in: Sharp launching robot smartphone 'RoBoHoN' See in context

I commend this effort by seriously struggling Sharp. I hope this will work, but tend to feel notwithstanding this really nice demo video, the real thing when you actually used it will be quite half-baked. So many features this robot seems to packs but I'm afraid it will probably do most of them poorly compared with devices dedicated to each function. But who am I to judge, we'll see next year.

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Posted in: Ichiro signs $2 million, 1-year deal to remain with Marlins See in context

Continue playing in the U.S. as long as possible, Ichiro-san. Then be a coach and next a manager there. Judging from recently footage of his pitcher job, he seems show great initiative and have fit into the team really well. I've seen some American managers in Japan but not vice versa. I'd love to see him accomplish another unprecedented feat.

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Posted in: With free trade deal, Obama solidifies U.S. pivot to Asia See in context

The headline is dead right, for better or worse. Economically, many understandably have reasons to hate, politically, many who do not want to see China dominated world welcome this.

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Posted in: Abe's new slogan stirs memories of wartime rhetoric See in context

Funny Abe puts it as if it's a matter of choice. With the pension fund drying up, "Be active or perish" is more like it. It's basically the same thing as the wartime slogan, right?

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Posted in: After 5 years of negotiations, TPP talks near deal See in context

Another side of this. TPP is a U.S. effort to take initiative for a new trade framework intended to demonstrate solidarity in the face of rising Chinese influence. That's why it's so important for this deal to include Japan, the third largest economy. Failure of TPP will be a boon for China which is seeking opportunity to nudge the world toward a new, more China centered global economic order including AIIB.

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