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Posted in: Residents of Russian-held isles await diplomatic resolution See in context

If I were a resident, I would look to China for business ties. Chinese tourists have deeper pockets and are more likely to be equipped with requisite curiosity to visit this off-the-beaten-track destination. Why bother with Japan with which the issue always has to come back to territorial claims?

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Many in Japan are getting poorer and the number of the old just keeps increasing. I'm not surprised if more people resort to this type of illegal 'private' burial down the line. Of course some will do it for pension fraud, but yet others probably do so feeling overwhelmed by the cost. Here's one example of what it costs for a simplest form of 直葬 direct burial. (no funeral ceremony)

coffin ¥55,000 dry ice(for one day) ¥ 7,000 car to carry the body(within 10km)¥15,100 mortician's fee ¥40,000 total payment to the mortician. ¥117,100 (plus tax)A

cremation fee ¥59,000 urn ¥11,865 storage fee(one day) ¥ 3,675 total payment to the crematory ¥74,540(plus tax)B 

grand total (A+B) ¥191,640 (plus tax)

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Posted in: Some trains to ease cell phone restrictions near priority seats — but not during rush hour See in context

I've been there, kitzrow, and I don't really mind the noise. If your don't like it, you can just wear earbuds. Singapore, Taiwan, other Asian cities are much more lenient on cell phone use than Japan. Across-the-board ban is Japan's forte. Putting folks in a straitjacket is soothing to many a bureaucratic Japanese mind. They later find out the groundlessness of the rule as is the case with this one. Cell use was totally banned before. It's now easing. Ban first and ease the rules at a glacial pace. That's pretty much the mentality here.

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Posted in: Some trains to ease cell phone restrictions near priority seats — but not during rush hour See in context

'Don't use cellphones on the train.' 'Don't walk up escalators.'

What with all these rules that are nonexistent in other countries? Japan loves, adores, cherishes and worships meaningless rules. But did you know that without these suffocating rules many Japanese can actually asphyxiate for lack of rules?

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Posted in: One Direction announces album after split speculation See in context

Oh, Backstreet boys. The name sure brings back memories. I miss their eBay song. "I bought it on eBay." Remember?

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Posted in: Boeing announces record Chinese order worth $38 bil See in context

A big souvenir from Mr. Xi. Japan needs to match this to stay on the good side of the U.S., but it's a tall order for ailing and aging No.3 economy. China is playing by the U.S. capitalist rulebook and making it increasingly difficult for the U.S. to side with Japan, especially for things like worthless rock piles along Japan-China border. At this rate, it won't be long for the U.S. to abrogate its security treaty with Japan in its entirety. Mr. Xi is letting his money do the talking and the U.S., much to Japan's chagrin, responds well to that kind of incentive.

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Trying to catch lightening in a bottle twice.

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Girls around me are getting weary of their tunes and losing interest. What they need in Japan: pressing the flesh and holding elections. Time tested AKB success formula.

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Posted in: U.S. says more active role for Japan's military no threat to China See in context

U.S. assuring China not to worry about Japan taking up more active military role is as convincing as Russia assuring Japan not to worry about China getting more active militarily.

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@25years in Japan I've seen people using the umbrella holder you referred to. That looks good for light rain on a not so windy day. But here's the thing. I currently use a raincoat which is hooked up to the handlebar and front basket. This protects my legs and feet from rain as well. Wouldn't This holder become an obstacle when you want to wear that type of raincoat with its upward projection? If I have to remove the thing each time I use my raincoat, it would be too much of a hassle. If not I want to use it.

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Posted in: Autumn traffic safety campaign kicks off Monday See in context

The National Police Agency (NPA) is also urging cyclists to observe the rules of the road.

Caution to myself: Do not ride the bicycle holding an umbrella open especially till the end of this month. Recently introduced no-umbrella-on-the-bike rule is really cramping my style.

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Posted in: Big win See in context

Superbly done, team Japan. Great photo capturing the moment of exhilaration.

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Posted in: Rent a hot guy to make you cry, then wipe your tears away See in context

Creepy with a capital C.

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Posted in: More than 300 bags of decontaminated waste swept away by floods in Tochigi See in context

I'm alarmed by the sparsity of information about this. This sounds so scary but not much information is out there. How dangerous are they? How come the media response on this so muted and matter-of-factly? I don't want to touch any produce from the area

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Posted in: You’d never guess this strange bubble house village is located in Japan See in context

Looks like some kooky religious commune. The density of it is alarming. Why do they have to be so close to each other in the countryside where land is abundant?

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Vietnam is a major bully for the neighboring Cambodia and much hated there for their strength and for their mean lean efficiency. If the Vietnamese really get into a fighting mode, they are probably one of the strongest soldiers in the world pound for pound. Even the US couldn't defeat them. China also has bitter experience fighting Vietnamese. Some analysts say that China sees Vietnam as its enemy No.1. Supporting Vietnam is a clever move for Japan to keep China busy. Helping the Philippines is a lost cause but Vietnam is a force that really packs a punch. Japan and Vietnam getting closer can exert a considerable psychological pressure on China.

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Posted in: Facebook working on long-sought 'dislike' button See in context

I want 'ambivalent' button.

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As the big bear US looking increasingly busy and tired fighting smaller but nimble, fierce, elusive wolverines in different parts of the world, and presently middle sized bear inhabiting next to Japan growing bigger at an alarming rate and becoming more and more aggressive, the US wants Japan to transform itself into some kind of carnivore, not a passive herbivore, loyal only to the US. And when the big bear wants something, it gets it, be it creating a military-force-renouncing constitution, forging a military force in that very country, or making that country's lackey leader to do whatever reinterpretation is necessary to suit the big bear's desire.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea to refrain from provocative action See in context

Provocation is the only industry North Korea has.

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Posted in: To rip off people, all you need is a good idea See in context

Kaynide, thanks for educating me. Perhaps you are right. But I'm not entirely convinced. In the article, "I just have a synthetic diamond made here for a few million yen.” This doesn't sound like he just buys readymade stuff. "Have one made" doesn't preclude the possibility of pet ashes actually incorporated in one way or another? The quote, "the supposed dog-become-diamond..." Yeah, "supposed" can imply untruthfulness but it might also indicate the writer's subjective skepticism. I googled dog ashes / diamond, and found so many sites both in Japan and abroad offering this type of service. This business seems like quite well established. Not such a novelty. Is the writer sought out a fraudulent operator for the purpose of this article? Then, yes, he is a fraud. Well, too much thinking for nothing. Thank you guys for input, anyway.

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Posted in: To rip off people, all you need is a good idea See in context

@ADK99 The article says,

but how many would have had Yamamoto’s subsequent brainwave: that of offering himself as an intermediary between mourners and a company in Switzerland that allegedly turns pet ashes into synthetic diamonds? “Actually,” he smiles, “I don’t ship the ashes to Switzerland at all. I just have a synthetic diamond made here for a few million yen”

Fraud in this case is for not sending ashes to Switzerland? Pet owners had their pet ash diamond made anyway right? Is sending ashes to Switzerland so important to owners? Is Switzerland connection an entire fabrication or is Yamamoto a franchisee of a Swiss-based business?

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Federer in 4 sets to win U.S. Open See in context

Federer at 34 maintaining his No2 position. Simply amazing. Novak, don't worry. I'm big fan of you, love your sense of humor. I'm sure you are taking this overwhelming crowd rooting for Federer situation with good humor.

By the way, I don't about you guys, but I feel there's some missing in professional men's tennis right now - a top caliber bad boy like Connors, McEnroe, Agassi. Today's top players are all well behaved. There are always bad boys but they are not good enough to win big matches. A tad bit of edgy spice I could use.

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Posted in: To rip off people, all you need is a good idea See in context

Juxtaposing the pet ash diamond business with other basically criminal acts here seems odd to me. There's a glint of flair in the idea of eternalizing one's love for pets.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context

This guy is gutsy. I have to hand it to him.

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Posted in: China hopes for anime buzz as 'B.E.E' takes flight in Japanese See in context

This is a type of product China will struggle mightily to sell to the rest of the world if its government continues to project its intolerant bully persona. People simply are not gravitated to entertainment coming from censorship central.

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Posted in: Mt Aso in Kyushu erupts, sending smoke 2 kms high See in context

Tourists all evacuated according to another source. I hope this is a minor one.

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Posted in: Five things you’d never expect to buy at a convenience store, but are actually popular See in context

@Maria - Maybe your area has more. In my area, it's still a rarity. I know only one in about 3km radius excerpt for Ministop which has always had the seating section. Hopefully it'll catch on. On a separate note, a surprise item I wish to have in Conbini - meat pie sold in Australian convenient stores. Every now and then I get an urge for it with tomato sauce injection.

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Posted in: Five things you’d never expect to buy at a convenience store, but are actually popular See in context

Conbini are nice but a bit overpriced. Where I live I have a supermarket open 24/7. There's also Lawson 100, cheap conbini nearby and they are better than conventional conbini for sundry goods or gadget accessory emergencies. So conbini for me is mainly for ATM. I like Taiwan's version of 7/11 which usually comes with its counter-chair section for eating and taking a breather. Surprise item... sorry, can't really contribute.

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Hi, Yoshitusne, maybe tina is one of or someone close to the direct stakeholders meaning Tiji fishermen and their families. For direct stakeholders to be responding sharply or even what others perceive to be hysterically is quite understandable. As other commenters on this board point out, this is an economic issue for them. It's their survival and their tiny remote town's survival at stake. From this economic point of view, telling them not to hunt dolphins is like telling a cattle rancher not to raise cows. I'm not equating dolphin hunting to cattle ranching to be doubly sure.

To PTtownsend, those cultural extremists know that squeaky wheel gets the grease, all right. They always want to play their abrasive noise to its loudest.

@ tubotsat,

What's needed here is a Japanese remake of Flipper.

I couldn't agree with you more. Flipper was never that big in Japan. If was as successful as ET, now there would be much more Japanese who sympathize with poor flippers that are corralled into the cove in Wakayama. It was really unfortunate that without that sympathy fostering stage, Japanese people were thrown into the deep with the belligerently confrontational atmosphere of the movie Cove. Result: a never ceasing tit for tat cycle.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Japan is hardly a monolith on this. Four types of Japanese responses I found to this issue. 1) Shut up foreigners. Killing cows and killing dolphins, where's the distinction? 2) I'm undecided on this but this issue is giving Japan such a bad name. So why don't we stop it? 3) Dolphins are magnificent intelligent creatures that don't deserve to be killed the way they are in Taiji. 4) No interest.

As outside voice of condemnation heats up, Type 1 grow more defiant and become more supportive of Taiji practice. Type 2 become more strongly convinced that Japan should stop hunting dolphins. Type 3 oppose dolphin hunting anyway. Type 4 shift to type 1 or 2.

Traditionally I sense that the average Japanese person does not feel so much emotional attachment to dolphins and whales. So there are a lot of people in Type 4 category. When outsiders start criticizing Japan on this issue, a lot of them just back off and feel somewhat offended.

More PR activity and softer subtle approach to stimulate intrinsic love for these sea mammals is needed to move type 4 crowd to type 2 or 3. This is a value judgment issue where emotion plays an important part in choosing one's position. Harsh words of censure might work to a degree to win some converts but it also can push some of the originally indifferent Japanese into a cave of xenophobia defiance.

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