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Posted in: Japan trying to send message to Trump: Don't cut a deal with China See in context

Anyone who is declaring a trump victory reveals their ignorance of American politics generally and the current campaign specifically. Trump remains deeply unpopular among most voters. His party has had its lowest fundraising since 2013. His popularity with a vocal minority does not equal a general election victory. President Biden's policies are working: we avoided a recession, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, inflation is cooling, and there is a bipartisan immigration bill that everyone supports except trump. New polls show Biden beating trump. In American politics, November is a very long way off and trump's numbers are not improving. Let everyone be clear: not even conservative political analysts are predicting a trump victory.

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Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

Fortunately, he will not be returning to the presidency. His meeting with the Teamsters was a disaster and he is only propped up by 30% of his own party. America has never re-hired a president it fired.

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

trump was an embarrassment who was literally laughed at by world leaders. We did not have peace during his term in office and our reputation as severely damaged. He had zero accomplishments except for negotiating with terrorists and ballooning our debt. Only the uneducated, bigots, and xenophobes support trump. He is not popular with our military. America fired him and he tried to overthrow our democracy. Now he's facing multiple state and federal indictments. Americans will not suffer him again. That said, Japan should invest heavily in its own military. Japan can absolutely have a strong military and still be one of the beautiful, peaceful people on the planet. Russia and China fear a strong Japan.

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The Imperial family always maintains a quiet dignity while serving the empire. The British royal family should take notes.

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Posted in: Kishida to hold phone talks with Zelenskyy See in context

Ukraine is a democracy and Putin can't stand it. The world must continue to send an unequivocal message of support for Ukraine and yes Taiwan. Those who live in unoccupied countries have the luxury of being able to voice cynicism, they're time isn't taken up dodging missile strikes and they have electricity and internet connections. Glory to Ukraine!

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The semiconductor is an American invention so let China impose all the rem bands that it wants. The United States is ramping up domestic semiconductor production to decrease its dependence on Chinese semiconductors.

The CCP refuses to publicly say what the world already knows: China needs the U.S. more than the U.S. needs China.

China has a very long way to go to dethrone the United States as the world's economic and military superpower. And I don't believe it will ever happen because innovation thrives when people are free.

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Posted in: China says U.S. military aid to Taiwan will not deter its will to unify the island See in context

Taiwan has never been under China's control. Nixon created the OCP to avoid going to war with China while America was already fighting in Vietnam. China is not superior militarily or economically to the United States and Xi knows it. The Chinese people want democracy and Xi knows it. Any military action against Taiwan would result in external (U.S.) and internal problems that Xi really doesn't want.

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Posted in: As Japan aligns with U.S. chip curbs on China, some in Tokyo feel uneasy See in context

Thanks to President Biden, the U.S. will return to building it's own microchips (an American invention). China's economy is slowing while America's economy is growing. More manufacturing jobs have returned to America in the last 3 years than in the past 10 years. China has only two allies, one is dirt poor and the other is losing a war. America has over 90 military allies/partners and trade agreements with well over 120 nations. The CCP's failed policies are finally being seen by the world. And while it fancies itself an equal to the United States, the reality is that it is no match either militarily or economically and will not be for many many years if ever. Xi isn't stupid, he knows China needs America but America does not need China.

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The vast majority of Americans know our elections are free and fair as confirmed by all the evidence and trump's 62 failed lawsuits. Only 30% believe the baseless claims of the insurrectionist. McCarthy is not secured in his job as he had to cater to the loonies to be elected Speaker.

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Posted in: Prince Harry and Meghan's deal with Spotify to end See in context

I love these comments! Harry and Meghan are royals so get over it. None of the younger royals outside of William and Cathy are working royals. Harry and Meghan are set for life and have a beautiful family. They're not here for our entertainment and will live a happy life regardless of your feelings about them.

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Posted in: China pushes largest-ever expansion of nuclear arsenal See in context

CCP is ruining China. Xi the Pooh is another wannabe dictator more focused on amassing power than serving the beautiful people of China.

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis praises Japan's defense build-up See in context

He doesn't look presidential. His own party doesn't even support him and America will vote for Biden over the bigot.

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Posted in: Easter gifts See in context

@chemgal President Biden is a devout Catholic. Our current ambassador to the Vatican is a Catholic.

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Posted in: UK report: Black kids 6 times likelier to be strip-searched in England, Wales See in context

Grotesque, inhumane, uncivilized. Shame on the UK.

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