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gaicuckojin comments

Posted in: Sony delays 'Venom' sequel release amid virus surge See in context

ya’ll think he regrets doing this movie?

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Posted in: China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe See in context

If anybody is interested,

premier Xi is having a masterclass is covering up a pandemic.

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Posted in: China dismisses Canadian protests over cases tied to Huawei See in context

The Chinese side urges

fvc1ng barbarians

I hope this action incentivizes the canadians to send this huawei woman in chains to the blood thirsty americans

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Posted in: Samsung slashes prices in bid to boost foldable phone sales See in context

if the Japanese really wanted to change sk behavior they would go after Samsung Japan corp and seize their assets in reciprosity.

samsung is the sk economy, threatened this and you would see worst korea fold faster than super man on laundry day

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Posted in: Samsung slashes prices in bid to boost foldable phone sales See in context

i wint buy anything Samsung until sk changes their childish behavior in their anti Japanese campaign.

remember every missed sales hurts samsungs bottom line and hurts sk economy.

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Posted in: Women filmmakers denounce Spanish cinema prize for Depp See in context

But whatever serves your narrative right, Christina?

A clear example of toxic femininity that is so prevalent in society.

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Posted in: Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran join global climate, vaccine concerts See in context

the irony

raise awareness about climate change,

the amount of fuel, energy, and the logistics required for this pomposity


pretty sure that only a certain class with disposable income can pay for the tickets for this pomposity

and vaccine distribution.

gather everyone together to celebrate the egos of this pomposity

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Posted in: Beijing Winter Olympics next but virus, boycott calls loom large See in context

Good boycott it to the ground

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Posted in: U.S. census experts puzzled by high rate of unanswered questions See in context

that silly trump is still messing with the economy and society.

I think it’s the pandemic and Trump.

Its only been 6 months

I think it’s the pandemic and Trump.

its only been 1 yr

I think it’s the pandemic and Trump.

its only been 4yrs

he will forever be the cause of the great triggering among the woke left

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Posted in: Key to success of Beijing Olympics lies in China-Japan relations See in context

Me thinks that xinni the pooh and CCP thugs are gonna quiet down the rhetoric and silly actions until after the olympics. This is is to make the world think that they are nice and respectable.

the world is not that dumb

i hope nobody shows up: D

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Posted in: Ariana Grande to appear and perform in Fortnite video game See in context


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Posted in: Chinese firm to build ¥50 bil battery plant for Nissan EVs in Japan See in context

Do it, then take all the chinese investment and kick em out

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Posted in: Bach says Tokyo Olympics have 'far exceeded' his expectations See in context

Bach is rhinking, “now i can get my nobel peace prize

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor under fire for biting Olympian's gold medal See in context

Chocolate coin???

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Posted in: S Korea to start live streaming from disputed islands See in context

Petty actions for a petty country

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Posted in: Japan's cumulative coronavirus cases top 1 million See in context

this is getting crazy. I guess China finally got the mixture correct.

top lol

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Posted in: Mao pins worn by Chinese athletes may test Olympic rules See in context

Chinese is 5000 years old and they invented.......... almost every 

Silly tankie,

Taiwan is 5000 years old. CCP came after WW2 and is basically bastardization of Taiwan. CCP has engaged and meddle in most SE asia since its inception.

remember to respect history ; )

nice try though

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Posted in: Mao pins worn by Chinese athletes may test Olympic rules See in context

You know what all these genocides have in common? China wasn't/isn't involved in any of them.

Yeah, chinese agression,

Vietnam, Korea, mongolia, russia, tibet, hong kong, cambodia, malaysia, taiwan, would disagree

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Posted in: Mao pins worn by Chinese athletes may test Olympic rules See in context

This is interesting, the question is why a mao badge and not a Xi one?

according an article in the times, due to bribery, income inequality, sexism, racism, exploitation, etc., young people are going back to maoism ideals that contradict CCP.

so much so that the CCP is actually censoring anything that criticizes the current regime including Mao ideals.

The Mao badge may actually be a slap on the face to Xi and the CCP.

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Posted in: 316 people are shot every day in America. Here are 5 stories See in context

Problem: police are too oppressive

Solution: defund and remove police immunities

reality: emboldened criminals going a criminal rampage due to an ineffective security that refuses to get involve due to negative public reaction regardless of outcome.

(insert surprise pikachu.jpg)

problem: guns !!!!!

solution: remove all guns 

reality: removing a citizens right to defend themselves combined with an infective security force emboldens and incentivises criminals on their right to loot and pillage.

(insert surprise pikachu.jpg)

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Posted in: Kanye West hypes new album -- but no official release See in context

double cringe

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. citizens, entities over Hong Kong See in context


everthing that shina does backfires spectacularly.

why are they so afraid?

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Posted in: Black American chefs want credit for legacy of innovation See in context

Its a marketing just like all those athletes suddenly becoming social justice protesters.

It used to be profession : specialty: heritage

Yet growing awareness of America's Black culinary heritage has emboldened gastronomers to celebrate its legacy.

You receive recog for your culinary skills and not ur race.

I for one will not endorse or partake in anything that has a racial label in front of food.

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Posted in: Smartphone app enables users to keep COVID-19 vaccination records See in context

So does taking a picture of the bloody thing on your phone So does taking a picture of the bloody thing on your phone

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

I guess the apology they gave did not work

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Posted in: What pairs with beetle? Start-ups seek to make bugs tasty See in context

Future poor people food part of your living wage package

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Posted in: Alcohol linked to 1 in 25 global cancer cases: study See in context

such gloom makes you wanna drink more

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Posted in: New Zealand says huge focus on trans trailblazer at Tokyo Olympics See in context

they should honestly just have a separate category for these people to compete.

In effect, you imply that biologically speaking, this individual is not a woman.

not according to his chromosomes, bone density, mitochondrial uptake, muscle blood oxygenation.

if you only had a full body xray as reference, the shape of the skeleton would say the opposite of what he believes.

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Posted in: German soccer team cuts short Olympic warmup after alleged racist abuse See in context

so in order to destroy the flow and competitive edge of an opposing team all you have to do is throw the wrong pr0n0un/cultural rasial stereotype.

so that this will psyche out and trigga hurt feelings to the point were they disqualify themselves.

today i learn something new

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context

since Japan has "no space to pay attention to Seoul-Tokyo relations" at the moment.

totally true

hopefully the next sk president will be more competent than this nk appeasing dumpster fire of an administration

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