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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

Believe me, after reading this article, people all over the world will hang similar banners in their balconies.

And… nobody cared.

Actually the Rising Sun Flag is even worse, it's basically a war-criminal flag

The americans don’t think so.

try harder ; )

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Posted in: 'Naomi Osaka' docuseries takes intimate look at tennis star See in context

Bravo! An ingenious way to market and sell yourself all the way to bank.

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Posted in: Little fanfare as Tokyo begins Olympic one-week countdown See in context

Dumpster fire of mess

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Posted in: Bach, in Hiroshima, says his visit reaffirms 'peace mission in Olympic movement' See in context

is he doing this to get the nobel peace prize nomination?

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Posted in: Fossil fuel power demand has 'peaked worldwide': analysis See in context

The irony is too much.

Over privilege westerners telling poor third world people how to live and what and what not they can have.

wait till Africa and and the rest of the Indian subcontinent get on a 24 hr grid, thats when the real fun begins.

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Posted in: U.S. hands Bagram Airfield to Afghans after nearly 20 years See in context

everyone loses except democrat backed neocons who already made off with small fortunes paid in full with lives, lies, and Chinese capital.

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Posted in: Doves and fighter jets: China's Communists mark their centenary See in context

I hope they remember that it was the Americans that ALLOWED china to be part of the international community and it will be the Americans who’ll take this privilege away.

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Posted in: Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld dies at 88 See in context

Evil incarnate

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Posted in: Bill Cosby freed from prison after sex conviction overturned See in context

Goood, the system does works

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Posted in: African gang clears over ¥100 million in marriage scams before police lower the boom See in context

I knew a couple people from africa who used to charge low value women to be their “boyfriend”, and the women would gladly pay for the attention and status.

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Posted in: Biden promises to lay down 'red lines' to Putin; NATO addresses China challenge See in context

Zero… that's the amount of times Trump was mentioned in this article.

whats your excuse?

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Posted in: Biden promises to lay down 'red lines' to Putin; NATO addresses China challenge See in context

Redlines, kek, more like appeasement

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Posted in: Sports writers could ditch the 'clown questions' See in context

Reporters ARE clowns who tradeoff sensibility for sensationalism.

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Posted in: Sex, social distancing and dining in the Olympic village See in context

Bummer, No wild orgy parties this time

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Posted in: U.S. intel report warns of more violence by QAnon followers See in context

Im more worried about “ peaceful protestors” practicing their right to loot, attack people, and burn cities down.

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Posted in: 85 plaintiffs appeal S Korean court ruling dismissing wartime labor case See in context

silly musings from worst Korea.

“We respect our courts decisions” and “ impeached the judge, he must be Japanese” .

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

Emergency away, i will still be hanging outside the combini drinking in a partying in a large group.

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

talking to a lot of Japanese (small sample size) there is a good portion of them that are not planning on getting the vaccs.

makes sense, there’s no real incentive to get it.

the vaccs is still experimental. (It only got approved for emergency) and they cant force you to get it.

but their reluctance really stems from lack of trust from the government and lack of trust from a foreign medicine.

it would probably be a different story if a local Japanese pharma would of roll out with it.

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Posted in: England players booed for taking a knee despite plea by team See in context

Good, let the players know that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

disrespecting the fans with childish behavior.

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Posted in: New Zealand to apologize for 'racist' historic police raids in 1970s See in context

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Monday she will offer a formal apology 

she screwed up, she just open the door for limitless compensation.

I can just imagine some lawyer with Australian dollar signs in his eyes ready to help those poor victims to all that tax payer money.

and if the gov refutes they will labeled racist and bigoted.

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Posted in: China slams G7 'manipulation' after Xinjiang, Hong Kong criticism See in context

China is losing the pr war. I feel sorry for them, they became the world’s laughing stock.

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Posted in: I saw professors only through a computer screen. There was no opportunity to make friends to talk to and ask questions from the classes. I felt lonely. See in context

Unless its a stem degree or an elite brand school, the only thing university is good for is getting you into debt and getting you a job that doesn’t required a degree.

their better off going to hvac school, quality of life will be higher in the end.

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Posted in: Message for Olympic visitors See in context

what spectators at Olympic events 

or, you can skip the brutal heat and excess trouble and watch women’s beach volleyball on 4k at the bar while drinking beer

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Posted in: Fans told to 'respect' England players over kneeling row See in context

Fans should also protest and walk out en masse

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

Nice FUD china

united we stand

divided we fall

your day is coming soon Xi

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

Tankies are out in force today

Senior Col. Dai Xu, an ultrahawkish professor at China’s National Defense University. Dai gave a speech last year admitting that he found four “unexpected” things that the Chinese people could not predict about the United States. They are (a) the level of hatred in the United States toward China, (b) the U.S. government acts ruthlessly leaving no room for negotiations, (c) no country has come forward to show sympathy and support for China and (d) a united front has been formed in the United States

enjoy your decline into third world status china

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Posted in: Stationmaster cat dies in Oita after being hit by car See in context

Rip nyan nyan chan

should of not of been sleeping under the kuruma : (

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Posted in: S Korea rulings on wartime cases may reflect judges' conviction See in context

This was a complete reversal from,“ we’re a country that respects our courts”, to hang those biled judges!

The Korean Court should order the Blue House to arrange compensations to the plaintiffs

this is how its actually done in normal countries with the gov taking care of its people and then going bilateral, but then SK is not a normal country.

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Posted in: Rash of mass shootings stirs U.S. fears heading into summer See in context

In Chicago, a woman was killed and nine other people were wounded when two men opened fire on a group standing on a sidewalk

thats a typical weekend in chicago

stress amid a rise in gun ownership and debate over policing.

people were buying guns in mass to protect themselves against “ peaceful protesters” who were exercising their right to loot and burn their communities.

shooting may be linked to an ongoing dispute between two groups

they used to be called gangs

so there is still a big problem with illegal guns running through disturbed and nefarious people

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Posted in: COVID-19 turnabout—pandemic in Japan unexpectedly revives, instead of exterminates, a dying art See in context

Wouldn’t doing a podcast be easier

yes it would, yesss it would

god bless the j for their inability to adapt to modern living

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